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AC Repairing Tips

Almost all air conditioner owners will need to fix their air conditioner at some moment in time. With all the problems that can occur, some can be repaired easily than others. One common hindrance is when your air conditioner is not cooling but is still running. In that instant, you may just need to clean it. If you resolve to do the cleaning yourself, make for certain to follow the owner’s manual. You can always obtain a copy of the owner’s manual from the manufacturer if you misplaced your original. It’s a good idea to do the repairs on a warm day, that way it will be easier to determine why it’s not working. And in this article, there are some ac repairing tips which will help you to repair your air conditioner

Before beginning the repairs, ensure the power is shut off. Shut off panels that are easily located on the unit. If you are unable to locate the panel then you should shut off the electricity to the home. Also, ensure there is not any debris around the condenser.

Use These Tips While Repairing Your Air Conditioner

Now you are ready to determine the problem with your air conditioner and you can use the listed tips to solve the problem with your air conditioner.

  • Start by removing the grill cover on the condenser. You will then want to clean the fins using a brush and a cloth.
  • You will want to clean the fins gently as they damage easily. After you completed cleaning them, vacuum them out.
  • Next, carefully unscrew and lift the cover to the grill. Be sure not to pull any loose wires.
  • After you have finished cleaning you will want to hose down the fins. Do this while protecting the motor with a waterproof covering. At this point in time, you can also check to see if the motor needs to be greased.
  • Finally, assemble the air conditioner back together.

You can now turn your unit on to confirm the repairs. After turning it on, let it run for a couple of minutes. Put your hand on the pipes that run to the condenser unit. One pipe should feel hotter than the other. If you find that your air conditioner is still not properly working, then the refrigerant likely needs to be recharged and you should call for professional help.

Your air conditioner should turn on by itself. If it doesn’t, follow these instructions to find out what the problem is. The first step is to ensure your thermostat is cool enough and is below room temperature. Also, make sure you have not blown a fuse or the breaker on the main panel box. Another option is to check the 240-volt disconnect has not been shut off. Following these instructions will further help with your repairs.

By repairing your air conditioner yourself you will save money. Most of the repairs described in this article are fairly easy and can be done with little or no difficultly. Should you encounter a problem, please contact the manufacturer as they are the most knowledgeable about their products and will be able to give useful information for any problems you have while doing repairs.


Hope this article has helped you a lot. And most AC problems can be avoided through proper ac maintenance and proper ac repairing which you can do it by yourself. And this way you can save a lot of money. But if there is a major problem then you should go for a technician’s help.

But initially try to repair your ac by yourself using these ac repairing tips


Tushar Balchandani is a blogger and a digital marketer. And he is working on 91airconditioners since 2019. From the childhood days, he was interested in electronics and this interest pushed him in the blogging world.

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