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5 Signs That Point Towards an Immediate Tyre Replacement for Your Car!

Just as you can’t run with a broken and fractured leg, even your car can’t function with a worn-out tyre or tyres. This point of contact between the ground and the car is indeed the most essential component of the vehicle. And if it’s giving away, you’ll have to change it ASAP if you don’t want to view any bad road day in your life.

Clear signs your car needs tyre replacements!

The news channels are filled with stories about accidents happening on the road due to tyre burst or blown out tyres. And even you can be next if you are not taking the right steps and precautions of changing your tyres when the need for the same arises.

  • Tread depth

One of the key factors to check the life of your tyres are the tread depth. These are designed to provide you maximum grip in all conditions. But if the depth of this fall below the limit pronounced by the experts – that is around 1/16 of an inch’s depth, then the matter is serious. Don’t delay in changing your tyres at this very moment to avoid any kind of serious problems in the car later.

  • Severe cracks and puncture

The sidewalls of your tyres should be absolutely thick and perfect to ensure that the car runs smoothly on the road. But if you find severe cracks on this layer or if your tyre punctures multiple times in a short span, then it’s better to replace the tyres entirely rather than repairing. The damage to the tyres is serious and repair won’t provide you relief for long.

  • Bulging or blistering

Sometimes your tyres themselves give you a clear indication that they need to be replaced. And it’s no use to drag their usage after you find them bulging beyond their limit and some blisters appearing on them. When you find these two factors, replace them immediately. You can instead opt for fresh or second-hand cheap tyres in Auckland from Best New Tyre. They deliver all kinds of tyres for your vehicles at reasonable rates to your doorstep within a very less period of time.

  • The age of your tyres

Normally, you are recommended to change your car’s tyres after six years of good usage. So, if your car and the tyres have passed that time already, it’s a crystal clear sign that you need to replace them at the first instance.


  • When you just met with an accident

Sometimes even a new car’s tyres require to be changed because the vehicle has seen a tragic accident recently. There are very high chances that your tyres were the most affected parts during such an event, and it is always recommended to replace them rather than using the same further.

Now you won’t require your car repairer or mechanic to point out the need for tyre replacement in your car. When you spot these signs in your vehicle, understand that the time has come to replace them with new ones.

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