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8 Seafood Buffets to Experience in Dubai!

Visiting Dubai for the first time? Gear up to enjoy amazing buffets including seafood buffets, along with visiting different tourist attractions. One thing is very clear that Dubai has a lot to offer to food fanatics. As well as food bloggers and it is the reason why this city is gaining huge popularity all across the globe. This city has the edge over other tourist destinations in a way that it is known as the hub of all famous international cuisines; thus, dozens of tourists every year plan to arrive in Dubai. Similarly, no other tourist destination can beat it when it comes to seafood as it has a huge seafood variety that attracts almost everyone. Before rushing to this event, you should get Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets.

As Expo 2020 Dubai has started, so it also paved a way for Asian countries’ tourists to arrive in Dubai who are known as seafood lovers. Interestingly, all of Dubai’s seafood dining spots have prepared themselves to attract those tourists by offering various deals. You should also plan to visit this international event but for making it more beneficial, you should have Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets. You should read this blog till the last word as it has manifested some leading buffets in Dubai that you should visit to enjoy awesome seafood.

1.     SLOANE’S

Seafood lovers living in Dubai for many years know this place very well as it offers quality and tasty seafood at affordable rates. Therefore, people prefer it and enjoy its seafood buffet. While exploring out more, you find that its seafood opens up every Friday, so never miss a chance to enjoy the widest array of seafood items.

In its unbeatable seafood, you explore clams, mussels, lobster, prawns, and various other options, so go there and enjoy delicious seafood without putting any burden on your pocket. With enjoying the seafood, you should also plan to visit Expo 2020 Dubai and it should be on your bucket list otherwise your Dubai trip won’t be meaningful.

2.     SAFFRON

It is also the most popular spot for a seafood buffet in Dubai and both natives and tourists visit it to enjoy various seafood options. While exploring its menu, you find that it offers many dishes, so stop thinking anymore and must try its seafood buffet. While enjoying the seafood, you also enjoy the live music, making your dining more perfect and memorable.

Its seafood buffet kicks off every Tuesday so plan a visit and enjoy quality food.  In its buffet, you can eat lobster, oysters, crab, and various kinds of fish cooked in different styles. It means that you cannot run away from trying its tasty seafood.


Yes, it is the perfect dining place for enjoying seafood, so you should also add this spot to your bucket list. Like other seafood dining options, it is also very budget-friendly. Its seafood chefs know the art of cooking delicious dishes; thus, it is popular among people of all age groups in Dubai.

You can enjoy its seafood buffet on Thursday, so get ready to enjoy the widest array of seafood items prepared carefully in various flavors. In its tasty buffet, you get a chance to eat fried fish, grilled fish, shrimps, crabs, and various other options without emptying a wallet. It is not wrong to say that it is the best place to visit for any newbie who wishes to develop a taste for seafood.

4.     FEAST

Yes, you can also not skip this spot for enjoying seafood in Dubai and while visiting this place, you find lots of foreign tourists enjoying seafood. It manifests its huge popularity among tourists who visit Dubai. Its buffet is also very ideal to join and it opens up every Thursday, so make sure that you do not have any commitment on this specific day if you wish to enjoy delicious seafood.

Its experienced chefs know the importance of preparing seafood well and it is the reason why lots of people join its buffet. Additionally, its pocket-friendly attribute is what attracts everyone in the city. Therefore, you must go there and taste incredible seafood prepared by its experts.


If you really wish to enjoy an awesome buffet particularly at Dubai Creek then you should visit this restaurant. With offering tasty seafood, it has also succeeded to exist among the leading seafood buffets in Dubai. Its buffet also opens on Thursday, so make sure you do not overlook it and enjoy the great taste of seafood brought by its chefs.

It is also very reasonable; hence, it is equally popular among tourists and natives in Dubai. It is unique in the way that you get a chance to select raw seafood of your own choice then let it be cooked by experienced chefs. Additionally, if you talk about its menu so it consists of prawns, lobster, various kinds of fish, and many other options.


It is also a very popular spot for seafood buffets in Dubai and its quality of being budget-friendly also attracts everyone. While visiting it, you enjoy its great variety of seafood dishes. Its buffet kicks off every Friday, enabling people to enjoy the awesome taste of seafood at affordable rates.

In this seafood dining spot, you get a chance to create your specific seafood meal; hence, you should get indulged in this interesting cooking activity there and make the dining memorable for yourself. Its menu offers prawns, red snapper, lobster, kingfish, mussels, and much more. Its chefs prepare seafood according to your wish and people it; hence, many people join its buffet every Friday.

7.     YALUMBA

It is also a popular eatery and it offers the widest array of cuisines. Catering to the tastes of everyone in Dubai. Going there is also a must for you if you really wish to treat your taste buds with some delicious dishes. It is the best group dining option in Dubai and this attribute also makes it the perfect dining option for families. Yes, visiting it never costs you a lot, so you enjoy eating maximum within your specific budget.

If you talk about its buffet day, so it is on Tuesday. In this buffet, you also experience the widest range of seafood options. It never compromises on purchasing fresh seafood daily for its valued customers; thus, it succeeds to maintain high standards. There, you find lobster, calamari, tiger prawns, lobster, and much more.

8.     KITCHEN6

While evaluating it more, you find that it exists among the leading buffet spots, in the city where dozens of people visit daily. Its chefs are very experienced individuals ensuring the quality and tasty dishes for its customers. No, it is not an expensive dining option; therefore, people with a limited budget also prefer it. It asks you to never overlook it and enjoy the best seafood.

It is the hub of Middle Eastern and English cuisines cooked by highly experienced chefs. So gear up to diversify your taste buds with delicious items. Its buffet opens up every Tuesday for people and by seeing this dining spot crowded. You can judge its popularity in the city. In this famous dining place, you find almost every single seafood option and that makes. It is the best place to visit for seafood lovers in Dubai.

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