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Beauty routines at home: seven homemade masks to make in quarantine

Two beauty experts told Infobae their secrets to achieve perfect skin and build nourishing masks with ingredients that are at home

Beauty routines to do at home. Homemade masks with ingredients that we have in the privacy of our home

During the quarantine, beauty centers remain with their doors closed and beauty routines will have to be done at home with products that are on hand, always with recommendations from specialists.

In dialogue with Infobae , the aesthetic experts Priscila Dzigciot, medical director of BACE Estética y Belleza, and Romina Soledad Criscueli, cosmiatria of The Harmony Centrer, share some tips to take care of the face in times of quarantine, in addition to recipes for masks to make at home.

All ingredients that are kept in homes since beauty centers are closed – Mask for oily skin: mix natural yogurt with oatmeal and orange zest. Citrus fruits are beneficial for this type of skin and, together with oats, have an exfoliating effect. Learn more about face mask


  • -3 tablespoons of natural yogurt
  • -2 tablespoons oatmeal
  • -2 tablespoons orange zest

Let it act for 15 minutes.

– Mask for dry skin: banana is very good for dry skin due to potassium and vitamin B, while oatmeal hydrates and honey provides antiseptic and antioxidant properties.


  • -1 banana
  • -4 tablespoons oatmeal
  • -1 tablespoon of honey
  • Let it act for 15 minutes.

– Mask for dry skin 2: another option is to use avocado, banana and honey. This combination combines vitamin B with the fatty acids of the avocado, ideal for keeping skin soft and moisturized.

  • -1 banana
  • -1 avocado
  • -A little honey
  • -Moisturizer

Let it act for 15 minutes.

Honey and lemon, two key ingredients to make homemade face masks in this quarantine (Shutterstock)

– Anti-aging mask: with water and milk we can obtain excellent results. Lactic acid keeps the skin moisturized and rejuvenates it.

– Soak cotton pads in a mixture of water and milk in equal parts

– Shred 2 carrots, add juice of half a lemon and two tablespoons of yogurt

Let it act for 15 minutes.

– Anti-aging mask: this mix provides vitamin A and has a tightening effect.

  • 2 carrots, shredded
  • 2 tablespoons of yogurt
  • Juice of half a lemon

Let it act for 15 minutes.

– Firming mask : peach provides beta-carotene, which increases hydration levels, ideal to combat wrinkles and sagging. Meanwhile, egg white, a source of protein and vitamin B, tones the skin and improves the appearance of spots and bags under the eyes.

– I whipped up some ripe peach and the white of an egg

– Let it act for 15 minutes.

The ideal is to apply them with brushes and distribute them all over the face and not forget the neck

“To maintain the beauty and care of our skin we must carry out a day and night routine. We must select what products we have at home to carry out the routine. Once we have the products, the steps to take are as follows ”, recommended Criscueli.

  • 1 cleaning: milk, emulsion or cleaning gel.
  • 2 facial toner: mist, spray or lotions.
  • 3 cell renovator: exfoliating (creams or gels with microparticles) or enzymatic peels, performed once a week.
  • 4 optional facial mask to be performed once a week.
  • 5 In this step we can use serums, ampoules, moisturizing creams and emulsions, anti-aging, etc.
  • 6 Use of sunscreen to avoid the formation of new macules and hyperpigmentation.
  • Steps 1, 2, 5, and 6 must be performed daily.

This routine allows us to provide comfort to our skin in moments where we can only be in contact with ourselves remembering the biosafety measures mentioned by doctors and the media. It is a time to acquire good habits that often cost us due to lack of time or other reasons.

However, lack of rest, stress and poor diet can make your skin dull, without light, that is why if you want to give it luminosity, you can make the following homemade mask:

– A tablespoon of unsweetened plain yogurt

– A tablespoon of turmeric

Mix the three ingredients, apply with a brush on clean skin.

“Yogurt has astringent properties, in addition, it is very moisturizing. Honey is one of the usual ingredients in natural cosmetics due to its multiple properties: it is moisturizing, a natural exfoliator, antioxidant and nourishing. And turmeric, a spice widely used in Indian cuisine, also has various benefits for the skin such as reducing oil, acting as an exfoliator, and providing shine ”, concluded the expert.


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