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Best Croatian Cities to Visit During the Summer


Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a must-visit on any trip to this beautiful nation. It has a flourishing food scene as well as gorgeous street art. Bright, vivid murals cover many of Zagreb’s walls, making walking through the city a wonderful experience. Its street food is second to none, and there are many different places to get this delicious food. Another fun thing to do in Zagreb visits its plethora of museums. Seriously. There are so many museums in this incredible city. One of the most popular museums to visit is The Museum of Broken Relationships. This museum showcases discarded objects from broken-up relationships.

Being the capital of the country, it’s the biggest city and also where most of the happenings in Croatia are located, all the concerts, sports, and cultural things have their location in this amazing city, definitely take some time to look at everything this city has to offer you.


Dubrovnik, located on the coast of Southern Croatia, is an excellent spot for sailing. Croatia sailing is one of the most enjoyable adventures one could embark on. There are beautiful coastlines, crystal-clear water, and numerous islands one can stop on. Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to go sailing. Typically tourists will sail from Dubrovnik to Split, another city in Croatia.

Sailing is not the only reason to visit this magnificent city! Dubrovnik has a rich history as well as beautiful, old buildings. One of the must-visit destinations in this city is the Old Town. This area is located on the water’s edge and contains the oldest buildings in the entire city. It also contains some of the most popular tourist attractions. These include the ancient city walls, monasteries, and beautiful churches.

Also Dubrovnik has recently seen a surge in popularity due to none other but the mega-popular TV show Game Of Thrones, as many fans of the show know, Dubrovnik is a location that is frequently used in this show as “King’s Landing” and a lot of visitors and tourists come to this city specifically for that reasons. Of course, the city is extremely beautiful so that keeps those visitors there who initially come for one reason to visit it and keeps them there for many others. Some of them even decide to invest in Croatia property so that they can come back even more in the future, Croatian cities have that effect on you.

Brac Island

One of the biggest attractions of this gorgeous island is its perfect beaches. These beaches are made of gravel so fine that they feel as soft as silk. These island’s best beaches are located on its southern side. The most famous beach on this island is called Zlatni Rat. What makes this beach unique is the fact that it stretches out into the sea in the shape of a cone. This beach is one of the best in Croatia for swimming, however, at the height of summer, it does get crowded.

Skrip is the oldest town on the island. The Museum of Brac is located in this town, and it is a fascinating exhibition of the island’s unique history. Another interesting museum is The Olive Oil Museum. This museum, located inside an old olive-oil factory, exhibits old equipment that was used to make olive oil. The museum is owned by a family who uses the old olive oil factory it is based in. The family sells its olive-oil products in a small shop located within the museum.


One major draw to Rijeka is the fact that it is not the most well-known tourist destination. This means that the city is much more authentic than others. It also means it will be less crowded. This fact makes it possible to experience the daily routine of the locals and really become acquainted with their way of life. Even though it is not as popular a destination as other places, it still has much to offer. There are many beautiful, ancient monuments littered throughout the city. One of the most famous of these is the Trsat Castle. This is a lookout tower that was used in early times, a fact that can be appreciated when one views its height.

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