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10 Tips For A Successful Emailing Campaign

Successful Emailing Campaign

One-third of website visits and purchases are made through email marketing. Emailing remains one of the flagship strategies of web marketing in 2020. Its effectiveness is always essential on the condition that certain rules are respected.

Focus on the 10 tips for a successful Emailing campaign.

Avoid unsolicited emails

Sending emails without having the green light from your interlocutors is a serious mistake. It is always best to take the opt-in approach. The best results are obtained when the recipient has given prior consent. Including a consent box in your form remains a possible option.

Occasionally, sort your database: remove ghost customers, make way for prospects who are worth the money. You will benefit from better management of your communication budget, a better deliverability rate, and optimization of your server.

Prohibit excessively long forms

There is nothing more boring than filling out a long-form. Especially since the Internet remains a space of the instantaneous and that Internet users are immersed more and more in a culture of the “made quick”, your targets will quickly drop in front of a too-long form.

Three input fields are enough to attract a large number of registrants. Prospects who have become customers are then easier to approach for additional information.

Do without generic addresses

The use of generic addresses like @ or @ should be banned. Get recognized immediately by using your own domain name. You will thus have a high chance of being read, which will increase your deliverability rate and open an access point to your website.

Send emails on a regular basis

Sending emails far too often or intermittently is to be avoided. Review the frequency of your mailings by adapting them to your market and the characteristics of your targets. Make sure your recipients aren’t bombarded with emails or overlooked. Notify them of frequencies as soon as they register or at best, invite them to choose their convenience.

Take care of your campaigns

Put it in full view as soon as you receive your email. Content and form must be taken care of. Quality text, good graphic content representing your business is what is needed. As the subject of the message is the first apparent element, capture your customer’s attention from the start with an incentive subject. In addition, make room for diversity of content!

Invite to take action

It would be pointless to inform your recipients without them meeting your expectations. Opt for flashing buttons, teasers, action verbs, links to lead them to action. Highlight calls to action for better visibility and to get your customers to click, inquire, and make purchases. Get straight to the point.

Test the message before sending it

The display of your mails on the main couriers varies according to their design and in some cases, your message may be unreadable. Advice? Test first before sending them directly.

Beware of SMTP

Using the SMTP sending server is the best way to jeopardize the reception of your message. Instead, entrust the management of your emailing data to professional routers. So you will no longer have to worry about authenticating your sender identity, optimizing the deliverability of your campaigns, the e-reputation of your sending server, and the creditworthiness of your address. IP in email marketing.

Add HTML text to your images

Content consisting only of images is, of course, filtered out among unwanted messages. To exclude an advertising or spam feature, add HTML text to it without further ado. If you come across messages that are unfavorable to image loading, your text will override it.

Valuing statistics

It is always advantageous to be informed, by software like Sendinblue or Mailchimp on the impacts of your strategies in order to readjust your shot the next time. The mistake would be to leave aside the statistics obtained by these tools.

To conclude

The effectiveness of email is still relevant to prospect and retain your customers. All you have to do is adopt the right reflexes and get over the common mistakes in email marketing strategies.

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