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5 Models You Must Know Before Buying a Digital Piano

5 models you absolutely must discover before buying a digital piano online.

What are the weighted keys and other features, in just 5 minutes you will discover the instrument that best suits your needs.

If you’ve decided to buy a digital piano and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! In this short guide you will find 5 88-key weighted digital piano models selected from the best-selling website. Whether it’s your first piano or a gift to someone very dear to you or your second piano, it doesn’t matter, in less than 5 minutes you will have much clearer ideas.

The quality / price ratio is certainly the reason for the success of the models listed here. The type of keyboard, the power of the audio and the accessories included are basically the characteristics that you will have to evaluate and that affect the final price. While the first two features (keyboard and audio) are related to the product itself, accessories are not. Keep in mind when buying online that to fully exploit your piano, you will need to have: a music rest, power supply, sustain pedal and a support on which to rest it.

While the support stand is never included except in bundles created specifically by the retailer, the other accessories are almost always inside the package and provided by the manufacturer. In the list you will find clearly shown when these are included and an in-depth analysis at the end of the article. Now, relax, concentrate and let’s start with a brief introduction to what is the most important feature: the keyboard.


It is certainly among the first things to ask when buying a digital piano. This in fact may include a 36, ​​52 or 88 key keyboard. Most acoustic pianos have an 88-key keyboard: 52 white and 36 black. So if your approach to this instrument is the classic one, you could easily proceed with the purchase of a digital piano with 88 keys.

The characteristic of the weighted keys instead, is to simulate the pressure on the ivory key of an acoustic piano. Thus managing to have the perception that the lower notes (those on the left) are “stronger” to be pressed than the high notes, ie those starting from the right. This feature is of vital importance for the study of the piano (at least the classical one), it is from this concept that it takes the name of Yamaha  and each manufacturer adopts its own technologies.



P45 Yamaha:

Certainly the most popular. A great success on the market not only for the excellent quality / price ratio currently hovering around 400 $ but also for the GMHS keyboard.


  • The sound of the speakers is not very powerful
  • Accessories included: Music stand, power supply and sustain pedal
  • Weighted key keyboard technology: GMHS

P125 Yamaha:

Compared to the P45 it has more powerful speakers and the sound samples reproduced are qualitatively better. Another most popular Yamaha Brand You might be interested in.


  • Price slightly above the average currently around $ 569
  • Accessories included: Music stand, power supply and sustain pedal
  • Weighted key keyboard technology: GMHS

FP30 Roland:

Slightly heavier (2 kg) than the previous ones. Highly appreciated by our users for weighted key technology, speaker quality and power. It includes Bluetooth technology for using the piano with some popular music production apps for smartphones or tablets such as Garage Band to name just one. You currently take it home with around $ 550.


  • Instrument weight slightly above average.
  • Accessories included: Music stand, power supply and sustain pedal.
  • Keyboard Technology: PHA-4 Standard.

FP10 Roland:

The chassis has been reduced in size by about two centimeters in width and three centimeters in depth compared to an FP-30, which is cheaper and less sound than the FP30, which still features the same Bluetooth technology as the FP 30. Yours only about $ 430.


  • Speaker power
  • Accessories included: Music stand, power supply and sustain pedal
  • Keyboard Technology: PHA-4 Standard

Casio CDPS100:

The lightest and most compact of those just mentioned. Casio has also developed good weighted fret technology: Natural Grand Hammer Action. The power of the speakers is acceptable and the price is the lowest of all.


  • Power of speakers and keyboard
  • Accessories included: Music stand, power supply and sustain pedal
  • Keyboard technology: Natural Grand hammer Action


Have you read all the features and now that you also have clearer ideas you don’t know how to choose? Would you like our opinion as many? According to our department staff, the best digital piano among these listed is the Roland FP 30. It is true that it is the most expensive and not for this reason, of course, we consider it the best. The reason is much simpler and more fundamental: the quality of the technology developed for weighted keys. This is the characteristic from our main point of view and explained at the beginning of this article. Online it is difficult to evaluate it, since you cannot try it. However, the opinion of our users who have tried it here in the store can help you. It is true the technology is the same as the Fp10 which costs about $ 100 less and in fact you could also orient yourself on that, were it not that the sound power is much lower.


There would be many aspects to be explored, to name a few: polyphony, the input of headphones and the various technologies used for learning and production. But this is not the right article. The goal of this short guide was to help you choose the best 88-key weighted digital piano for your needs. We did this by listing the 5 best-selling models both on the website and in Yamaha store. Among the models listed we have included the main features to help you choose. Since then, from our point of view, it is the “feeling” with the keyboard that must influence the choice and this is not possible online. In this regard, we have reported what was the widely shared opinion of our customers who had the opportunity to compare the models here in the store.

Remember that on Yamaha you have a series of protections even after the purchase. You can avail yourself of the right of withdrawal, in case the tool does not meet your needs. For more information click here.

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