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6 Great Tips to keep your Teeth Whiter and Brighter for Many Years

It is extremely important to keep your teeth healthy and strong by following good dental hygiene habits. While talking from a dental viewpoint, you should try to maintain them whiter and brighter for several years. For some people, it is quite common to have stained and discolored teeth as they have already lost its natural color. This blog post discusses about some great tips to keep your teeth look attractive and improve your oral health. At the same time, your overall appearance will improve and you can regain your lost smile.

  1. Brush your teeth properly – Brushing your teeth daily can help to get rid of surface stains that may occur as foods and drinks may get stuck to the teeth. It can help to eradicate acids that cause small pits to appear in the surface enamel thus, trapping discolored substances and harmful bacteria. In some cases, you may have to undergo emergency dental treatment in London when there is severe toothache or other serious oral concerns.
  2. Avoid damaging foods and drinks – There are certain foods and drinks that may make your teeth appear less pleasant. If you are addicted to smoking or you drink strong coffee, then you should not get surprised when your teeth become dark soon. Though it may be quite difficult to cut down some habits, doing so will help to maintain the condition of your teeth for a long time. In case of smoking; you will be doing your teeth and gums a favor by quitting the habit. Some medical professionals have said that smokers are at greater risks of serious consequences of Coronavirus and so, stopping now would certainly be beneficial.
  3. Drink sufficient amount of water – There are a wide range of foods and drinks that may cause stains and other damage to the teeth. Whilst brushing teeth immediately after eating or drinking may be the reason for the enamel to wear if done excessively, one thing that can be done is to swill water around your mouth. This will help to remove some discoloured substances from the teeth surface and flush away food debris and excess ‘bad’ bacteria that can be the reason for your gum problems too.
  4. Do not eat cheese – Acidity can be the reason for rough tooth surfaces that can attract the stains and bacterial deposits. Whilst you may try to avoid them, another way to lessen the impact is to take a small piece of cheese by the end of a meal. This will help to decrease the formation of acidity in your mouth and thus, restore it for a healthier PH balance.
  5. Avoid taking DIY suggestions – Regretfully, there are some people who always try to take the benefit of difficult times for making money by listening to others concerns. It is expected to see a rise in the number of people who promotes ‘DIY teeth whitening’ and other ‘dental solutions’. This is already a popular way of getting monetised clicks on adverts. You may use lemon juice which is harmless but it is acidic in nature and can cause enamel erosion. The same is said about homemade toothpastes that usually attempt to work with abrasive ingredients which can ‘scrub’ your teeth surface thus, causing erosion.
  6. Stay patient – This is a difficult time for most people but it won’t last forever. As per the statistics, it has been indicated that things are slowly improving. You still need to wait for sometime before you know when the present situation can be better. At present, no one knows when the dental clinic can be opened safely. If you have missed a regular appointment for any reason, then you will not have to wait for a long time before you may ‘catch up’ again.

It is advised to follow the suggestions properly and try to remain patient till everything gets back to normal. Since health is the most important thing at the moment, you must make it your top priority. Make sure you wear your healthy and attractive smile all the time though you will have to wait till it is safe to perform the treatments. You need to get in touch with your emergency dentist in London to undergo necessary dental treatments on time.

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