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5 Steps that Matter After a Truck Accident in LA

Hundreds of trucks, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers ply Los Angeles roads every month. While truck drivers have years of experience and are trained professionals, they often have a hard time controlling these massive vehicles. Following a truck accident, there is usually chaos and injured victims often assume that the trucker is liable for their situation. That may not be entirely true for many cases. Trucking companies, vehicle manufacturers, loading services, and others could be parties to such injury claims. You need evidence to hold negligent parties accountable for their role, for which you must take the proper steps after the accident. Here’s what you must do after a truck accident in LA.

Call 911

If someone hasn’t called 911 yet, do that immediately. The emergency responders will offer medical care to those in need as the police investigate the crash. The police report is a critical component of your accident lawsuit, and while the report may not be admissible as evidence in court, the information can come in handy.

Collect evidence

The accident scene is full of evidence, and you need as many details as possible to prove liability. If you are capable of using your phone, take clear photos of the damaged vehicles, road conditions, and everything else at the site. Also, take pictures of your injuries and vehicle.

Exchange contact information

You must exchange contact details and insurance info with all parties involved in the crash. Note down the name of the trucking company too. If you fail to connect the essential information, you may have a hard time initiating the claims process, as tracking down the parties involved in the incident could be a challenge. Check if there were witnesses to the accident who can share testimonies later.

Focus on your treatment and medical care

You need to see a doctor immediately after the truck accident. Remember that injuries may surface later, and if you don’t seek medical attention soon, you may not have the records to prove your claim. If your doctor has advised physical therapy and other treatments, keep up with the plan.  

Contact a truck accident attorney

An accident attorney can offer the support you need for negotiating the settlement. From investigating the crash by contacting accident reconstruction experts to discussing your injuries with medical experts, they will use all available resources to build your case.

Your truck accident attorney will work on a contingency fee; therefore, you don’t need to pay out of pocket until you win.

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