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An Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Camera – Recablog

What camera should you buy? Well, It makes sense to get or give advice from a professional photographer.  But how could another person have an idea of your situation? What do you want? How much do you want to spend? What is your personal preference?

The internet has opened up a vast market for photography enthusiasts worldwide. Nowadays, there are dozens of models to choose from. And to make matters even more confusing, when your smartphone already takes pretty good photos.

Many online camera shops are selling several accessories. With a wide variety and price affordability, it also includes DSLR camera models. It is more competent and necessary in today’s social media eternity. If it’s worth shooting, take it to the next level with outstanding accessories online.

Furthermore, there are four basic categories into which the camera gears fall. These are Compact, Bridge, Mirrorless, and DSLR. This guide will provide you the general information about these categories. So, if you are in the market for a camera, you will have a better idea of the camera category you are going to be looking for.

Eventually, it is a matter of going to a shop. You have to get the camera in your hand to see which feels more comfortable for you. Because it is the most important aspect of picking a camera. You have to get the gear that you feel more comfortable and happy to use. By doing so, you don’t have any hesitation in grabbing your camera and getting outside to play with it. Now let’s get straight into the categories.


Compact cameras are very small, lightweight, and convenient to use cameras. They usually have the added benefit. This compact camera took minimal space when perverts down the lens. So they are the most convenient camera body to carry around but they do have some drawbacks.


Particularly, the budget-level compact cameras have quite a small sensor.  Probably of the size, you would find in your phone. Thus, the cheap compact cameras will give you the maximum benefit of a zoom range.  With lots of benefits, their image quality and low-light performance are not that good. Higher-end compact cameras do get bigger sensors. Furthermore, they offer low-light performance and better image quality at a higher price. So, the compact cameras are aimed at the kind of casual shoot photography.

Bridge Camera

Fitting a longer telephoto lens to be able to shoot far-away objects is quite difficult. Therefore, a bridge camera being a lightweight gadget with a bigger lens would have a 5 to 10 times optical zoom. This gives you a huge versatility to photograph anything from a wide-angle landscape.


Bridge cameras suffer from the same sort of pitfalls as compact cameras namely. To keep the size of the camera and the lens down to a minimum, the aperture of the lens isn’t particularly fantastic. Also, the lens is still incorporated into the body so you can’t change the lens over for a wider aperture lens.

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are a DSLR but with the mirror inside removed. As the name suggests, by removing the mirror, the whole body can be made a lot smaller and a lot lighter. This makes it a much more convenient camera to carry around. So you have a small, lightweight, and convenient body with the sensor from a DSLR. This makes it the perfect camera as it is getting better and better as technology advances.


Generally, they are smaller and lighter than a DSLR. Mirrorless has two big pitfalls. Both of which are caused by removing the mirror. Whereas the mirror in the DSLR serves two key purposes firstly.

  • It reflects the light up into the viewfinder. So when you look through the viewfinder of a DSLR, you are seeing straight through the lens itself.
  • The mirror also reflects some of the light onto an AF chip; this is how a DSLR autofocus.

This is a very quick and very responsive camera system. Therefore,  in comparison with other cameras, most of the SLR have quick autofocus. By removing the mirror from a mirrorless camera we don’t have those facilities. As a result, a mirrorless camera has to rely on using the sensor itself. Thus, by replacing the optical viewfinder, it will either show you the image on the back or will have an electronic viewfinder on top.

It means that the sensor has to be active the whole time, the camera is on. But with the DSLR, the sensor is used when the picture is being taken. So as a result, the rest of the time, the sensor is basically in a very low-power state. That is why the battery life of a mirrorless camera is not as good as an equivalent DSLR. Mirrorless cameras are getting better and better with the advancement of technology. But, the budget-level mirrorless cameras have low autofocus with a less responsive rate. So mirrorless cameras offer you great image quality in a very small lightweight body


If you want something more for sports or wildlife, the DSLRs have been the workhorse of photographers for decades.  There is no doubt that mirrorless cameras are getting better and better. But undoubtedly, DSLR still has a place.  You can probably work out most of the pros and cons of DSLR with the rest of the camera system. Anyhow, DSLRs give you the same rate of qualities you would find in most mirrorless cameras.

They also have excellent autofocus even from budget-level cameras. If you are photographing a lot of sports and wildlife you must consider things that are generally the best option for you. They have extraordinary battery life. Being powered by the sensor down for a lot of the time the camera is on. Unlike all the other systems, it has generally much better battery life. There are a couple of references to consider the DSLR and other camera gears, for instance, the viewfinder.

Some photographers prefer an optical viewfinder whereas other photographers prefer electronic over optical. You have to try them and see their size and weight. Mirrorless camera bodies are generally smaller and lighter than DSLR. Usually, DSLR might suit travel photographers. Wedding photographers on the light want a small lightweight yet as possible. But sports and wildlife photographers prefer to have the biggest size of the body to balance things.  These are made using bigger and heavier lenses. It eventually brings them full circle back to the beginning point.

DSLR Camera price in Pakistan varies from model to model. When you have a compact system camera, there are lots of camera accessories available. These accessories will make your photography easier and help you take better shots.

Take enough time to do some research before you purchase a lens, or other piece of gear.

Hopefully, this guide will provide you a better idea of which sort of camera system best suits what you need. it is important to decide the camera type. Whether you’re choosing a general-purpose camera like a compact, or a bridge camera that you can just take with you. Once you have got a specific category. Nailed down, go out, get hold of a camera, have a play around with them, and see which you prefer the feel of that camera.

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