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American Film Market on a Shoestring Budget

In the beginning of November In the early months of November, early November is when the American Film Market comes alive. with buyers, sellers and promoters negotiating for placement in the catalogs of distributors. With a total attendance of 8,000, AFM is the largest motion picture trade show.

It’s a market which sales and producers licence films to distributors, and in the coming year, they plan to host 2,000+ new Films and Projects, 1,000plus distributors and 400production companies. The market is located in The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel and has cinemas and conference rooms in the vicinity.

A film treatment is a detailed summary of a film or screenplay, often used as a tool in the filmmaking process. It narrates the story in a way that allows filmmakers, producers, and investors to visualize the flow and structure of the film before the actual screenplay is written. Typically longer than a synopsis, a treatment outlines the plot, characters, and key scenes, often including crucial dialogue and specific details. It serves as a blueprint for the screenplay, providing a clear vision of the narrative, tone, and style of the proposed film. For screenwriters and directors, crafting a compelling treatment is a critical step in pitching their ideas and bringing their cinematic visions to life.

AFM offers opportunities

For filmmakers and screenwriters struggling to make ends meet, AFM offers opportunities for networking as well as project financing and distribution.

On a limited budget, it can take lots of planning to reach one’s objectives. The cost of attendance is high and exhibit costs are much higher. However, there are ways to achieve meaningful achievements and without breaking the bank.

The huge dimension of AFM might seem overwhelming for newcomers however, it’s an established community of people with relationships that have been in place for a long time.

The trust and relationships are built up through time, and although the products might change but the people remain basically the same.

It’s also a market with segments where buyers have to evaluate what products are worth buying in their own market.

Buyers also face another obstacle beyond taking into account the potential value and preferences of movie goers from six months to one year from now they also have to consider the impact of current economic conditions on and influence the entertainment market.

In past recessions, films were able to play an role of a solitary function, but it was before the entertainment industry became so dispersed. Nowadays, there are a lot of options, and younger audiences are finding that the Internet or I-pods, as well as video games best suit their budgets and needs.

However, regardless of the economic situation, there will always be a demand for goods and services. Television, theaters and satellites, cable, and the Internet all search for suitable programs.

ِAِmerican film market news

Television schedules and multiplex screens consume a huge variety of films. Since the major studios have cut back on blockbuster films There are gaps in the product and independent filmmakers are ready to fill the gaps.

Furthermore, as the current credit crisis impedes the number of films that can be released those who do get financing will be able to make foreign distribution more accessible.

For independent filmmakers with a low budget particularly those on a tight budget the market demands an extensive amount of preparation. It was clear that the AFM Pitching seminar stressed the necessity of a clear and cohesive presentation, regardless of regardless of whether the project is in the making, a draft script, or a finished film.

It is important to remember that sales agents, buyers and distributors get a lot of pitches. To avoid being lost in the crowd Your project must stand out. Your pitch must have water cooler talkability. That’s what I mean by that. it must be adaptable and be capable of moving across the market without loosing energy.

Even before the market opens, the process should begin by reaching out to your potential customers and providing them with an overview of what you’ll be displaying. It is possible to do this by mail, email or phone. Try a bite to sate their appetite. Learn from the Market’s advice on how to operate the AFM particularly the tips regarding pitching Essentials.

AFM Managing Director

Jonathan Wolf, AFM Managing Director, reaffirms the importance of seeking help in areas where you’re weak. The ability to bring together the experience and judgement of other people is a crucial element of being an effective producer.

It may be necessary to assign an executive to your project who is more knowledgeable about the creative aspects of the project, or who can secure funding or a line-producer who can manage the production’s details within the production.

If your film is close to the point of completion, a producer’s representative can be helpful in securing exposure at festivals as well as securing an distribution agreement.

Publicists may also be required to help

Publicists may also be required to help create the pre-market buzz you want to create. The addition of a sales representative to ensure that you have the right to license your product in different foreign territories is an additional benefit that increases what you can get from your bundle.

The biggest challenge for newbies is identifying prospects who are likely to be interested and getting their contact details. For a listing of exhibitors and their contact information, go to American Film Market website and navigate to Attend/Buyer/Exhibitor List.

Because some of these organizations also act as sale agents, this listing could help in finding the people. You can also use other directories to find cross-references and to identify the sales agents who are present.

Google and Bing

Google and Bing “Sales Agents for Films” for directories from various directories, and seek out the directories published by Screen Australia. The pdfdirectory includes 22 pages of comprehensive contact information, which includes the name of the who to contact the person to contact, acquisition policy, as well as recent acquisitions.

Another option is to use the directory that is on the Internet Movie Data Base, Pro version – IMDbPro.. Go through the Company Directory and from Type Company scroll down to Sales Representatives.

This add-on to IMDboffers more details about the industry and is accessible for a monthly subscription basis. Also, look up KFTV’s KFTV online directory to find their sales agents’ list. This online service is free and caters to international entertainment industries. In the search box, type in Sales Agents. window.

Calls to the phone in short intervals

Calls to the phone in short intervals can assist in building rapport with the people you want to talk to. But, many filmmakers aren’t keen on this since international calls can be costly.

I suggest making use of a low-cost International calling card. LDPOST has an extensive list of services available and rates for countries. For example calling from France, London, and Germany are as low to 2.0 or 2.4 cents per minute, which is less expensive than the states-based long distance rates.

Simply dial your call-in number and your PIN number to your speed dial, to speed up the connection process. Also, there is an Direct Dial option available where you can dial one number.

Since your potential client will not likely to have the final say the pitch, and any accompanying materials should be strong sales arguments that will help you be used to climb on the corporate ladder.

seeking an international sales agent

At the start, it must set out your goals, i.e., seeking an international sales agent. Pursuing co-production finance, or the purchase of a script that is complete and so on. While your presentation might appear impressive, it’s in competition with several others. The use of figures and explanations to back your claims is vital.

There’s a huge selection of documents that can be use to prove your case. Here are a few of the most popular ones. Make sure to include the materials which best reflect your project.

Compare your project to films with similar budgets, their critical and box-office success log lines. Elevator synopsis full synopsis of the script, script coverage names actors. Director named and named DP, the projected budget festival Awards, critiques, results from screenings and reviews. Trailers film, DVD screener, poster artwork and press book materials.

EPK, film’s website

production images, storylines, musical tie-ins advertising opportunities, exclusive locations, EPK, film’s website, as well as blogs of the project. Label these materials with the project’s name and contact info Then, pack them into an unmarked plastic bag to ensure they don’t get mixed up with other materials submitted by others.

Make sure you have master and releases copies as and their screen format. Make your pitch concise notes that include relevant arguments and the goals as well as all important contact details.

The primary goal of exhibiting an event is to make the sale, another goal is to generate buzz for your film. Postcards or DVD handouts, one-sheets and characters on billboards that walk are a few of the strategies employed.

Talk-ability inertia of a film is an important element in gaining distribution or representation from an international sales representative. In reality, a tiny percentage of this year’s foreign-language Oscar contenders use AFM to get the most exposure. Additionally, buzz can be found from news briefs and reviews published in trade magazines like Variety, Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap, Deadline Hollywood and indieWire.


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Industry Half-Market Badges will be available

In the latter part of the market, Industry Half-Market Badges will be available. In this time exhibitors are more likely to talk the with your company and will be willing to listen to your message.

To make the most of your time, make a map of your potential customers and their locations within the hotels. Make sure you are aware that exhibitors are spread across multiple floors, and some are sharing space. Making appointments helps lend an extra credibility to your event.

Although it is true that the Half-Market Badge is good for four days, the day after is a day to relax and the majority of exhibitor’s are pack and close before noon.

It might take a few days for buyers to respond to you, so it’s an excellent idea to follow-up by reiterating your pitch and capturing the reasons behind your proposal.

It’s also beneficial to include any new information that makes the project more attractive. Begin by following up with an email, and then follow up by phone. Since these people are very busy concentrate on the kind of feedback you require.

While you might be searching for a deal memo you must also look at ways to improve your relationship. A thoughtful thank you card could be beneficial in this regard , particularly when it provides helpful advice or comments you’ve received.

AFM Seminars and conferences

also great opportunities to meet people and market your business. In the past, they have offered topics that have included workshops on pitching financing, financing, co-production agreements as well as tax incentives and rebates. These events are usually an additional cost for the market pass. Prices are available in the American Film Market website.

One of the advantages of having a pass is that you can get a variety of print magazines that are available on the market. They are Screen, Cineuropa, Beyond Cinema, Filmmaker Magazine, American Cinematographer plus trade editions of the industry like Variety as well as The Hollywood Reporter. They are available at the mezzanine levels and for free to pass holders.

I also recommend taking to a few screenings to observe the way other filmmakers market their films. There are more than 500 screenings you can choose from and, while high-budget big-name films attract decent audiences, the majority of films are screened to a small audience.

industry professionals

However, these events provide the chance to meet with industry professionals especially producers and filmmakers. Make the most of this time and select films that are close to your work.

The times of screening and the theatres are provided in the catalogue. Shuttle buses for various theatres are offered outside of Loews Hotel. Loews Hotel.

There are many opportunities available at the Market to present ideas, network and learn about the business.

The hotel lobbies where guests socialize are the best places to do so. It’s a relaxing atmosphere in which the jousts as well as business cards can fly around at will. Additionally, it’s recommended to put the most information you can in your business card.

Some people put a sticker on the back of their card with relevant details about their project or their company. When appropriate, write on back a desire for an the action. Examples include “View my trailer at… ” If you trade hundreds of cards, it is easy to lost, so take an outline on the reverse of each card you get.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you’ll be able to find notebook presentations that are a method to create a presentation.

Cinema is the best way to advertise the project.

Notebooks can show trailers, interviews with celebrities, and provide examples of promotional material. There are many benefits for this kind of presentation in that they’re quick and straight to the point. Cinema is an art form. is the best way to advertise the project.

The majority of potential customers are comfortable watching a short film and if they’re interest. Would like to view more information. But, it is important to be able to identify buyers and start the conversation. While color-coded badges can provide some help. Buyers are so bombarded by random pitches that they put their badges in their shirts.

There are events that are special, like receptions, parties and red carpet events and the majority of them. Require inclusion on the list of invitations.

Though most of these occasions are intend for existing acquaintances and friends an inquiry from a friend can lead to an invitation. Although they are not widely advertised invitations are often given out to advertise a product or a company.

In some instances, it’s to establish relationships or to show appreciation for the past business.

Finally, make sure you mingle well. Introduce yourself by marking your name with your professional title, company name as well as information regarding your work.

Ask questions, listen and fill the space with a meaningful and productive conversation. When it comes to getting involved with the international aspect of the industry. AFM is at the top of the line an industry where unplanned interactions can quickly turn into lucrative deals.

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