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Apply for the CSCS Green Card Training London – Green Card Training

This course helps the contractors to know that the CSCS green card holder has all the knowledge and competencies required to work at the construction sites by the local governments. Employers prefer to hire a green cardholder person. If you do not have it, you shall not get this job. You need to get licensed for any work or job in the UK.

If you are the citizen of the UK or planning to move there for employment, then you must keep it in mind, “you shall need a working license or permit.” In this article, I shall guide you about CSCS Labourer Green Card and CSCS Green Card training London. What is this card, how to apply for it, eligibility criteria, and green card training center? All are discussed below.

What is CSCS Green Labourer Card?

A CSCS Green Card is proof that the holder can work on construction sites at the entry-level in the UK. Most of the constructors and builders require CSCS Green Labourer Cardholder workers at their sites.

Significance of the Card for the Site Workers in the UK

Here I shall sum up why getting this card is important for the physical workers or construction site workers in the UK? The local government here requires a CSCS Green Card training London for working at construction sites.

  • It permits the workers to perform tasks at construction sites.
  •  Assures the contractors that the cardholder is a qualified worker, and he is competent for the work.
  • It guarantees that the cardholder has the necessary training required to perform tasks at the site. 

Eligibility Criteria

There are no specific qualifications and experience requirements to get a green card in the UK, but you have to pass the following two exams:

  • CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course
  • Health, Safety, and Environment Online TestA candidates must be aged 16 or above at the time of then card training assessment. You must attend the training for the above-mentioned course. The CSCS Green Card training London is valid for 5 years. After that, you shall have to renew it for continuing work on the construction sites.

Course Outlines

All candidates will learn about the following course outlines during the construction card training:

  • They will know about the principles of risk assessment and learn to improve the safety and health at the construction sites including insurance, different work activities, dealing with work injuries and accidents, reporting of the work accident, equipment, storage, and keep morale high at work.
  • Understanding the importance of safety while working on heights at construction sites. You shall learn about different security items and protective measures, different safety systems, scaffolds, ladders, and roofs.
  • Health protection and body protection like eyes, hand, and arm protection, muscular problems, joints problems, control of hand and arm vibration, protection of respiratory tracks.
  • Understanding and importance of safety from moving machinery and striking cables.
  • You will also learn about the health damage from the electric shocks, flying debris, dust, changing tools, noise, and burns.
  • Workers will know the safe handling of different tools and materials including pallet trucks, the movement of Trolleys, sling, storing construction material, wheelbarrow, manual handling, and lifting.

How to Apply for the Green Labourer Card?

The process of applying the license is simple and easy. I have mentioned the course requirements and outline earlier; you just need to meet them. For your convenience, I am describing this process below. You can follow these guidelines without any hesitance.

Stage 1: CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course

It is a one-day training course and aimed to provide all the necessary information about a worker’s health, safety, and security at the construction sites. That gives you an understanding of different safety procedures, laws and regulations, and how to prevent accidents. It gives confidence to the workers to report any unsafe place or act at their workplace. Class-based discussions and presentations are part of this one-day training course.

Stage 2: Health, Safety, and Environment Online Test

It is the second important part of the process. After completing the Health and Safety Awareness Course, you will need to appear for the health, safety, and environment test. This test is used to examine your understanding of the course contents. If you pass this assessment test, you shall be able to apply for the card.

Stage 3: Put on a Request for CSCS Green Card training London

After passing the above-mentioned test, you can apply for the card on the official site.

I have sketched the process for your ease in the below:

 Renewal of the Green Card

The renewal process of CSCS Green Card training London is as same as the process of applying for the new one. You can apply for the renewal of your card within 6 to 12 months after expiration. At this time, you again need to attend the CITB Health and Safety Awareness course and pass the Health, Safety, and Environment online test.

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