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Airbnb smart lock: choose it for your vacation rentals

What is the first thing your tenants do when they arrive at the vacation spot? They opened the door to the apartment. And you know what they say about first impressions? So, what if you gave them a new experience with an Airbnb rental smart lock? It is so popular that it is not uncommon for a tenant to have one installed at their home on their return from vacation. And what’s more, you don’t even need to be present for the key exchange… because there aren’t any. What advantages for you? Let’s see all this in detail. It will change your life.

Have you ever found yourself in difficulty when exchanging keys with your tenant (vacation rental)? And yes, it is not always easy to be present at the time of the exchange or to find the best compromise for you and your tenant. And again, when it is not the neighbor or a friend who finds himself handing over the keys, Or worse if you have to hide the keychain under the doormat, We are doing better in terms of security…

So if you offer vacation rentals such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Flipkey, Priceline, etc., there is one point that you should not overlook: access to accommodation and, in particular, the type of lock on the front door.

To make your life easier, the best thing is probably to turn to an Airbnb-connected lock.


What are the main advantages of a smart lock for my rentals?

Using a smart lock for your Airbnb rental has many advantages.

  • It brings you comfort. You don’t need to be present. With the connected lock, we speak of an autonomous arrival. This lightens your schedule. There is also no need to provide several physical keys just in case.
  • It brings comfort to your tenants, who can arrive when they want without having to worry about transport issues. One less source of stress.
  • You can do everything remotely: creating electronic keys, of course, but also opening the door. So you can open up to your tenants despite the distance that separates you. You can also lock it as needed.
  • You save money, especially if you are far from the rental, because, again, you do not need to move. It also saves time. Plus, there’s no need to keep re-keying because your tenants have lost them.
  • You enhance security. For example, you might consider a code lock rather than a smart lock. In fact, the code lock also allows you to avoid traveling. But with this account, for optimal security, you would have to change the code after each stay. This is restrictive, especially if there are many entrances and exits, and a fortiori if you manage multiple dwellings. This problem does not exist with the smart lock. Not to mention the security offered by an electronic lock compared to a conventional lock.
  • Is there a doubt about the connected lock for Airbnb? If necessary, depending on the locking system, you can always use a physical key.
  • Finally, save even more time: certain connected lock systems allow you to automate the creation of accesses, which is very practical if you manage a large number of tenants throughout the year.


But what is an Airbnb smart lock?

To avoid confusion, let us specify that we are not talking about an Airbnb brand-connected lock (it does not exist). We’re just talking about smart locks perfectly suited for short-term rentals, such as with Airbnb.



A smart lock is simply a physical keyless lock connected to a network. To manage the locking or unlocking, you just need to use your smartphone (via an application).

Some connected locks also accommodate a numeric or alphanumeric keypad for entering a unique code. Otherwise, approaching the smartphone can unlock the lock. It is possible to receive notifications about the lock status.

The fingerprint option also exists. But it remains impractical for short-term rentals.


Remote control

This is one of the advantages of the Airbnb rental smart lock: remote management.

This allows you to

  • Manage electronic keys: Simply create or delete keys based on your tenants’ entries and exits.
  • Study the history of passages: Watching the passage of your tenants is probably not the best thing to do. But if there is any doubt, problem, or dispute, you could clarify the situation.
  • Control Third Party Access: Apart from your tenants, you may need to allow third party access. For example, to a cleaning lady. But not necessarily at all times or on all days. This is the whole point of the “timetable” function.



Depending on the model, your smart lock may require a complete replacement of your current system or be integrated into it. The possibility of compatibility with a complete home automation system


By what criteria should you choose your Airbnb-connected lock?

So what do you think? Convinced of the Airbnb-connected lock? If so, now is the time to see which criteria to select your lock


Connection type

The connected lock for your Airbnb rental, by definition, needs a means of connection to connect to a smartphone, for example.

Most often, the connection is via WiFi or Bluetooth. This connection must be the best possible so as not to encounter any problems during use.

In recent years, throughput has made tremendous progress. But you should still check that the use of your future lock is compatible with your connection performance.



We are talking about a connected lock here. Its handling requires the use of an application. A point that should absolutely not be overlooked.

The application is the tool that allows you to control everything; it is your management interface. Make sure it is intuitive, clear, and easy to learn. Someone who is using it for the first time needs to instinctively understand how to use it.

You may have plenty of time to get started with the application…. but not the people who come to your accommodation for a short time.


Battery life

And yes, there is no need for connections for the connected lock of your Airbnb rental. It works on a battery (or battery system).

So make sure you choose a smart lock that will hold the load lengthwise. It’s a matter of not having to travel every 3 months. Note that some models may take a year, two years, or even more before needing a recharge.

Important: Be sure to choose a connected lock whose application warns you in the event of a low load. Your tenants should not get stuck.


Type of installation

As they say, “There is food and drink”! Indeed, the skills required to install a connected lock for Airbnb rentals vary enormously depending on the model.

Some locks can be assembled quite easily in 15-20 minutes. Others, unless you are a good handyman or handyman, will certainly require the services of a locksmith.


Home automation compatibility (connected housing)

If home automation has already started to settle in the home, it would be interesting to integrate a compatible connected lock.

This could give you access to premium features such as voice control.


Your Airbnb connected lock in Tampa

Do you want to install a connected lock for Airbnb rentals in Wesley Chapel, Odessa, New Port Richey, Riverview, FL, or anywhere else in Tampa?

Contact us. At Locksmith Wesley Chapel, we work everywhere in departments 73 and 74. We would be happy to carry out your connected lock project.

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