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6 Proven Strategies To Find Great Listings in 2021

What Is the Definition of Real Estate?

Property and any permanent improvements related to the land, whether natural or artificial, such as water, trees, minerals, buildings, dwellings, fences, and bridges, are referred to as a real estate. A type of real property is real estate. Vehicles, yachts, jewels, furniture, and farm equipment are examples of personal property not permanently tied to the land.

Real Estate Fundamentals

Although the phrases land, real estate, and real property are sometimes used interchangeably, some important distinctions are made.


  • The term “land” refers to the earth’s surface, including trees, minerals, and water, from the surface to the earth’s center and upward.


  • The term “real estate” refers to the land and any permanent artificial structures such as houses and other structures.


Real property, one of the two basic types of property, refers to the interests, benefits, and rights that come with owning real estate.


Real Estate Characteristics

The physical surface of the land, what is above and below it, what is permanently attached to it, and all ownership rights—including the right to hold, sell, lease, and enjoy the land—are all included in real estate.


Personal property, which includes all property that does not meet the concept of real property, should not be confused with real property. Personal property has the significant feature of being transportable. Vehicles, boats, furniture, clothing, and cellphones are all examples.


Physical Features of Real Estate Land has three physical characteristics that distinguish it apart from other economic assets:


  • The inability to move. While some land can be removed and the topography changed, Real Estate agents cannot change the geographic position of any piece of land.


  • Indestructibility is a quality that certain people possess. The land is long-lasting and unbreakable (permanent).


  • Individuality. There can’t be two identical plots of land. Despite their similarities, each parcel is geographically distinct.


Economic Features of Real Estate Land

Real Estate land has several distinct economic characteristics that determine its investment value:


  • The land is not regarded rare, yet the total supply is limited.


  • Improvements: An improvement is defined as any additions or alterations to the land or a building that affect the property’s value. The term “improvements on the land” refer to private improvements such as houses and fences. Improvements to the land are improvements of a public character (e.g., sidewalks and sewer systems).


  • Investment permanence: Once land has been developed, the total capital and labor used to construct the improvement represent a significant fixed investment. Even if a structure can be demolished, upgrades like drainage, power, water, and sewer lines are usually permanent since they are too expensive to dismantle (or replace).


Preference for a specific location or area. People’s preferences and tastes in a particular site are influenced by convenience, reputation, and history. One of the essential economic aspects of land is its position (thus the expression “location, location, location!”).

Different types of real estate

Real estate is divided into five categories:


  1. Any property used for residential purposes is referred to as a residential real estate. Single-family homes, condos, cooperatives, duplexes, townhouses, and multifamily residences with fewer than five individual units are examples of multifamily housing.


  1. Apartment complexes, gas stations, grocery shops, hospitals, hotels, offices, parking facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, stores, and theaters all fall under the category of commercial real estate.


  1. Any property utilized for manufacturing, production, distribution, storage, or research and development is industrial real estate. 

Factories, power plants, and warehouses are just a few examples.


  1. Undeveloped land, unoccupied land, and agricultural land are all examples of land (farms, orchards, ranches, and timberland).


  1. Cemeteries, government buildings, libraries, parks, houses of worship, and schools are examples of special-purpose property.



There are very few agents who would prefer cold calling when looking to get a real estate listing. Most of them out there would instead generate these listings through other means altogether. There are several strategies you can use to find excellent listings in 2021 without having to cold call.


They include;

  1. Target divorcees

While this might sound morally wrong to some people, it is a great strategy you can use to find listings. It would interest you to know that most judges who decide divorce cases often advise couples to sell their current homes.


These divorcees bet on letting agents in south London get them, serious buyers. Since the United Kingdom deals with thousands of divorces every year, it means that there are hundreds of transactions to be made in a brief period.


You can even go ahead and get the help of the experts at Property Loop, who will provide free photorealism tours to your prospective buyers. This is very helpful as the interested buyers do not need to do in-person viewing.

  1. Inherited homes

Thousands of people in the United Kingdom inherit a home every year. While these gestures are primarily from family members, in most cases, the beneficiaries do not want to live in these homes. Most of them have different reasons for this decision.


The home could require too many repairs; it could be far from work or generally in a location that the beneficiary doesn’t like. For this reason, these people end up opting to sell such homes. You could be the real estate agent who takes advantage of these statistics and end up winning big.

  1. Send letters to FSBO

Most real estate agents mail their FSBOs regularly. However, it’s just a small number of them that follow up on these mails.


As a real estate agent, it’s essential to know that it takes some follow-up for anyone interested in doing business with you. One way you can win over FSBOs is by sending them a series of mails.


It’s even better to think of five different things you can explain to the FSBOs about your expertise and have them mail this to the homeowner.


Since most of the FSBOs are probably dropped by other real estate agents, you’ll stand out for being the most persistent out of them all.

  1. Vacant homes

Every year in the United Kingdom, millions of vacant homes are just waiting for the right buyer. As a real estate agent, it’s essential to think ahead in situations like this. You can begin by hiring someone to help identify all the vacant homes in your locality.


You can pay the person hourly and even add a commission to motivate them to search for these properties. By doing this, you’ll save time to keep working on other matters while also being the first realtor to spot vacant homes.

  1. Homes behind in property taxes

For this idea, you can refer back to the county clerk’s website again. By doing this, you’ll get all the necessary information you need about all the homes around you, which are behind their taxes.


Since a significant percentage of people sell their homes because of the inability to pay property taxes, you can be their safety net. The best thing about this strategy is that most homeowners are motivated sellers looking to sell as soon as possible.

  1. Collaborate with builders and local banks

You don’t need to find excellent listings alone; you can use the help of several builders or even local banks. Most electricians, plumbers, builders, and mortgage providers are looking for this kind of business, and you can use such help.


Think of these people as entrepreneurs looking to grow their business brands. This way, it will help you find common ground on giving them referrals while providing you with the listings.


Finding great listings is not very hard. All you need to do is take the necessary risks and be on the lookout constantly. Staying informed about the developments in your locality will always put you above your competitors.

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