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All About Internet World: Google ADs, YouTube and More

All About Internet World: Google ADs, YouTube and More

You can use the YouTube video platform for video advertising. Because this is the most popular platform in the video platform.

By making videos related to your products or services, you can upload them to your YouTube channel. This is the best and most effective way to tell people about your business, products and services.

Google Adwords

You must have noticed many times that whenever we visit any blog or website. So we have to show many types of ads on that blog or website, most of these ads are from Google itself.

This is a paid service, using which you can show ads of your products or business on other websites or blogs. You can promote your products and services on other sites using Google Adwords.

Many types of advertisements can be run through Google Adwords. About which we are telling you below –

Display Advertisement
Text Advertisement
Video Advertisement
Shopping Advertisement
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Advantage of Online Marketing

Friends, if we talk about online marketing advantage, then it has many benefits. We are telling you below about some of the important online marketing benefits.

Large Coverage
If we compare traditional marketing with online marketing. So you will know that online marketing is much more effective than traditional marketing.

Because in traditional marketing where we can reach only limited consumer. In the same online marketing / internet marketing, many consumers can be reached.

Apart from this, where in traditional marketing, we are surrounded by many types of boundary. In the same internet marketing, we are not surrounded by any geographical boundary.

Because of which we can reach many people online at the same time at the same time. On the other hand, it is impossible for this to happen in traditional marketing.

Large Capacity Information

If you do online marketing, then in this you do not have any kind of restriction regarding information. Same when you use traditional marketing, then you have to face many types of restriction in this.

On the other hand when you use internet marketing. So in this you can share the information of as many pages as you want with your consumers. Internet companies do not impose any restriction on you regarding this.

Using Sensory Correctly

By using Internet marketing, we can create ads as we want. For example, if we want to make an ad for a product for children. So for this we can make video ads because children like it more.

The same if we want to sell such a product, which is for young people. So we can create image ads or text ads for that product because they like it the most. You can create many other similar types of ads in different formats.

While talking about traditional marketing, you do not get to choose much option in this. Therefore online marketing is much better than traditional marketing.

Real Time and Long Lasting Unity

Another thing that makes online marketing special is that. In this, the manufactures and advertisers can update or edit any details related to the product or services at any time.

Such as the price of the product, other types of information related to it, etc. Whereas you cannot do this work in traditional marketing. Once the ads are printed and it reaches the people, then you cannot improve it.

Accurate Delivery
Friends, here the meaning of accurate delivery is that when companies run a promotional campaign. So companies get to know this even before running that campaign.

How many people are going to see that promotional campaign. How many of them will be there who will buy the product whose promotional campaign you are going to run.

Along with this, you also get to know how much the conversion rate will be. You do not get all this deep information in traditional marketing, nor is it possible to get it.

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Apart from this, what makes internet marketing the most special. That is, you can run or stop your promotional campaign by just one click.

Disadvantage of Online Marketing

On the one hand, there are many advantages of online marketing. On the other hand, online marketing also has some disadvantages. Which is very important for you to know so that you can take the right decision.

Choosing the Right Consumer is Difficult
In online marketing, it is difficult for marketers to choose their target consumers. Because no one can tell with certainty, which type of consumers will get the highest conversion rate on choosing.

Absence of Marketing Skills
Where on one hand technology has made our work easy, on the other hand it has also harmed us. Today most of the people are using online marketing, due to which the creativity is getting destroyed from the advertisers.

Earlier every advertiser used creativity to give the best performance in their skill. So that he can attract more and more consumers towards him.

Shortage of Marketing Job

As you all now know that online marketing is easy. Because of which many people are losing their jobs, especially in traditional marketing, because more people were involved in it.

But since the beginning of internet marketing, then till today. Many jobs are getting destroyed in the field of marketing, due to which unemployment is also increasing which is not a good thing.

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So hopefully now you have understood what is online marketing? Why is it so important to promote our business and products?

If you want to ask any other question related to online marketing. Or you need any other information related to this. So you can ask us by commenting below.

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All About Internet World

Now the Internet has become the biggest marketing place in the world. Whether it is a big company or a small company, now everyone uses the Internet for marketing. Which is called digital marketing.

More than half of the world’s population uses the Internet and this figure is increasing day by day. This is the reason why digital marketing is expanding very rapidly.

Digital marketing is growing rapidly in India too. Because ever since internet data has become cheaper in India, the number of internet users in India has increased a lot, India is the second largest country with the highest internet usage in the world.

So friends, today we are going to give you complete information about what is digital marketing and how to do digital or online marketing. Those who want to know about online and digital marketing read this post completely.


In today’s time digital marketing is expanding very fast. Therefore, every company takes full advantage of digital marketing to promote its service and product.

This is a modern way to spread your business and increase its brand value, so today every company makes their website with their business name.

When a company launches a new business or a new product. So to make it successful after that its marketing is most important because this is the only way by which more and more people can be reached.

Earlier every big company used resources like TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, paper, posters and banners to run their marketing campaign and many companies used to go door to door to tell about their product. But now the way of marketing has changed with time. Go to Homepage


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