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6 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Remodeling processes can be daunting, especially when it comes to bathrooms. That’s because the space needs to be hyper-functional and serene. There are lots of decisions that you require to make along the way, from the mirror to grout. There’s also the price tag to think about, which can be surprising.

With the wide range of bathroom products, there’s also a wide range of associated costs. On average,remodeling a bathroom costs $10,985. The majority of the people spend between $6,599 to $16,389. You could also spend about $ 7,000 updating bathroom essentials in small spaces. These costs are not fixed though as they vary from region to region.

If you’re looking to improve the resale value of your home or want to improve your life, a remodel can help you to achieve that. But, you’ll need to find affordable bathroom remodelers. The remodeler has to be of good reputation. They also need to be ready to work with you in achieving your goals.

Remodeling Ideas

Once you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom, you need to start somewhere. Whether it’s an overhaul or the change of an aspect of the space.

Choose a remodeling design that fits your vision before starting the project. There are different ways of approaching this kind of project. The approaches range from repainting to ripping out the entire interior and starting from scratch.

When looking for ideas to renovate the bathroom, you’re likely to get overwhelmed by choices. That’s because remodeling magazines and websites are full of beautiful designs. And each one of them looks as amazing as the last one. This can leave you wondering which one is best suited for you and your family.

It may be subconscious, but we’re drawn to well-designed bathrooms. That’s why you’re tempted to comment when you enter a beautiful bathroom in a hotel or restaurant.

Assuming you have an idea of what you want but don’t know exactly what to do with it, this article is for you.

1. Buy Second-Hand Materials

Buying second-hand bathroom renovation materials is another way of saving money. But, shopping second-hand is not as easy as getting into a store and placing items into a cart. You must start shopping early. That’s because it helps to ensure that you have enough time to get what the renovation needs.

While planning for the renovation, start researching cheaper items from second-hand sites. The following are examples of places you can check for second-hand materials:

  • Reuse centers. Everything you need to remodel your bathroom can be found in the reuse centers. These are a great place to start as they don’t usually accept items that have no use anymore. So, even if you are shopping for used ones, you can ensure that they will still be of value.
  • Online platforms. Everything including bath supplies can be found on online platforms such as eBay. But remember to factor in shipping costs when purchasing online.

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2. Decide Whether or Not You Need a Bathtub

Some traditional bathrooms have bathtubs. But, people’s need to soak seems to be on the decline. It could be because life is getting quicker.

But if you’re the type of person who enjoys the utter relaxation a bath brings, go ahead and fit it into your bathroom. Remember, that although you’re working on a budget, you can stretch it a bit for one or two items to get your desired look.

Freestanding tubs are the most popular trend in bathtubs. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. These bathroom freestanding tubs are more than functional.

Consider a freestanding rectangular tub to turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. As a clear focal point in a bathroom, this tub can impact the style of your bathroom.

Freestanding bathtubs can be placed close to walls. You can also choose to place your freestanding tubs in an open area of the bathroom. The location you choose can take advantage of a pleasant feature like a fireplace.

The most comfortable bathtub shape is the freestanding rectangular tub. This tub makes a bold statement on its own. However, you can also choose to accessorize it to maximize your enjoyment. The following is a list of accessories you might want to consider:

  • Freestanding tub faucet
  • Wooden bathtub caddy
  • Wall-mounted soap and shampoo pumps
  • A beautiful tub-side stool

3. Use Cheaper Bathroom Materials

There are different ways of substituting cheaper bathroom materials for expensive ones to get your preferred look for less. To stretch your budget, splurge on one or two high-impact items. This can be clawfoot tubs or any other item you don’t mind over-spending on. For everything else, choose to go for cheaper alternatives.

There are cheaper alternatives for almost every part of the bathroom when remodeling:

  • Tiles are a lot more expensive compared to paint. So limit your use of tiles as much as possible to keep your costs down. Only use tile in places that regularly get wet. For the rest of the walls, the cheapest alternative would be painting.
  • With flooring options, laminate and vinyl are the cheapest options. This can cost $1 or less per square foot. Wood and ceramic are midrange options while stone is the most expensive. If you must have the look of stone, it’s possible to get it with cheaper ceramics.
  • Bathtub and shower enclosures. If you must replace your existing shower walls, the cheapest alternative would be the use of large panels of fiberglass. If you choose the look of a tiled wall, go for ceramic tile instead of expensive glass or stone. Choosing larger tiles will also save you time and money. That’s because they need less grouting.

4. Focus on the Floor and Add Storage Space With Built-in Cabinets

Don’t let a small bathroom space and a tight budget keep you from installing an eye-catching floor. Lack of square footage provides you with enough room to play with the limited budget. You can go for a modern tile pattern or splurge on heated flooring. A new floor look instantly freshens your bathroom with a touch of luxury.

Consider focusing on utility and simplicity when it comes to storage space. Your bathroom may be small. But you possibly have a wall or corner that’s ideal for built-in shelving. With custom shelving units, you get to have instant access to towels and other items.

5. Upgrading the Fixtures

Upgrading the often small fixtures offers your bathroom an amazing look. The small details normally have a significant overall impact. You can do the following to upgrade:

  • You can replace the handles, faucets, and sink drains
  • Purchase a toilet paper holder and a new towel rack
  • Replacing electric bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs
  • Use a reliable grout sealer for tiles, showers, and sink to reduce leakage

6. Spend Less on Counter Tops

There’s no doubt that kitchen countertops are more expensive compared to bathroom counters. This can cause you to want to spend more on bathroom countertops. But you can save a lot more cash on bathroom counters.

So how can you go about this? By going for less expensive non-neutral colors. You also don’t need to purchase perfect slabs. Consider getting slabs with imperfections as they are generally cheaper. In any case, your sink will most likely cover up the imperfections.

Final Thoughts

Consider changing your perspective if you have a tight remodeling budget. Do your research to find out better ways of remodeling your bathroom with the little cash you have.

A tight budget shouldn’t be the reason you shy away from tackling a bathroom remodel project. There are many ways you can update your bathroom space without spending a lot of money.

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