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4 Cities in Croatia You Have to Visit this Summer

Croatia is a summer beacon of fun and pleasure, offering some of the best holiday delights that attract thousands of people from around the world. From the magnificent walled city of Dubrovnik to the beautiful riches of the Pakleni, you will not be short of excellent places to visit. With so much to offer, it is hard to curate only a three-member list of the best cities in Croatia to visit this summer, but here are some of its finest treasures.

1) Trogir

Trogir will be a major town of interest in the upcoming yacht week Croatia 2020, and it is a worthy detour on one of the world’s largest sailing events. This party on the sea involves a multicourse meal of Croatian sailing, partying, historic sightseeing, and vintage Croatian wine, and it is a major reason to visit this serene waterside town. Beyond that, Trogir offers plenty besides the delight of cruising its turquoise waters under the stare of two banks of ancient roman architecture.

For one, you can embark on a historical tour of the old layout, encompassing marvels such as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. The Cipiko Palaces right across the cathedral holds not only some of the town’s essential chapters of the past but also incredible twilight views of the coastal city. The nightlife and foodie culture in the town also earn rave reviews!

2) Split

If sailing to beautiful islands far away from the reach of modernity is on your mind this summer, Split is a great place to set up an adventure. With Brac to one side, simplistic Šolta to the other, and many more islands lying in close proximity, Split hands you the keys to the country’s many pristine and magical landmasses.

That aside, Split itself also has much to offer. Diocletian’s Palace stands at the top of that list, presenting 1700 years of whitewashed roman heritage. UNESCO World Cultural Heritages such as this are commonplace around the Old Town, but that is not even the best part about the coastal city. Split is a culinary haven of traditionalism and its fish, meat, and wines will have you itching to come back for home.

3) Hvar

Hvar is one of the sunniest places in all of Europe- it receives an annual 2760 sunlight hours-making it a great place to lay low and soak in the holiday warmth on a storybook beach. This Dalmatian island is as gorgeous as they come, with terracotta rooftops claiming the landscape that is shared by azure waters, lavender fields, olive groves, vineyards, pine forests, and picturesque greenery.

Hvar is also known as a “party island” so if you like long nights, night clubs, famous dj’s and good time then this is definitely a place you want to go to. It is a bit pricey though so definitely keep that in mind.

4) Zagreb

Often forgotten, even though it’s the capital of the country, Zagreb is a true gem of a city. It’s a perfect winter/fall vacation destination because in those seasons the true charm of the city really pops out and makes it even more beautiful than it actually is, and it’s beauty is truly astonishing. It has the old feel of many European capitals but it also has a blend of modernism that has taken over this city thus making it a best mixture of both worlds. If you are a fan of architecture, museums and culture this is definitely your kind of city, it contains a lot of choices in this area so you will have no problem finding what you are looking for.

There are many gems worth your time in Hvar, including the unforgettable fishing trio villages of Zavala, Vrboska, and Milna. Right off the island, the marine life is as diverse as it is colorful, full of life scattered across beautiful coves and bays that seem right out of a dream. While in the Old Town, don’t forget to make time for the interesting exploration of the Franciscan Monastery. Make a date with Croatia this summer!

A combination of great food, lovely islands, rich history, stunning views, and ancient architecture, ensure Croatia is one of the best countries in the world for a vacation. Spend your holiday in style in any one of the nation’s many fairytale cities!

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