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5 Tips for Successful Storefront Designs

5 Tips for Successful Storefront Designs: In an encouraging turn of events, retailers across the country predict 3,199 physical stores will open their doors in 2021. That’s an increase from 2020n where more stores closed down than those opening up shop.

The storefront designs remains vital to generating foot traffic from big box stores to mom and pop outlets. Without exceptional curb appeal, customers won’t feel incentivized to check out your services.

Here’s a look at five fundamental ways you can revamp your storefront and draw customers in.

1. Start With a Vision

Any kind of design is ultimately the execution of an approach to customer outreach. For many businesses, this link is frequently overlooked. Yet, you can draw a direct line between envisioning a brand and the final design setup, which directly impacts sales.

As an entrepreneur, you should understand that customers come to your store primarily because they connect with your vision. Sure, they get to buy a product that solves an issue they have. But that’s not the core reason why they would patronize your store.

For example, Apple stores are legendary because they have aimed to connect the product experience with their store design vision. Customers walking into their stores aren’t just going to buy another device. They identify with a particular culture.

Starbucks is another example where the vision transcends (and boosts) store design. Making the store a ‘third place’ destination alongside home and the office is brilliant for driving traffic. You’re not just buying coffee – It’s the atmosphere you’re walking into.

With that in mind, you need to first invest in crafting a vision that connects your business to your store design. If you get it right, your storefront becomes an experience and not just another generic outlet to buy a product.

You can then build out your design from this distinctive vision.

2. Remember Experience Is King

Today’s customer does not look for products. Instead, they value and invest significantly in experiences. And what lies at the heart of every customer experience? Personalization.

Your storefront designs needs to take this into account if you are to connect with the target audience. That means your design choices must tap into personalization to bolster your marketing return on investment (ROI).

Once you settle on your vision, you’ll better shape the experience around your store, including the design. Each storefront design decision you make has to align with your vision and the experience you plan to ship.

For example, let’s say you’re designing a storefront for a clothing retailer. You can primarily display pants, shirts, etc., and call it a day.

The problem here is that every other competitor can do the same. Consequently, the design approach becomes easily commoditized, making it difficult to stand out.

However, if you were to gear the storefront designs towards tapping into an ideal lifestyle your target customer aspires to, you’ll be onto something. You’ll no longer draw in customers based on your inventory. Instead, it’s the ideal lifestyle customers can access by wearing your clothing that will do the work for you.

As long as you tie your storefront design to the aspirations of your target market values, you’ll better differentiate yourself.

3. Let Your Signage Sing

You should never forget that your storefront has seconds to attract or lose a potential customer’s attention. In fact, the folks at say that 27 seconds is all it takes for your storefront signage to win over a customer.

The first thing you should ensure is that storefront signage is legible. That sounds very elemental, right? You’ll be stunned by how many retailers sport illegible signage in the name of being unique.

To achieve this, you’ll need to balance personality and practicality. If you factor in that the human mind processes images 60,000 times quicker than words, your signage needs a standout visual element.

Maybe it’s the color and contrasts you employ. Or it could be in the choice of font you select. But, no matter what you settle for, it has to leverage visual aids for customers to remember and describe it easily.

On top of that, storefront signage needs to convey what your store does. If a potential customer on the street needs to do a doubletake to figure out what your store is all about, you’ve already lost that fight.

Don’t forget to express your style on storefront signage even as you factor in practicality. In the end, that’s what will appeal to a customer and drive them into your store.

4. Explore the Magic of Lighting

Lighting is another valuable way to pair practicality with character and differentiate your storefront. At a basic level, you need exceptional lighting to help potential customers notice your store.

You’ll need to be careful on how you go about this, though. Why? Because different products call for separate storefront (and in-store) lighting strategies.

For example, a store dealing in baby items will significantly play around with blue and pink. The other variation to the storefront would be brighter colors to hint at the business segment.

The material you use for your storefront designs will also impact your lighting choices. It’s advisable to invest in a lighting designer to help you balance the interplay between materials, archetypal design, and lighting choices.

5. Windows Are Your Best Friend

Your storefront needs to win over clients long before they walk through the doors. The windows act as your calling card, allowing potential clients to look through and decide if they want to step in.

Don’t place tall fixtures near the storefront, as that can obstruct the customer’s line of sight. The way you harness lighting should work to enhance the windows you have in place.

Additionally, you should pick the type of windows to use on your storefront that makes sense for the business. For example, a hair salon benefits significantly from not tinting storefront windows so customers can judge the handiwork before walking in.

With that said, don’t leave the windows bare. If nothing else, ensure there’s signage adorning the windows to enhance the storefront’s appeal.

Win the Battle With Unforgettable Storefront Design

The retail space is a highly competitive jungle, and only the most memorable survive. That makes unique storefront design valuable in winning over clients before they ever step into the door. Invest in learning the aspects that make for a winning storefront to ensure your business remains top of mind.

If customers can’t see you, they won’t walk into your store and spend money. Our website publishes business articles geared at empowering store owners on the best tactics to draw clients. Check out more of our content to discover ways to differentiate your store and become more competitive.

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