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How To Make Packing Stress Free?

Thinking of moving out of your apartment? We have the perfect solution to make the process stress-free. A professional Man and Van Service is all you need so you never have to bother about the safety of your belongings and the exhausting stress involved with packing.

Why hire professional removal services?

Still pondering on why you need to hire a professional Man and a Van removal service? Well, you may need to consider the following reasons:

  • Stress 

    Moving can be very time consuming and extra stressful. We understand how valuable and irreplaceable your time is. This is why Man and Van London is here to help you preserve your time for the activities that are at the top of your priority list and save you from the dreadful feeling and experiencing the aching stress associated with moving. Relax and save your valuable time by entrusting your moving process into the hands that understand the true value of your time and energy. Hire a professional removal service today.

  • Reliability 

    Imagine having your beautiful sofas, furniture, photo frames and your treasured belongings entrusted into the wrong hands? When you hire us, the safety of your belongings is our priority. The degree of professionalism with which our services are executed undoubtedly assure you of the reliability of our moving services. Your belongings safety is a priority to us just as much as you value them, and we make it our duty to handle them with utmost care.

  • Speed 

    One of the questions probably lurking in your mind is, how fast can the moving process be executed? The exciting news is that hiring a professional removal service guarantees you of having your belongings moved as swiftly as possible. Our professionals are equipped with adequate experience and the necessary equipment to execute the moving with remarkable speed and professionalism.

  • Heavy Lifting 

    Moving heavy items such as furniture, electronics, or showpieces can be energy-draining and may lead to injuries in the event of a domestic accident. You should not have to go through the stress and the risk of sustaining an injury when you can hire a professional. Professionals, have all the necessary equipment and trained experts to handle this kind of situation and prevent any form of domestic accident or damage to your belongings in the course of moving heavy items.

  • Experience 

    Nothing beats the professionalism and experience associated with the process of moving. The experience of a man and a van professional equips them with the ability to handle each task with professionalism and care.

What are some van sizes used for this task?

  • Medium Wheels Base (MWB) Van 

    Moving from an unfurnished studio or a one-bedroom flat? Then a Medium Wheels Base Van is what you need. A single MWB van is capable of accommodating about 30 to 40 boxes, depending on the size of the boxes, and either a bed, a small sofa, a fridge or a freezer.

  • Long Wheels Base (LWB) Transit Van and Sprinter Van 

    An LWB van can load items up to a maximum capacity of about 11 to 15 cubic metres. Still not sure if this is what you need? If your items would fit in a single garage then an LWB is certainly what you need.

  • Lutton Van 

    With a Lutton van, you can evacuate items from a double bedroom apartment or a typical small house as it can accommodate up to 45 boxes, a table and set of chairs that can be stacked on each other, big sofas, two double beds, wardrobes and white goods such as your cooker or freezer

  • Tonne Luton Van 

    A Tonne Luton Van is the perfect van for a three-bedroom house. The van is spacious enough to store up to 40-50 boxes, 3-4 standard beds, your sofa, a sets of chairs and dinning, wardrobes inclusive, and most kitchen appliances. It is very similar, in terms of the build structure, to a 3.5 Tonne, just with a bigger space.

When can you consider a moving service?

For any of the following tasks, a moving service would be highly valuable:

  • House removals 

    For smooth and excellent house removal tasks, get professional advice from experienced removal specialists at Man and a Van London. Our removal specialists will offer the best tips and advise on how to execute your entire removal process smoothly.

  • Office removals 

    With us, every form of stress and disruption associated with office removals becomes history. Our professional office removal services offer you a smooth packing process without significant disruptions in the affairs and activities of the office.

  • Student removals 

    Transitioning into student life at a University can be quite challenging. Trying to adapt to the new environment and put the new affairs in order is enough stress to deal with. We understand the complexity of this phase of transition, and we deeply care about making your transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. Thus, we offer professional services to help you with moving your items into your new environment so that you are not overwhelmed with the process of this transition.

  • Packing 

    Packing no longer needs to be stressful. Packing no longer needs to consume so much of your valuable time. All the stress and efforts required for packing are professionally handled by our experienced professionals. With a professional removal service, your belongings undergo the safest possible moving transition.

  • Storage

You are offered safe storage space to keep your belongings if you ever need to With us for your moving trip, we will redefine all the perception you have about the packing process, and create a desirable packing experience that is stress-free and not time-consuming.

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