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A Step By Step Guide to Paint Exterior Brick of Your Home

Undoubtedly, a home with an exterior brick wall indeed looks exquisite. No matter if you leave it raw, painted form, or a natural look, everything makes the brick wall look alluring. If you think about giving a completely new and fresh look to your home, you must think about painting its interior and exterior bricks. Indeed, painting brick is one of the most acceptable ways to make your home look fabulous.

Interestingly, you don’t need to rob the bank to get your home’s bricks painted. In fact, Exterior Brick Painting Toronto is not only easy on the pocket but can be applied easily. However, some necessary skills are always preferable to add a WOW factor in painting; so, you must know how to do this. Nevertheless, everyone knows his business well, so always go for professional painters to bring real perfection in everything.

We have decided to make everything easier for you. That’s why; the present discussion amazingly provides a step-by-step guide on how to paint brick. Indeed, considering this guide will help you in achieving your goals faultlessly.

Steps to Brick Painting

You must follow these steps to enjoy the optimal outcome.

Step 1: Brick Preparation  

If you have to paint exterior brick, it is strongly recommended to use a high-pressure hose. This way, you can wash it thoroughly. Moreover, it is a great way to remove grime, dust, filth, and fragments. However, for interior brick painting, you can use soapy water to get rid of dust. Keep one thing in your mind that DON’T paints your brick walls immediately. Give full time to your bricks to be appropriately dried. You can’t paint the wet brick wall. So, if you don’t want to waste your paint, then it’s better to wait until the walls dry correctly.

Moreover, for better results, always check the damages and cracks and fix them in the first place. After that, tape-off the sections you want to exclude while painting.

Pro Tip: Ensure that the brick surface (you want to paint) must be installed for more than a year, so it had adequate time to dry out and adjust. NO need to use acidic cleaners. They can badly affect the final paint job.

Step 2: Apply a Primer

You can never paint your brick wall perfectly without applying a primer to it. That’s why; we recommend you to prefer quality over money and buy the most suitable primer for your brick walls.  High-quality primers contain Latex for their extreme level of elasticity. However, it is always preferable for large brick walls to use a roller or a painter sprayer.

Your safety comes first, so wear all the safety equipment, including gloves, masks, and goggles. Paintbrushes are best for small areas; you can choose them to paint your brick wall easily. Please don’t recoat the brick immediately; the first coating should be adequately dried before starting 2nd coating.

Step 3: Start Painting the Brick Wall

Before you start painting the brick wall, make sure you have chosen a Latex paint suitable for masonry or brick. However, for interior bricks, always choose heat-proof paint for quality results. You can use a roller, brush, or paint sprayer to paint the brick wall as it your choice, so choose whatever you pleases.

If you have hired professional and well-experienced painters for this purpose, they know what kinds of tools are appropriate for this job. However, the chosen roller should nap between 20 mm to 32 mm in this way; paint can spread quickly into nooks and crannies. If you think the brick requires recoating, then allow the 1st coat to dry properly. Once it’s dried completely, you can start the second coat.

Major Tools

Following Tools can be used to paint brick walls of your home, including;

Metal Brush: It is exceptionally suitable to remove every type of dust, dirt, and filth.

Painter’s Tape: It helps you cover the areas you don’t want to paint, including door and frames, etc.

Brick Primer: It is always recommended to buy a primer that is perfect for bricks.

Paint Equipment: It includes roller, paint sprayers, or all other equipment imperative for painting.

Brick Paint: Always use top-quality brick paint to bring perfection and durability as the paint’s durability is the key thing to consider.

Final Words

Indeed, brick wall painting is a relatively easier job as it doesn’t require much effort and time. However, for the desired results, it is always preferable to follow the step-by-step guide properly. Additionally, always use premium quality paint, tools, and equipment to bring excellence to your paint. Not everyone can get precision in brick painting, so it is always recommended to hire professional painters to paint your home’s brick walls.

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