5 Basic Seo Tips To Rank On Google

5 basic SEO tips


Check out these 5 simple SEO tips that will have a BIG impact on your website traffic.

Implement these tips on your page and you will see the results.


1. Title of your page.
– Have a unique title that describes the content of your page.

– Make sure you have a short but descriptive introduction (less than 55 characters).

– Use your keyword at the start.

2. META Description– Write a unique description for each page. (Less than 320 characters).

– Make sure your title is different from this one.

– Use this to get the attention of users to increase CTR.

3. Management structure

– Use an address that is short and easy to remember.

– Use the minus instead of the line below.

-Keep the addresses small and include the keyword.

4. Maternal leagues.
– Always cite your articles when using related posts.

– Don’t make links only for search engines. These internal links should help the user to better understand your page

– Try not to use anchor text like “Keep reading” or always use descriptive text.

5. Use H1 and H2 tags.
– H1 is for your title.

– H2 for subtitles.

– Use simple and short sentences.

– Use short paragraphs (3-4 sentences).

That’s it!

Now implement these simple SEO tips and you will see the difference.  Or hire a Digital Marketing Agency.


Most Common Seo Mistakes 

Search engine positioning is essential in marketing online. Appearing on the first page of Google is what every web wants, but these places are reserved for the best. To get to these privileged positions you must take precautions and avoid making mistakes. That is why we have prepared the following list with some of the most common SEO mistakes.


Most common Seo mistakes

Quantity vs. Quality
Google increasingly gives more importance to the quality of content. Create useful, interesting content that helps users get what they are looking for and visit us again. Therefore, for content to be really of quality, the demand of the public cannot be forgotten, it is useless to have very good and interesting articles if nobody wants to read them.

In addition, the number of links has lost its importance passing it to the quality. Appearing on popular blogs or pages even just once can help improve web rankings even more than thousands of links on small pages.

Overuse of labels
Dividing content by topic according to its relationship is useful for users to find what they are looking for, but excessive use of tags does not have to mean a greater probability of being found in search engines. Even using too many can end up being harmful.

Always use the same anchor text
The anchor texts are those words or phrases that we can read above a link, the visible text. It is important that these words are related to the article to which they lead. Also, always using the same words for all links will cause Google to classify it as spam. Therefore it is a mistake to always use the same one.

Do not use Google Analytics
This tool helps to confirm if the keywords we use are working well or not, which ones produce the best results. It is very easy to use only the phrases and keywords that generate the most traffic, but what is really important is that this traffic is interested in the content. Therefore, in many cases, it turns out that the keywords that generate less traffic provide better results. Not using an analytics tool to plan our content is another of the most common errors.

Forget the power of images
When publishing images, using the Alt text is very important. This alternative text is what helps search engines to interpret the content of the images, it is their description. It is important that you accurately describe the content that appears, include a keyword, and be brief and concise. Sometimes we insert images but forget to tag them, and that is also a mistake.

The name of the file is also important, it does not take long to rename it before uploading it and thus avoid designations like “12b1ac230s40.jpg” or the like. A more specific name offers us more possibilities to appear in a better position. To choose a correct name, it is necessary to take into account that it has to describe the content of the image, it should include a keyword and be concise, separate the words by hyphens and avoid using words that include the letter ñ, accents, or special characters.

The free search engine positioning that SEO offers us is not so easy to achieve, so we must take everything into account and not overlook any detail.


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