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Home Improvement

Bath tubs

Bath tubs are an essential fixture in every household. Everyone is familiar with them. Although the popularity of showers has grown in the last decade, baths are still loved for their utility as well as aesthetics. Baths are not innovation. These have been in use for centuries. According to an estimation, these were in use some 6000 years ago in the Indus River civilization. There were signs of copper pipes and plumbing that indicate that royals had such utilities available for themselves in their palaces. Over the century’s baths have provided means of relaxing and rejuvenating. The modern bathtub is a result of years of innovation and experience. Perhaps, it was the reason these become affordable for use in a common bathroom. Available in various shapes, materials, and styles, a modern bath is not just a high practical fixture but a way to enhance the overall look. 

In this article, we are discussing all the aspects, so it can help you to make the right bath choice.

Different Types of Bath tubs

In modern times, there are various types of baths available in the market. A few of them are as follows

    1. Straight Bath. It is one of the most commonly found bath tubs in the market. Available in various sizes, these have a standard shape from the outside. However, the interior may have different designs to increase the comfort of the users. For example, from the inside, there may be round, curved, or square shapes. The main purpose of such shapes is to improve the aesthetics and comfort of the user. These can be divided into further two types named single-ended and double-ended tubs. The single-ended is had one ended stylish slope to cushion the shoulders so you can lay comfortably in it. At the same time, the other end is straight, usually used for the taps. It is simply designed for a single user at a time. The double-ended, however, has both ends slops that you can use to lay comfortably in the water. The taps go into the middle on either side. It is spacious enough to accommodate two people at the same time. 
    2. Shower Bath. It is a kind of bath tubs that is designed to combine dual functionalities. You can enjoy a bath as well as use it as a shower at the same time. Although available in straight shapes, most of these shapes have either P OR L look-alike designs. The purpose of leaving a room at the one end is to use that space for shower purposes. At the same time, the other side is for the bath. You may have to add a glass screen on the shower end to avoid water splashes. So, these are kind of bigger as compared to their counterparts. 
  • Free Standing Baths. These are a kind of bathtubs that stand on the floor as an independent unit. Contrary to already discussed styles, these do not require fittings other than water inlet or outlet connections. You can place them anywhere you want and move as per your choice if the plumbing is available. Most of these are expensive and use for luxurious bathrooms. These are a perfect choice for both providing the highest level of the comfortable bath as well aesthetics. You can choose from various shapes and sizes like round, oval or square. There is a huge collection of these available in the market in different designs and colors to match your aesthetics requirements. 

What is the Material of Bathtubs? 

Bathtubs are available in a range of materials. It also affects the price. Let’s have a look into it

  • Acrylic. It is the most popular material in recent times. The biggest reason for its popularity is that it is economical, lightweight, and durable. That’s why extensively used in low and midrange fixtures. You should choose it if you have a standard bath and wants a reasonable level of comfort and aesthetics within a budget range. 
  • Fiberglass. It is another good quality material that is extensively used in bathroom fixtures. It is durable and lightweight as well. However, it may cost a bit more than plastic or acrylics. It is also a great choice for low to midrange tubs. The only downside of such material is that it can have scratches over time with use. You can prevent it by using an acrylic coating over it. 
  • Cast Iron. Generally used in freestanding luxury baths, it is a highly durable material. The fixtures made with this material are heavy and give a luxurious look. An enamel coating is often used for such type to make its surface comfortable and smooth. If you are looking to create high end, feel, and luxuries look without many budget constraints, then it can be your best option. 

Top Considerations for Choosing a Bathtub.

   Installing the bath tubs is a big investment. Therefore, it is important to consider important factors that can affect your choice. So, you do not have any problems in the future. 

    1. The Bath Users.  Before you think about buying a tub, think about who is going to use it. Is it only you, a couple of people, a disabled, or a family? Your choice should certainly be based on making a choice that is most comfortable for its users. If you are living alone, then a simple straight bath is enough, unless you want to combine both shower and bath in a single unit. If you are a couple, then think about a double-ended bath. For a family, however, you may opt for a shower bath because it is the most spacious option available for you. You will need to bathe your young children who may not be comfortable with a smaller or narrow size tub. 
  • The Available Space. The second most influencing factor is the availability of space. The bath takes more space than a shower. So, you want to keep a check on the space that can be allocated for this fixture. If it is a just replacement, then you may already know the size you may need. Otherwise, simply imagine where your bath will adjust and take your measurements. It will also give an idea about its size. For a family bathroom, a double-ended or shower bath may be a better option. For smaller spaces, you may opt for other smaller size straight tubs.
  • The Style.  Once you know the available space and probably have decided about the size, which generally is 1700mm for UK’s standard size bath. The other important factor is the style of the bath. You will have to decide between a type of straight (single or double-ended), shower bath or a freestanding style. Truly, it all depends upon what you can afford and the space available for it. All of these baths can create a contemporary look, while a freestanding can be the only choice for a timeless classic or traditional feel in the bathroom. 
  • The Budget.  Baths are available in various price ranges that can be a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. So, unless you have a clear idea of what you want to spend, it may not be possible for you to make the right choice. A couple of hundred pounds are enough for a straight or shower tub. While for freestanding one, you can go up higher as much as you want.

Make the Right Bathtubs Choice for Your Bathroom

In this article, we have provided you all the important information about bathtubs. It will help you make the right choice. At Royal Bathrooms, you can buy all types of fittings and fixtures at a lower price. Why not check our website now?

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