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6 Renovation Secrets More Homeowners Should Know About

We all want it The dream house. The property neighbours are envious to own. Why do some of us feel we need to pay experts thousands of dollars to get the house we want? What if you can get a glimpse of what the experts know?

We talked to industry experts to do exactly that. The result is a few secrets about renovations that all property owners will do well to follow. From upgrading the exterior with popular sectional garage doors to using the sun’s light more effectively, we’ve got the goods.

The Importance of Getting Renovations Right

Of course, you can simply head into this project following your own instincts. However, you’re taking risks by not at least considering expert advice. When you do get renovations right, you can enjoy the following:

  • Ease of use: Expert designers and renovators consider aesthetics but also functionality of rooms, furniture and even décor.
  • Higher resale value: Pick changes that other homeowners will also appreciate, so you can ask a little more the day you decide to sell.
  • Recoup costs: If you do a good job you can actually increase the value of your property considerably while also saving money. You stand to recoup a substantial amount of the capital you plan on spending now.

Enough reason to do a little homework? Here’s all you need to keep in mind.

Renovation Secrets

It Must Work for Your Home

First, it must be said that you’re running a risk if you’re simply copying ideas from your décor magazines. What’s trendy may not work for your home’s style, layout or size. Make sure you pick textures, colours, furniture and décor according to your home’s needs.

Stick to a Theme

Before you implement any plan, ask yourself if there are ways you can carry a certain theme throughout. This can be within a room, or even throughout the entire building. It creates a sense of cohesiveness and will give others the idea that a professional helped you plan.

You can use different approaches to carry your theme:

  • Making sure a new garage door or patio still fits with the exterior style of your home.
  • Using a certain colour in various places in a room, or throughout the house.
  • Picking fabrics of a similar style and using them in different rooms for décor, floor coverings and curtains.

Create More Space

A property will never have too much functional space! So, if you have the opportunity to add a new room, create a welcoming patio outside, or even just add storage space, work it into your renovation plan!

You may need to think out the box here though! Can that space under the stairs become a tiny but functional office if you add a desk? Or is it better suited as a cupboard? Perhaps the attic that has been home to clutter can become an additional bedroom or play area for the kids? What’s possible if you simply install a skylight and some cupboards?

Even just creating the idea of spaciousness is valuable. If you play around with mirrors and glass, reflections and light bouncing around creates an illusion of a more roomy area.

Experts Opt for Low Maintenance Options

Another trend you can never go wrong with is considering how your renovations impact maintenance. If you’re changing the layout, make sure it’s still easy to clean, or you may regret adding nooks and crannies you get tired of dusting.

Also, floor coverings like tiles are easier to wipe after a spill than keeping a carpet clean. That’s a tip parents with small kids or homeowners with dogs need to keep in mind!

Smart Tech

The latest tip any designer or developer will give you is to join the smart home movement. Firstly, you’re going to love managing your home via your mobile devices. We’re talking kitchen appliances, HVAC, lights, doors, security and more! You’re also bound to save money on utility costs.

On top of that, there’s no question that future buyers will find your home attractive. It will have the feel of an ultra-modern building. Buyers also appreciate it when they don’t have to go to the trouble of installing it themselves. They can simply move in and enjoy.

So, are you enjoying the benefits of tech yet?

Quick Changes that Have Great Impact

The good news is that you don’t even have to make huge changes to apply some of the skills experienced renovators use. If you’re looking for quick wins or you’re working on a very tight budget, consider one of the following changes that make more of a difference than you think:

  • Upgrade your garage doors, to give your property a new look and instantly boost curb appeal. You can replace outdated roller garage doors with new ones to improve safety and efficiency at an affordable price. Or perhaps pick a sectional garage door installation for their aesthetics and functionality.
  • Inside the house you can simply upgrade hardware on cupboards and at wash basins. This can upgrade your kitchen and bathroom with minimal expenses.

What Will You Try?

Surprised at how easy it is? The experts use these strategies all the time, so you can’t go wrong trying it out.

Have some feedback or tips? Please share in the comments to help other homeowners and amateur renovators.

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