7 Genius Life Hacks that Will Make Your Life Easier

Being human is hard, make it easier with life hacks!

Have you ever wonder if there is something that can make your life easier? Whatever activities you’re doing, there always a life hack applied as shortcut and trick to simplify it. Here are 6 genius life hacks that will make your life easier.

1. Find The Lost Tiny Item Easily

Have you ever drop tiny items such as needle or the micro sim card on the floor? We all know the struggle on finding those items that are too small for our eyesight, especially if it is wooden floor or dark colour floor!

Get a vacuum cleaner and cover the sucker with stocking or mop. Tie them tightly with rubber to the vacuum cleaner so it won’t easily taken off. Now, start the vacuum cleaner and start to vacuum around.

Any small items on your floor will then stick to the stocking because of the suction power generated from the vacuum cleaner. Save your energy and time!

2. Fix Mushy Rice With Bread

Not every rice making succeed with the perfect result. Sometimes, the unwanted think happened like mushy rice because we’ve put too much water on the rice cooker.

All you need to do is grab one slice of bread and put it on top of the mushy rice. The bread will then absorb the water from the water and fixed the texture.

3. Fixing the Smaller Battery Size Problem

Have you ever bought a wrong size battery and ended up you need to throw them away? Don’t waste your battery!

In 21 Science Life Hacks article by Life Hack Solution, we found a genius tricks to settle this. Get an aluminium foil and crumb it into small pieces ball. Get your gadget, aluminium foil and battery ready! Now, place the crumbled aluminium foil to fill the gap between your battery and the terminal.

Now your device will work as usual even with the smaller battery size. Voila!

4. Remove Crayon Marks From The Wall

It is good if you’re having kids that like to draw. But how if they mistakenly and naughtly draw on the wall?

Don’t scold them yet! Because with a little life hack, you can get rid of this crayon mark easily. Get a hair dryer and start to blow the wall. The heat from hair dryer will soften the crayon’s texture and wax which allow you to easily remove it by wiping it with mop.

Note: You can tell them to do so as a reminder to not draw on the wall anymore.

5. Keep Milk Last Longer

Stale milk because it’s too long? Try this trick!

When you just purchased a milk and opened it, pour a small portion of salt into it. This will makes the whole milk bottle last longer.

6. Make Your Shoes Waterproof

Rainy season is cooling but sometime’s it can be annoying when it comes to the wet and stinky shoe. The stink smell come from the bacteria that live inside your shoe because of the wet and moist from the rain. The rain drop will also makes you lazy to leave home because you don’t want to make your shoe dirty and wet.

There’s a trick to make your shoe waterproof! Grab a candle and start to rub it on both of your shoes. Your shoe is now waterproof! If you don’t believe, you can test it by pouring some water on shoes now. The water will just bounce off!

7. Find Your Luggage Easily

When you travelling with a big airlines, there is a chance that other people has the exact same luggage as you. While this is a rare case, this thing happened before and can ruin the whole vacation because you need to settle it.

Always tie off a small piece of coloured fabric on your luggage when travelling. This will help you to identify your luggage easier and save your time from looking around (because now your luggage has “stand out” look from other luggage.

Bottom Line

With those life hacks above, we hope that we can assist you to simplify your daily activity and solve any minor problem.

There are tons of life hacks out there, but in fact, there are some of them doesn’t work! Life Hack Solution is a web that is specialized in creating life hack content and all their content are being tested through quality screening. Check out them for more life hacks content.

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