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Apple Mac OS vs. Microsoft Windows 10: Which One is Better?

If you are still confused about whether Windows 10 is best for you or you need to go for Apple Mac OS, then here is this extensive guide for you.

With the help of these details, you can well decide and know which of the options is most suitable for your computer system.

Moreover, in some areas, Windows beat Apple, and in a few of the categories, Apple excel!

And if you are looking for a guide on the tips to run MacOS on Windows 10, then feel free to click on this attached link.

Convenient to Buy

In this category, we have Macs as the real winners because they are more and immensely convenient to buy. In addition, Mac computers are linked with fewer models and configurations, that is why these choices do not make you overwhelmed.

While choosing the PC model, this is a daunting and tough thing to do but when shopping for Macs, you do not have to face any hassle.

Hassle-Free to Get Repaired

You might be wondering whether Apple Mac is ideal for you or whether you should give your thumbs to Windows 10, then we suggest you go for Macs.

They are comparatively easy to repair and possess a good amount of reputation.

In this category, no one can beat Apple MAC. It is termed as a genius bar in this zone.

Simple to Use

It is commonly seen that Apple Mac OS is simpler to use than that of Windows 10. This use of simplicity also depends on the personal preference state of users.

We know that Windows 10 is a fantastic and amazing operating system. This system comes with tons of features and great functionality.

However, the main and primary drawback of using Windows 10 is that they become your operations and process a little bit cluttered enough.

So, what you can do is opt for the choice of Apple macOS. Remember that this operating system was formerly given the name of Apple OS X.

If use Apple MAC, then the user is given and provided with the cleanest and simple user-friendly experience!

You Get Free Software When Using Macs

The plus and best point of using Macs is that you get free software versions. There are built-in software options that are available on Macs.

As an example, you may see the presence of iMovie, Garage Band as well as Image Capture.

With the use of Macs and its related software options, it will be easy for you to edit videos and create any kind of music.

MacOS New Versions are Free of Cost

There are other reasons to try out Apple Mac OS because all of their new and updated versions are free.

If you do not feel like using Windows 10, then do not get worried, you can freely use Mac OS.

You may have seen that whenever Apple releases and launches a new and updated version of its operating system, then keep in mind that it is going to be freely available.

You can download and install that latest version and format of the operating system on any Mac.

However, with Windows 10, the user is given free updates but this happens just and only twice-a-year schedule.

Macs Have Magical Retina Displays

You can prefer using Apple Mac OS and you can stop using Windows 10 because Macs have beautiful and magical retina displays.

Their displays are comparatively sharp and vibrant. If you are using Windows laptops, then they are also accompanied by great displays.

But you will not find such quality displays like you are going to see in Macs.

When using Windows 10, you have to hunt and search a lot while deciding which retina display to go for.

Which Among them Has the Best Trackpad?

When comparing Macs and Windows 10, you should know which of them has the best trackpads? Here you can check out that!

It is seen that Mac laptops are packed and injected with reliable quality trackpads.
If using Windows laptops, then you will see trackpads quality up to the mark but here we have Apple Mac OS as the real winner.

Moreover, if you plan to use any MacBook, then you are going to see a responsive mouse trackpad presence.

It is generally seen that Windows trackpads are unreliable as well as occasionally uncomfortable.

Windows Operating System Can Run on Mac

Lastly, the impressive part of using these Mac systems is that you are allowed to run Windows on them, how amazing it is!

This is one of the noticeable benefits that you will see if you have decided to use Apple Mac OS.

In other words, you are free to install Microsoft’s operating system right on your Mac. On the other hand, you are not allowed and permitted to macOS on any other model until and unless it is a Mac computer manufactured from the side of Apple.

It is seen that one is allowed to build and come up with their “Hackintosh” system for their PC. But this is not a recommended solution and tactic that one should be pursuing.


We are confident that you have got a clear idea concerning whether Windows 10 or Apple Mac OS is better for you!

You can pen down to us your stories and let us know which of the options or choices you find the most ideal at your end.

Furthermore, more of the details are going to appear in the future that will help you in understanding which pros and cons are embedded in Apple Mac OS and which plus points are hidden in using Windows 10.

Always keep in tuned and in touch with us as this platform and respective webpage is known for sharing and uploading lots of interesting details and an informative pack of data.

Keep connected over here.

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