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Here’s What You Need to Know and My Favorite Clean Beauty Products and Brands

There are some topics I need to write about when writing blog posts. It must “feel” right at the right time. Sometimes, it is easier to get the words onto the page for one topic than for others. This could be due to many reasons. clean beauty products Or I lack the physical bandwidth. While some posts can take only 10 minutes, others may take several hours.

The whole “clean beauty” thing was one of those subjects, and I needed many sessions to SIT down and consider how I would approach this post. There is so much information on this topic. Is it me, or does it seem like there’s always something to do with death? One ingredient may be a “super antioxidant,” while the next is a “human

Maybe you believed that “nontoxic” beauty products were only worth an eye roll and a high-priced Whole Foods bill last year. Now, everyone and their mom are raving about Beautycounter. They go out of their way to tell you that the same Olay moisturizer your mother used since she was 15 is why you can’t have children. “It’s not like you are planning to get pregnant. Never? You should really think about what ingredients you are putting in your body …” Get out of this place with all the unwelcome advice!

Let’s all be calm. DOWN. It can be exhausting.

It’s difficult for me to understand, and part of my job is to TEST OUT beauty products! You can see why I took so long to write this post. It’s more than a blog post.

Here’s what I concluded about safe beauty and how to address it on this blog. This is the same conclusion that I had always reached over the years when I wrote about many topics. skin care products These are my thoughts, experiences, feelings, and the changes that I have made in my life.

Now that that’s over, let me tell you about my philosophy on “clean beauty.” This is my personal experience. It explains what it is and why it might interest you.

Moral of the story? Everyone is different. Only YOU can decide what is best for your body and YOUR life! However, I hope you find my thoughts helpful in helping you to make that decision. My philosophy is that if you use 80% of products that are better for you, then I won’t be able to lose sleep over the remaining 20%.

Why I began caring about clean beauty

As I said, I could have given you two different opinions about “natural” and “nontoxic” beauty products. I honestly didn’t believe there were any harmful ingredients in my makeup products. Hello, doesn’t the government have thousands of people who regulate this stuff? How many times a week do you hear that this or that causes cancer? You have to do everything. What are you supposed to do? Do you need to stop using deodorant? Do you smell foul for all eternity? Not live your life? Fear is a killer!

Three things happened simultaneously.

Thing #1

After having read another book about France, I came across “French Beauty Solution.” You are probably familiar with me. Mathilde Thomas, Caudalie founder, wrote it. It changed the way I look at beauty products.

This caught my attention. (What? This is the next section.

Thing #2

Blair was a blogger friend of mine. They were trying to have Owen, so they started to be more interested in clean beauty. This piqued my interest more. I was under the impression that natural beauty products weren’t as effective and smelled like eucalyptus until this point. Slowly, though, I became less skeptical about clean beauty after learning from my mother.

Thing #3

My skin was dramatically improved after I stopped taking the PillPill. I chose the hormone-free copper IUD. It here I also wrote about it because many of you wanted to know more.

Is this directly related to my decision? Both yes and no. It was then that we realized that EVERYTHING we put in our bodies has an impact on us. The PillPill, which releases artificial hormones to your body, can have many effects that we don’t know about.

It led to a lifestyle shift where I pay more attention to my health – what I eat, how much water, and how much I sleep. skincare!)

This was because I had to read more ingredient labels. This was how I discovered my passion for “clean” beauty best facial cleansers for black skin.

What does “clean beauty” actually mean?

What is “clean beauty “…?”?

Although “Clean beauty” can be a loaded term, it is something I consider a movement. It has a lot with the fact that since 1938, the United States has not passed any significant legislation to regulate the safe ingredients in personal care products.

That is correct. 1938. Only 18 years have passed since women were granted the right to vote. This was the last time that the government looked at what you put on your body every day.

I am not trying to be all political. I believe that regardless of your vote, we can all agree that it is shocking.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t require testing chemicals in products such as lotions, creams, serums, and makeup. This is because it is nearly impossible to get a life-saving drug like a cancer-fighter on the market. Despite extensive scientific research showing the dangers that certain ingredients can cause, which I’ll discuss in a moment, no action has been taken.

Over the past two decades, more than 1,500 chemicals that have been proven to cause or be at risk of cancer, congenital disabilities, or reproductive harm in Europe have been banned. The 50 ingredients that the U.S. has partially prohibited are just 50.

E.U. regulations also require that new cosmetics be subject to safety testing before being released to the public. The U.S. doesn’t.

It turns out that the U.S. beauty market is an “everyman for himself” mentality like most things in our lives. This leaves the consumer with the responsibility to determine what is and what isn’t harmful. That is why I believe there needs to be a lot of education about personal care products to make informed decisions about which products we choose to use.

Let’s go back. Cleaning up beauty products is essentially removing any harmful substances without compromising the product’s performance.

Many brands focus on being “clean,” while others are working to clean up their act. Important to remember is that “clean” and “nontoxic” are not the same as “natural” or green. There is very little regulation about what can be called “natural.” Before you buy, make sure to read the label carefully.

Avoid using chemicals in beauty products.

Many people who are “clean beauty die hards,” as I refer to them, live and die by the “Think Dirty” app. It is an app that shows you the ingredients in products and their potential health effects. This is not what I want. A. There are very few products available on this site. This app will label any ingredient as toxic if there’s not enough information or it could cause skin irritation.

This is essentially labeling an apple TOXIC for people who may be allergic. COME ON, PEOPLE. LET ME LIVE.

Instead, I look for products made without the most harmful offenders and chemicals. (definitions taken directly from Beautycounter’s website because I believe they summarize it all the best!)

Methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone

These chemical preservatives are known to be among the most irritating, sensitizing, and triggering factors for contact skin allergies. These ingredients are found in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.


Sunscreen agent, ultraviolet light absorber, is linked to irritation, sensitization, allergies, and hormone disruption: sunscreen and moisturizer.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG compounds)

PEGs are used as thickeners in cosmetics. PEGs can be contaminated by measurable amounts (1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide), both carcinogens, depending on how they were manufactured. Creams, sunscreen, shampoo.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)

SLS and SLES can cause skin irritations or trigger allergies. SLES can often be contaminated by 1,4-dioxane. This is a byproduct of a petrochemical process called “ethoxylation.” It is used to reduce the harshness of other chemicals. It is found in shampoo, body wash, and bubble baths.

Clean beauty products and brands I love:

These are the brands that I have tried and have returned to time and again. Important to know: While most of my products adhere to the 80/20 rule, I will still use non-clean products if they are not as enjoyable as my “clean” ones.

I’m not ready to give up skincare completely. NARS IS MY FAVORITE THING. I LOVE MAC. I will not lose sleep if my Bronzer does not get a “green score” in the “Think Dirty” app. Your life is your responsibility. You have to do what you can and try your best. But don’t let it make you miserable.

Now, let’s get to my “cleaner” and “cleaner favorites.

Haircare and skincare that is chemical-free:


Beautycounter has the largest selection of clean beauty products among all my favorite brands. Because of my girlfriends’ rave reviews, this was one of my first brands to purchase. I also found that they had an alternative if I ran out of something “unsafe.” They are the only company making a significant effort to reform the cosmetics and personal care industry. I love that about them. Well, they do pay me a fair amount of commission, so thank you for buying anything!

I’ve tried quite a few of their products now. I love all of them (except their hair oil-it’s terrible-I think it only works on course hair because it made my hair very greasy), so if you ever have any specific questions about anything B.C. related (or you know, anything in general)-feel accessible to D.M. me on Instagram.

These are my top B.C. haircare and skincare products.


This shampoo and conditioner have been my favorite for over a year. It is sulfate-free and contains no harmful chemicals. It’s gentle on hair and not expensive. It is very effective. You only need a small amount. This shampoo is an excellent sulfate-free option. It lathers just like regular shampoo.


Their Citrus Mimosa body wash is also a favorite of mine! It has a light citrus scent that isn’t overpowering. It leaves skin super soft and not feeling greasy like a lot of body washes or soaps. Neal sometimes uses it and doesn’t complain about feeling like using “girly soap.”


This is my favorite Beautycounter product! It’s a game-changer! I use it daily to air dry my hair. It gives hair the right texture without making it look dry or crunchy. It’s also very affordable!

Check out this post: How to dry my hair for perfect beach waves.


Another favorite beauty product is this one. Their eye cream is rejuvenating! It contains caffeine, which helps to perk up your eyes after a long night! It’s great to spread it on and let it settle. Then, I used my jade roll to finish the job. It’s like a mini-spa experience!

See the post: These are my two favorite under-eye tools.


Tasha, my best friend (remember her? I was in Cincinnati with her). A charcoal cleanser is her favorite. It has helped her skin balance and reduced breakouts. She convinced me to give it a try, and it is a great product! It keeps your skin clean and lasts forever. I keep it in my shower.


These wipes clean your face like a face wash, but you don’t need to wash it off afterward. Although I didn’t think I would love makeup wipes, I now tell everyone I know about them! It’s been challenging to find makeup-removing wipes that don’t cause me to break out, that don’t leave a film on my skin, and that clean my face.

Other favorite haircare brands and products:


As I mentioned above, I was introduced to Caudalie’s products after reading The French Beauty Solution by the founder. It was an incredible eye-opener, and it showed how different Europeans approach skincare. Their products are made from grapevine extracts, which have potent anti-aging properties. Their glycolic brightening essence and radiance cream are my favorites!

Kopari :

About a year ago, I started looking for natural deodorants. There is a possible link between antiperspirants containing aluminum and breast cancer. I tried many clean deodorants and hated them all. But Anna introduced me to Kopari last spring. Their Coconut deodorant has been my absolute favorite. I was enchanted. I won’t go back to any other deodorant! Important to remember that this is not an antiperspirant. You’ll still sweat, but it will make you smell great!

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