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Access Control System for the working method

Working method of Access Control System

More and more public (and in some cases private) structures have an working method for access control system that allows you to cross the threshold of the building or not and keep an eye on numerical values ​​at the entrance and exit according to different parameters. With the development of the most disparate technologies and tools today. It is possible to select the system that best suits the needs of the individual in terms of speed, safety, and comfort.

Working Method for Access Control System

What is an access control system?

Access system control (An electronic system that allows the opening of one or more gates through the automated control of the subject’s authorization. You can do this check by reading a badge, a bar code, a fingerprint, or using an electronic key (e.g., smartphone)) is a technology that, installed on the access door of a given passage (opening for people, cars, etc. can be free or controlled with an working method for access control system), allows you to monitor and manage the inflow and outflow of people.

The device communicates with a supervisory control unit which reads badge (Thin plastic identification card, sometimes with photo or name or other characteristics of the cardholder. Dimensions 86mm x 54mm, thickness 0.78mm.), tags or biometrics that have given access credentials.

Access Control System

Basic systems typically only have one reader (Device that decodes an access card by transmitting its data to an access control unit (ACU), which then establishes the actions to be taken base on the data receive) of access control cards, a power supply for access control and a magnetic lock relay (Device which can open a circuit that is usually close or, vice versa, to complete a normally open course. This dual nature of the relay allows for two types of applications: a device can be connect to the normally closed circuit so that the device is always on as long as the relay is activate to turn it off, or a device can be connect to the open circuit so that the device is always off until the relay starts to turn it on.). 

Higher security applications may require more methods than authentication (Operation with which you identify yourself to access an access control system, a PC, or a service, using credentials. Such as cards and fingerprints) and include more complex functionality. Finally, consider whether it is necessary to integrate with other security systems, such as monitoring systems, alarm systems, and fire systems.

What is the purpose of the installation?

The most straightforward function of a safety device of this type is to prevent unauthorized or unrelated personnel and/or means of transport from entering. This can be a sensitive area of ​​the front door, garage, office, hospital, hotel, etc. 

In addition, more complex access systems can boon to previously set rules, for example, allowing authorized employees or those with specific qualifications to access at certain times and in some areas.

In case of access attempts in days for which they have not Bing enable, managers can receive personalize alerts directly on their smartphone and / or allow entry in case of work emergencies.

What are the characteristics of electronic access control system?

Electronic locks have gained an important position in the world of security tools. While mechanical locks can only opene or close by the appropriate key, electronic locks introduce intelligent concepts that ensure that information regarding the use of the door is store to reconstruct the sequence of use of the door in advance.

An access control system determines who is allowing to enter or exit, where they are allowing to enter or escape, and when they are allowed to enter controlled access.

Automatic doors and windows with keys do not allow you to configure access policies through the gate on a day-hour basis. Moreover, when a mechanical key is lost, the dangerous drawback is that it can easily copies and transferrer to an unauthorize third person. On the other hand, electronic access control can architect access policies based on the user’s credentials by the hour or day.

When access is allowed, the door is unlocked for a predetermined period, and access through the user’s door is recorded on the database. When the entry is refused, the door remains closed, and the access attempt is reported to the database. The system can also signal attempted stealth access through the passage through a visual and audible alarm.

The safest and most used: the biometric system

Among the numerous electronic access systems, biometric seems to be the most used in the world. It stores the distinctive traits of the person by recognizing them from a distance in a unique way, guaranteeing maximum safety without contact. The fingerprints, the color and size of the iris, the characteristics of the retina, the countenance of the face, or the timbre of the voice represent the access parameters. However, the biometric access control system has an identification process slower than others, so we often opt for cards or tags(such as magnetic, proximity, plate reading, or scanner technology).

The door opener: a solution for different needs

Less modern but very frequent are the classic door openers. Which are electronic systems for monitoring the flows through electric locks, entrance bars, gate openers, and more. The electronic controls of access in general and the statistical calculation of visitor flows may also use in more complex security systems, For example, for the identification of personal protective equipment (PPE) for access to the workplace or in custom applications to monitor flows within an environment. In addition, you can use them to evacuate risk areas after the alarm has been activate or check the size of the waiting queues or the filling status of the parking lots.

How do you choose the most suitable system?

Among the numerous electronic systems, it is necessary to know how to select the one that best meets the needs of the individual or the company. First of all, if we speak, for example, of an access control system in the store, we must guarantee a secure method to employees and make them aware of its presence in order not to incur any legal sanctions related to compliance with the GDPR (regulation of the general data protection of the person). Suppose you have doubts about the access control system and how it works.

In that case, it is good to remember that since it is a more or less high number of people who exceed the entry threshold even several times a day, you must guarantee maximum speed and simplicity for both employees and guests. People are increasingly opting for access systems using the company badge of their smartphones for companies and shops. Through the app, access is allowe to employees in some regions of the company, making any changes in real-time to be able to accommodate others or not. The increasingly popular cloud system only needs an internet connection to manage entries and exits in complete autonomy and at any time from your mobile phone. The offices with 50 employees and over, coworking, and large companies are already migrating to this solution.

What are the benefits of a good access control system?

  1. Control: monitor the number of people and vehicles entering and leaving that area of passage (Passage, opening for people, cars, etc. can be free or controlled with an access control system) in object
  2. Security: deciding who and when to access a particular area allows you to increase the level of protection of the same

Health: protect the access of unqualified people to keep them away from dangerous or toxic substances contained in that area.

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