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4 Ways In Which Text Services Are The Best Solution

While email is still useful and is used by every business in some way, SMS or text messaging has gradually increased in recent years. This technology is expected to continue growing into the future as more companies realize that it benefits how they communicate with their employees and their customers. 

Business To Client: Openness And Transparency         

The value of openness is twofold. First of all, you need to be honest because you are partly responsible for someone else’s company’s success. It would help if you never forgot that you’re investing the hard-earned money of someone else. They need to know what it’s yielding—and, even more importantly, what it doesn’t fail.


Second, accountability is necessary because it gives you more stability in the long run. “Bad things are always going to make their way back to the person who is responsible,” says Mike. “If you make a mistake, get it open as soon as possible. You’re going to be better off for it.”


Good news: it’s not that hard to be transparent. “When you’re going through success metrics,” says Scott, “you’re going to share your screen with the client. If you let them see just what you see, you’re not even going to give yourself a chance to be elusive.”


Here are a few ways that SMS messaging has already become integral to commercial businesses’ operations and growth.

Share News With Your Customers

Studies into the effectiveness of digital marketing found that only 20% of customers will open an email from a business, but 98% of consumers will open a text message. This makes the text message significantly more effective in notifying customers of upcoming sales, contests, and new products. Text message marketing has started slow, but as more businesses see a higher than average return on investment in this marketing type, its use has continued to grow. Since a text message can be conveniently read anytime, consumers on the go are more likely to visit your business shortly after reading your SMS message. Even when people are on the go, they will open a text message shortly after receiving it, if only to see what the message concerns. If they happen to be near your business when they read the message, they will be that much more likely to stop by your brick-and-mortar store.

Send Out a Quick Reminder

Marketing your products isn’t the only way texting is a useful way to communicate with your customers. It can also be used to send a quick reminder about an important upcoming date. Whether a payment is coming due or your customer has scheduled an appointment for service, a short text message that’s sent a few days in advance can help you keep each customer on track. This has proven especially effective with professionals who offer services rather than products, such as dentists, mental health therapists, and auto mechanics. Sending out a quick text message that reminds them of an upcoming appointment date allows them to confirm or cancel the appointment. Similarly, a payment reminder can give your customers the warning they need to make sure they have budgeted for the payment. This can improve the rate at which payments are made on time, which helps you and your customers avoid unpleasant collection processes.

Communicate More Efficiently With Employees

You can also use an SMS texting service internally to communicate with your employees. It can be used to notify key staff members of an impromptu meeting or to discuss a problem that has suddenly occurred. The ability to send pictures and video and a message also make this a useful way to communicate a mechanical or logistical problem. Even when your employee wants to point out a safety hazard to you, they can use their phone to take a picture of the safety issue and send it to you via a text message. This saves you from having to tie each other up in a phone call conversation on matters that could be addressed more efficiently in texts.

Reduce Churn With a Simple Text

Finally, you can reduce customer churn by checking in with customers shortly after they make their purchases. An automated text message could be sent out to each customer that provides a phone number, which would inquire about their customer service experience. If they report that their experience was a positive one, you can thank them for their patronage. However, customers that report unsatisfactory experiences are allowing you to boost satisfaction. You can respond via text message and include a coupon for a future visit or a gift to compensate for the unpleasant experience. When your customers feel valued and see that you’re making an effort to please them, they will be more likely to return to your business for their future needs.


The use of SMS text messaging will continue to evolve as businesses find more services for it. Even now, you can use it to help boost the productivity and growth of your organization. It can be used in conjunction with other marketing types, or you can use it almost exclusively to market your business. Nearly any kind of communication is made more efficient through SMS messaging.

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