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Best 07 places to visit in winter in India

The winter season is always the best when it comes to tropical regions.

with places that can be cold, pleasant, impressive, fun and pleasant.

There are few places like India, that can make you remember and feel incredible and green winter holidays. Next Top 07 destinations, for all kinds of people, of the best winter vacation getaway.  

Here is the list of the best places to visit in winter in India

Himachal Pradesh

best place to stay in kedarnath | agrabhawan kedarnath

What is winter without snow?  Himachal is a defendant snowy and charming honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Starting with adventure sports to relaxed sightseeing and enjoying every second.

We recommend any winter morning to enjoy the unforgettable experience of paragliding. a night of camping or rafting on the river.


best place to stay in kedarnath | agrabhawan kedarnath

Uttarakhand is very close to the Himalayas and it goes without saying that winter is the best time to visit this place.

Cloudy mornings are perfect for activities in the middle of nature. Such as the national park, the mountain station and the Forest Reserve.

You can see and photograph, a few meters away, a multitude of animal species with their young in winter.

As for activities related to sports or adventures in the snow.

We recommend visiting and enjoying the experience of Auli (Unique Mountain Station), Chopta, Nainital or Rishikesh and many more places to visit Uttarakhand.


best place to stay in kedarnath | agrabhawan kedarnath

It is characterized as a main attraction throughout the year due to its picturesque landscapes, lakes and gardens. In winter, it is easy to find little places out of fairy tales and, at the same time, experience snow activities, guided excursions and hiking among others.

We recommend a mid-afternoon stroll through the Mughal Garden (the Mughal Gardens). For snow lovers, Ski & Sledding is the main winter sport in Kashmir.


best place to stay in kedarnath | agrabhawan kedarnath

Lachen in Sikkim is completely covered by snow, offering the possibility to enjoy pure hiking and other snow or nature activities.

The landscapes, nature and daily life of Sikkim is a magnificent destination for lovers of photography and nature, do not miss the opportunity to know Sikkim.

Andaman and Lakshadweep

best place to stay in kedarnath | agrabhawan kedarnath

Lakshadweep and Andaman are islands with an imposing privilege of nature in the winter season.

Among all its diversity of activities and water sports, it is recommended from diving among the coral and marine fauna, to bathing in its incredible lakes.

Do not miss the opportunity to observe and experience its beaches covered in white together with a mild temperature.


best place to stay in kedarnath | agrabhawan kedarnath

At the end of the monsoon season, Kerala seems to have been enchanted,its backwaters are filled with water, its flora is lush from the rain and its musty aroma envelops the entire panorama.

We are at the time when medicinal herbs are in full bloom and it is areal pleasure to enjoy the Ayurvedic Spa.

On the other hand, we cannot miss the Periya Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Valley of Silence (Silent Valley) and other places full of privileged nature.

Trivandrum, Thekkady and Munnar are the recommended destinations to visit in Kerala during the winter season.


best place to stay in kedarnath | agrabhawan kedarnath

Goa is the best place for all sessions of the year. It is the key attraction during the winter season due to the important Film Festival, New Year’s Eve parties on the beach and the huge Christmas celebration. The whole city melts into an atmosphere of celebration and joy, being able to enjoy an infinity and variety of festivities seasoned with an exciting nightlife during the winter season.

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