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A Guide to Check the Quality of Your Car Tyres

Regular checkup of the tyres is necessary to keep your car running smoothly on the roads. The appropriate condition of tyres is critical for your safety and the pedestrians and other passengers. Maintenance of tyres determines the lifespan and the functioning in unexpected situations. If ignored, these issues can cause you heavy damages in the future and deteriorate the entire vehicle’s condition.

However, it is easy to keep an eye and some regular checks like the tread wear, depths, pressure, etc. These steps will help you find any issue with the car tyres beforehand and eliminate the risks from your end at the earliest. Stick with the blog till the end to find out more about the problems and how you can rectify them efficiently.

Look Over the Tyre Pressure

Most people do not look after the air pressure as regularly as the manufacturers guide it. However, if you are a responsible vehicle owner, then you must check the pressure regularly. The tyres, due to continuous use, tend to lose pressure quickly and require immediate refilling. Professionals use a piece of equipment called the pressure gauge to measure Rovelo Tyres pressure.

Nevertheless, you can buy your gauge to measure pressures at home. Please examine the measurements before taking your car on roads. Every vehicle has a different tyre pressure, and there is no such thing as “one size” that goes with all models. It is better if you ask a mechanic or check the recommended tyre pressure online from a trusted source of your tyres. The pressure also changes according to the seasons (summer/winter) and the road surfaces condition. Moreover, it would help if you remembered that the best time to check the pressure is in the morning when the tyre is cold. You can also do it yourself by following the mentioned below steps to check the air pressure at home.

  • First, remove the valve cap and apply the gauge
  • Attach it accurately to get the right readings
  • For lower readings inflate the tyres
  • For higher readings give space for the air to move out

In the end, once the reading is calculated, remove the gauge and replace the cap in a way that the air pressure is not interrupted.

Reduce unevenness by rotating tyres

The user manual that you get from the manufacturers can tell you when and how to rotate the tyres. Rotation is necessary to increase the lifespan of tyres plus give equal wear on all sides. This will divide the weight of the vehicle equally on all the tyres online. The tyre rotation pattern that you use will solely depend on the type of tyre you use.

So, check if the tyres are a directional or non-directional plus if your car is rear, front, and four-wheel drive. Tyre rotation will also help you find any bulges and cuts on the tyres. Thus, you can immediately inspect the condition and call a professional to get the tyres changed. When the issue is beyond your understanding, you should drive down to a trusted garage and let the experts handle the vehicle and rectify the errors.

Examine the Tyre Tread Depth

If you buy a new tyres brand, it is better to be acquainted with the tread on it as it will get easier to find the wear and tear later. Treads are responsible for keeping your vehicle steady on wet roads. However, once the tread wears occur, there are braking issues, risk of skidding, and traction loss. The minimal requirement of tread depth is 1.6mm across the entire circumference and ¾ width of the tyre. But, once your tyre treads go down 3mm, the performance automatically starts to fall.

Worn out tyres are at high risks of punctures, leakages, accidents, and blowouts. Worn off the tyres’ treads will cause you difficulty at times of braking, accelerating or cornering of the vehicle on speed. In such cases, you have to spend extra money and time repairing and replacing the tyres. So, it is better to keep a check on the worn treads, underinflated and overinflated tyres. The rubber on your tyres gets stiff and rigid with time. To avoid overheating, unexpected punctures and blowouts replace the tyres once you find excessive wear outs.

Check the condition and age of the Car tyres

Tyres being the most overlooked parts of the vehicle are often taken for granted when it comes to maintenance and repairs. One usually looks after the tyre when there is a puncture, or the tyre runs out flat. However, there is so much look for in the very basic tyres installed in your vehicle. Even when your vehicle has not been on the road as frequently for a long time, you must look at the condition and age them regularly.

New tyres as well deteriorate over time and can need to repair or replace. Therefore, you must consider looking at the date of manufacturing of the tyres of your vehicle. When you go purchasing a new set of tyres, make sure you ask the supervisor to tell you the manufacturing date of these tyres alongside. Doing so will enable you to enjoy not just the better performance of the vehicle, but will also give you durability.

Seasonal tyre Installation

It is always recommended to install the seasonal tyres in your vehicle, in the suitable season. When you install a summer tyre during winter or winter tyres in the summer, it will alter the performance of and compromise tyres’ quality. Therefore, it is always suggested to install the right tyres during the season.

If you are one of those who do not wish to change the tyres every season, or someone who is on budget, you may install all-season tyres. These tyres go all around the year and are designed in a way with compounds that enable it to perform efficiently in the changing weather conditions.

Avoiding Overloading The Car

Overloading the vehicle causes severe tyre damages and compromises the vehicle’s ability and functioning in different ways. It is always suggested to load the car with the recommended limit only. Overloading will cause the tyres to get extra pressure, fuel consumption, and difficulty driving the vehicle. Moreover, it also increases the risk of the passengers and driver along with the car.

At times of braking, accelerating and cornering, the overloading can cause damages and severe risk to the vehicle. Therefore, to look after the car tyres and the whole vehicle make sure you do not overload the vehicle. You can load it within limits guided by the manufacturers and experience a safer journey.


This blog has helped you understand the different ways a problem can arise if you ignore the primary signs or take the vehicle for granted. However, there is always a solution to such issues. For that, you must inspect the condition of the car tyres at regular intervals. Doing so will only enable you to eliminate the possible damages beforehand and enhance the durability altogether. For a better driving experience and exciting performance, make sure to look after the tyres’ basic needs and requirements in your vehicle at all times.

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