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ECommerce Website Development Process in Toronto

Do you want to start an online business in Toronto? Are you searching for someone who can develop a website for you? Do you want consultation regarding your e-commerce website? Search no more and contact TwC Studio for a free consultation and e-commerce website services.

From idea to implementation, we are here to guide you through the whole process of e-commerce website development and explain to you how you can set up your own business.

An ecommerce website is not only limited to your understanding of the target market, but you also need to have an idea about web design, content strategy, and branding. It may sound too much but in reality; these are just a few small steps you need to take.

A bit overwhelmed about where to start? Let us help you!

Where to Start Ecommerce?

1.      Decide What You Want to Sell

The first and the foremost step is to decide what you want to sell and what excites you. Having a niche is essential and gives you a sense of purpose, whether you are selling guitars, high-end watches, customized dresses, or a product solution to the potential customers for their problem.

2.      Choose a Business Model

The two main categories of e-commerce business models are Business to Consumers (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B). It is essential to know the difference between these two to determine where your business falls.

Business to Consumer (B 2 C): Most of the online shops that we engage with are B2C. On a B2C website, items and services are sold from businesses to consumers directly. Some examples of B2C websites are Zappos, Amazon, and Target.

Business to Business (B 2 B): On a B2B website, the items and services are sold, from one business to another. A great example of a B2B e-commerce website is ROOM.

3.      Select an ECommerce Platform:

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, there are a few options that you can choose from- like Shopify, Magento, and Woo Commerce.

Shopify: It is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that offers a ton of features for online stores. It does not require any additional coding and can be used by anyone. Also, it has free templates and themes that can be customized according to the user’s need.

Magento: The most widely used tool for developing an e-commerce website is Magento. It is preferred by developers globally. It combines content creation, analytics, and advertisement to provide the best user experience.

Woo Commerce:  This platform is famous for its simple plugin. It helps improves the functioning of the e-commerce store. It possesses incredible features and enables you to sell anything.

Main ECommerce Website Development Process

Coming Up with A Good Website Name

Choose a name that stands out. A simple brand name diminishes a brand presence, no matter how unique your products are. So, choose something short, concise, and unique. Something that stands out.

Do not compromise on a small and a good name. And you will be able to reap the benefits of this name in the future.

Purchase a Domain Name

So, now you have got a business name and a URL. Now, you need to register the domain. Purchase a domain name for yourself as soon as possible, so you are not under stress later.

Choose Your Branding Style

The vital part of branding is to have a memorable logo, a beautiful color palette, a story, and a distinctive voice that transforms your dull ideas into engaging content. Branding gives a concept to your brand and allows people to become emotionally attached to it.

The right branding style is important to bring back the customers to your business again and again. If you won’t have a brand strategy in place, you won’t be able to create a brand in the first place. So, the next procedure cannot be initiated in this case.

SEO Content Strategy

Plan content strategy that drives most organic traffic. Paying attention to SEO is integral as it gives a higher ranking to the website and gives you more clicks.

Product Planning

Determine the product categories, spend a considerable amount on getting the best and eye appealing product photographs and write accurate product description to give consumers a clear idea of what they are purchasing.

We, at TwC studio, support businesses and provide them opportunities for building and promoting their business in the digital space.

We provide effective e commerce solutions that help them to build a fully functioning e-commerce website. Our goal is to empower you in creating an e-commerce website that has everything you wanted.

So, in order to find the solution for all your e-commerce and other digital needs, you should contact us and we will help you everything possible.

With these services, you will surely be coming back to us for any other venture that would require digital servicing in the future.


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