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5 Crucial Steps to Build Quality into Software Application

Software applications with weak foundations result in immense frustration for developers and clients. Companies often define strict timelines for the development of software and forget the quality factor. Hurry in the software development process can lead to a complete disaster of the application. Building quality software is an art that can be achieved by following the right approaches. Software application development shouldn’t be rushed as it takes time to build amazing high-quality software that satisfies the needs of users. 

Consequently, the quality factor should be maintained within the software from the starting of the project. If you want to make your software application a success, certain strategies should be kept in mind when building software. Let’s look at the most effective ways to build a quality software application.

1. Slow Down To Speed Up

Developers often go through the development process fast to meet the defined deadlines. This speeding process can lead to the generation of a wide variety of errors in the software application. There may be some problems that remain undiscovered by the testing team until software users find it, leaving a negative impact on clients. Take your time to critically think, research, come up with ideas, prototype your design and finally write a clean code. If you do it fast it will take you to fixture of that module, if you do it with complete attention, you wouldn’t need to spend time fixing the error later. Thus, give your all attention to building quality software by writing code with great care.

2. Keep The User In Mind

The biggest cause of software failure is that developers often forget for whom they are building the software. All the requirements, designs and coding perfectly done are not the only processes to be followed, don’t forget to keep in mind your end-users. Throughout the software development life cycle, don’t only focus on the defined requirements, but also keep your focus on the software users and think according to their understanding and mental capability. If you design and develop software by focusing on the user’s perspective, your software will be much better to understand and easy to use. Quality is all about meeting the user’s expectations and fulfilling their needs. Thus validate your ideas and designs with the user’s point-of-view.

3. Focus on Integration Points

Usually, software developers work on isolated pieces of the whole software application or according to specific functions. The biggest mistake that developers make is that they only make sure that a specific module or function that has been newly added or changed works as intended. They assume that the other unchanged parts will remain working properly. Developers ignore the fact that a change in any module can disturb the performance of the whole software application. A software application tends to break from where it connects to other parts of the system. Integration is the biggest cause for errors, thus in order to solve the integration issue, end-to-need acceptance criteria should be defined based on user workflows.

4. Focus on Real-Time Errors Fixing

Another bad practice of developers that can result in low-quality software application development is to make a list of arising errors. If you are among the developers who create bugs list planning to fix them later then possibly you are reducing software quality and increasing the cost of errors. When errors are left unhandled for future fixing, they can be a huge cause of application crash or destruction. Just when an error is discovered, whether by the developer itself or by the testing team, it should be reported immediately and resolved as soon as possible. Delay error fixing process will make your errors fixing more expensive which may even require the re doing some work again and again.

5. Prevent It From Occurring Again

The work to define quality into software isn’t completed with the fixture of errors. One of the main steps of software development is to prevent errors from occurring again. The immediate action for resolving error is an important point, but the prevention also needs major attention of the developers. The corrective action often comes with preventive action so that steps should be taken so that a similar issue doesn’t arise in the software again. Fixing a bug is a short-term and unsustainable solution that can appear in the code again at any point. Do in-depth analysis to uncover what caused the error and what preventive measures can be taken to stop it from happening again that will eventually improve the quality of software development services.

In the end it could be stated now that the quality of the software reflects from how well the application compiles to the design based on functional requirements and specifications. It helps in finding ways to implement the most effective development strategies, quick problem solve and increased efficiency.

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