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Best PC & Phone Monitoring Software for Kids

As online crime rates rise, parents get more worried and protective for kids. They imagine all the bad things in mind that they can happen with their kid too. Street kidnapping, mugging, online bullying, harassment is common, and most kids are seen as victims. Kids fall into the wrong company and get distracted from their track.

Only parents can provide a pillar to their kids by secretly monitoring their activities and by preventing them from harmful things. Even parents told the kid about bad and good, but still when will not practically do that thing with the kids cannot get it. Parents are very concerned and responsible, but they are disappointed too that they cannot reach to their kid’s secrets.

Tracking software provides smart solutions for monitoring PCs. As kids use parent’s computer to play games or to use social media and gradually move towards watching inappropriate content. TheOnespy offers the best plans for monitoring on any PC stealthily and reliably. Let’s look at Computer spy software and its benefits for parents.

PC Monitoring Software

TOS allows parents to monitor kids 24/7 with its advance surveillance software for kids monitoring. TOS gives the guarantee of a user’s privacy and works without creating any single disturbance. When parents see any inappropriate activity is secretly performing by their kid, so they feel the need to track what do they hide from parents.

To get this amazing PC compatible monitor software, you just need to get a subscription according to your targeted PC or phone version. After installation and activation of desired features, a user can instantly start tracking their targeted person.

Features of  Phone & PC Monitoring

Here we will discuss some advanced features of TOS and their working with an example.

With TheOneSpy PC and Phone Monitoring Software, the parents can:

  • Remotely listen to the surrounding voice. Like if parents are out of home and kid is talking to unknown so the parent can know it with MIC Bug.
  • Use camera bug to watch live surroundings to see that kid is not falling with the wrong company. Like sometimes, when parents are not at home then kids call their friends and start smoking or talking useless, etc. So, parents can timely track it and can prevent kids from bad company.
  • Take the help of social media accounts tracked to monitor their kid’s all open and hidden social accounts. Parents can get access to their chats, calls, shared media files and statuses of social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and others.
  • Immediately start inspecting their kids all screen activities with screen recorders instead of assuming anything. Screen recorders help parents to track all inbound and outbound activities of their children on time.
  • Track live browsing activities of kids and detect which content/ site they frequently visit. Parents can use a website blocking option to block inappropriate sites that are not suitable for children’s mental and physical health.
  • Set mighty alarms on some activities of their kid to track how much they take an interest in that specific activity. Like to put mighty alarms on games, social app, YouTube or any other thing.
  • Use a screenshot taker to capture the screenshot of any live activity instantly by sending the single command.
  • Monitor their kid Skype account to track who they make endless calls or to make sure that their kids are not doing any harmful activity on their Skype account.
  • Also, use an email tracker. TOS PC email tracker empowers the parents to track all incoming and outgoing emails from their kids’ accounts. It helps parents to be alerted when kids open an email. Parents can prevent kids from doing useless or irrelevant mail to anyone.
  • Also, get hidden access to their kids’ PC multimedia to make sure that there is no violent or inappropriate material in the gallery.

Compatibility of TOS PC Monitor Software

Pc and Phone spy software is compatible with all versions of Windows and models of android phones as well.


We concluded that TOS PC tracking software is the ultimate solution for parents to reduce their worries by timely providing information to them about their kids. Parents can track all activities of their kids on PC in real-time and also can track the history of any activity at any time.


Angela is serving as senior editor and analyst at TheOneSpy monitoring app. She has tremendous expertise in kids monitoring, employee monitoring, business management, and business security. The series of published articles on global forums are the testimonies that she is expressive and can naturally convince readers through her creative works

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