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Retro and Quirky Round Frames for Fashion-Forward Men

The days are gone when eyeglasses were merely a necessity for those who did not have a 20/20 vision. Now fancy eyeglasses are one of the most trendy fashion accessories for the modern man. No matter if you wear glasses every day or on special occasions, the frames you pick will influence how the world perceives you — and, most importantly, how you see yourself. With new and stylish frames by luxury brands, you can choose the best glasses to suit your face shape and personality.

One timeless retro design that got famous when Daniel Radcliff made it a trend after wearing it in the Harry Potter series is round glasses for men. They give out an old-world charm that can look both smart on millennials and classic on older guys.

Still not convinced to try them out. Then, explore these models of round glasses for men.

  1. Verve Green Round Eyeglasses from Fastrack

Are you looking for acetate round glasses for men? Your search ends here. These green round-rimmed eyeglasses from Fastrack makes sure that your vision is protected along with keeping you on top of trends. The rounded rims have a funky vibe to them, while the spliced temples of these round glasses for men is so clear that it looks almost invisible from afar. The light green texture will take your whole outfit a notch higher in general. You can sport them with casual shorts and basic t-shirts for your pool parties. It will make you look fashion-forward and give out a playful touch to your appearance.

  1. Verve Black Round Rimmed Eyeglasses from Fastrack

It won’t be wrong to say that round glasses for men make a bold statement. Especially if your hairline is ebbing with every passing day, then your answer lies in such round glasses.  Such frames for men create contrast and looks fantastic with narrow features. The soft edge and curvy details of these black and blue-rimmed eyeglasses from Fastrack make it a versatile choice. You can couple it with both casual and professional wear. These round glasses for men are the best choice for old souls with a colourful soul.

  1. Black Round Rimmed Eyeglasses from Rayban

The first thing that clicks when we talk about round glasses for men is the iconic image of John Lennon. It is one of the best-selling eyeglasses for men. These black round glasses are the perfect choice for you if you’re a trendy and looking to impress regularly or if quirky styling is your thing. This eyeglasses design is for men with a powerful personality, with straight forms, wide rims, big square designs, edgy shades, and vintage-look patterns.

  1. Gold Round Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses from Rayban

These classic round-rimmed eyeglasses frame style blends right in with the new hipster wave, but it’s influenced by the 1960s — the age of ‘Crazy Men’ and Buddy Holly. Round glasses for men are back with a purpose, and these iconic glasses will draw attention to your lovely eyes, which speak volumes of the radiant energy you possess. Want another eyewear piece that will suit the trendy modern men of today? We heard from you! Let’s check out the next pick we have for you.

  1. Grey Round Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan

Round frame models are ideal for achieving a modern-vintage look. Like this, grey round-rimmed eyeglasses screams vintage with their wide rims and expansive bridges. Vintage eyeglasses feature the bowline pattern, which was common in the 1950s and 1960s. The classic style round glasses for men are appropriate for work environments and clothing, but their chic design allows you to quickly combine them with a less formal look. These glasses styles are classy and chic, and they are anything but ordinary. They’re perfect for men who don’t follow patterns and want to forge their course.

Shop Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses with a round shape are fashionable and elegant. There are popular sites like Titan EyePlus that offer a wide range of fascinating round glasses for men suitable for both casual and formal wear. So, take a look at their collection today!

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