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Tips to Paint the Exterior Walls of a House

Paint the Exterior Walls

The exteriors walls of a house face the harsh weather conditions and get worn quicker than the interior paint. The exterior walls, doors, and windows face the rain, storms, snow, dirt, dust, and humidity that makes the worn out within a few years, and homeowners need to repaint.

You can repaint by hiring a professional painting contractor or try it yourself. Hiring a professional contractor like residential painters Carindale is always the best option. Whether you hire a contractor or prefer going DIY, you should know the steps to paint a house. This post shares the tips to paint the exterior of a house.

Prep Work

The first step in painting a house is to prepare the walls and surfaces for the new paint. To paint the walls, homeowners need to clean and repair them for the new paint. The walls accumulate the dirt, dust, moisture, and stains over the years that need to be removed before painting them. So, these are the steps of prep work that every homeowner must follow.

Wash the walls

Washing the walls is the best method to get rid of the dust and dirt on them. You can use a pressure washer or better yet, a pressure washer trailer to make the cleaning of the walls faster and better. In case the pressure washer is not available, you can connect a pressure nozzle on your garden hose and connect the hose to a water pump to create pressure. If there are more stains on the walls, you can use a detergent solution before washing the walls with water.

Scrape the surfaces

There is worn paint on some walls and other surfaces that needs to be removed before painting with new paint. Use manual scrapers or a machine to scrape the worn paint from the walls, doors, windows, and other surfaces. Removing the worn paint makes it easy to paint the surfaces, and the new paint sticks well.

Sand the walls

The paint does not stick properly to the rough and uneven surfaces. Therefore, it is essential to sand the walls and other surfaces like doors and windows to make them uniform. Sanding the surfaces enables the paint to stick well, whether you paint with brushes, rollers, or sprayers.

Repair the damaged surfaces

After washing the walls and removing the worn paint, you need to repair the damaged areas. Every wall has some spots and damaged paint that you need to remove and repair those areas. Use epoxy filler or Plaster of Paris to fill the cracks and holes of the walls using a spackle knife.

Caulk trim

If there are any gaps between the doors or window trims and the walls, you can fill them using a caulk gun. Homes that have mixed materials such as bricks and siding need caulk along the surfaces where different materials meet each other.

These were the steps involved in prep work. After the completion of pf prep work, the walls and other surfaces are ready to be painted with the new paint.

Prime the doors and windows

It is essential to prime the doors and windows to protect them from rust and pests. Moreover, the primed surfaces make the paint stick better, which also enhances its life.

Choose the right color.

The next step is to choose the right color of paint for your exterior walls. You can choose any color for the exterior walls. As a general rule, it is best to choose a light color if you live in a location with a hot climate and dark color in locations with a cold climate. For the locations that experience both summer and winter seasons, it is right to go with a light color.

Protect Doors, Windows, and Lights

Cover the doors, windows, and lights with plastic sheets to protect them from paint spills. You can get the plastic sheets to form a home improvement store or a paint store.

Get the paint materials.

After covering the door, windows, and fixtures, you need to get all the materials required for painting. Usually, homeowners need paint buckets, trays, paint brushes, rollers, painter tapes, ladders, and drop cloths. If you want to paint with more precision, you can also use paint sprayers and other professional tools.

Start Painting

After collecting all the materials, you can start painting the exterior walls using the right tools. It is best to paint the walls with a wide brush or paint sprayer. Use small brushes or appropriate width to paint the doors, windows, and trims. Homeowners should cover their face with a mask and wear rubber gloves while painting the surfaces. Covering the face and hands protects them from the paint spills.

Allow it to dry

Many homeowners prefer the second coat of paint to make it more uniform and last longer. However, in order to reap the benefits of the second coat over the years, you should allow the first coat to dry completely. Usually, the paint dries in a day, but in cold days, it may take two to three days to dry.

Final words

These are the tips to paint the exterior walls of a house. The key to high-quality paintwork is to do the prep work properly and do not skip any step. Homeowners who are not confident enough to paint their house themselves can hire professional services like residential painters Carindale for their project. Following these tips to paint a home exterior can help homeowners to paint their house themselves.

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