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Best Practices of cPanel Server Management in 2023

When it comes to web hosting servers, cPanel is a popular choice for the control panel. Maintaining a well-oiled cPanel server management system is crucial for web hosts who want to give their clients a positive hosting experience.

Every server needs regular maintenance and constant monitoring to avoid a sudden crash or downtime that could harm the businesses hosted on it.

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack or hardware failure can affect your server’s availability. Engineers at SupportFly work around the clock to maintain the service availability promised to our customers.

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What is a cPanel Server Management Service?

Using a cPanel server management service may delegate everything from the initial setup to ongoing maintenance to remote staff. Your cPanel will be installed and customized by the service provider to fit your specific needs. The team also offers assistance with transferring cPanel accounts and migrating servers. Support for their servers is often available 24/7 from most service providers.

Installing plugins and integrations, adjusting and tightening server security, and monitoring activity are further aspects of a cPanel server management service. In addition to setting up your cPanel firewall, they also optimize and configure your MySQL database. You will receive optimized PHP and operating system installations.

As part of our cPanel server support service, we’ll show you how we adhere to industry standards today. That allows us to provide first-rate support and satisfy customers worldwide.

1. Latest backups for disaster recovery

Data loss can be distressing for web hosts, which server crashes or human errors can cause. To avoid such situations, it is crucial to have backups as a safety measure.

cPanel provides backup features to secure server data; however, it is essential to configure and manage these backups correctly. Otherwise, they may fail, become corrupted, or be inadequate during a server disaster.

As part of our cPanel Server management services, we take preventative measures to combat this problem:

  • A foolproof backup policy that backs up data based on its importance and the customer’s needs.
  • Backups should be performed during off-peak hours to avoid disrupting regular server traffic.
  • Configuring backups in remote locations to prevent losing backups during a server outage.
  • Using a combination of full and incremental backups to save disc space and resources.
  • Real-time monitoring of the backup process to ensure that no failures or errors occur.

We ensure that the backups are up to date and sufficient to avoid business downtime for our customers by conducting periodic test restore activities.

2. Protection against IP blacklisting

Many customers are concerned about being blacklisted in spam databases such as Spamhaus and SORBS, which frequently leads to complaints about mail delivery failures.

Servers can be blacklisted if they send too much spam or unsolicited email to other mail servers. This can happen for various reasons, including a malicious script or bulk mailer software.

At SupportFly, our engineers monitor the email queue and scan the server regularly to detect any anomalies and cut them off immediately before they damage the server’s reputation and cause it to end up on blacklists.

3. 99.99% service uptime assurance

Servers in web hosting provide various services such as web, SQL, mail, DNS, and so on. Anything, from a single configuration error to an unexpected traffic spike, can disrupt service availability.

We carry out these tasks to ensure 99.99% uptime for our services to our customers.

  • Our expert technicians monitor the server’s critical services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to detect service errors.
  • We quickly resolve all issues discovered thanks to our quick troubleshooting and efficient debugging abilities.
  • We configure and set up cPanel clusters for customers who require failover configuration for critical services and websites.

We were able to win over customers within a few weeks of service provision by using foolproof cPanel server management techniques and personalized support.

4. Efficient disk space utilization

Disk space in cPanel servers can be depleted over time and usage. If the disc usage is close to 100%, the server may malfunction or crash frequently.

Many times, server owners fail to notice these scenarios, which can consume free disc space:

  • Too many old log files, core dump files, old backups, etc., can use disk space.
  • Massive databases or even website content can fill up disk space abruptly or over time.
  • If the inode usage of files in a server goes high, it can lead to issues in the server.
  • We follow these steps to avoid such issues while managing cPanel servers for web hosts.
  • We configure custom scripts to alert us when disk usage exceeds a limit, which helps us free off space.
  • Rotating the log files promptly and routinely clearing unwanted files such as core dump or temporary files.
  • Migrating accounts to another server or adding more disk space when a server’s hard disk gets used up.
  • Hard disk monitoring with RAID alarms and inspections with SMART checks to timely detect bad sectors and avoid sudden hard drive crashes.

5. Server performance tuning

A server is only functional if its resources are efficiently utilized. CPU, I/O, bandwidth, memory, and other vital components may be overused if not correctly managed.

With these measures, SupportFly technicians assist customers in making the best use of their server resources without wasting or abusing them.

  • We modify services such as Apache, MySQL, and mail and perform server optimization to avoid overloading server resources and improve system performance.
  • We can handle peak traffic without high load by setting resource limits (memory, CPU, and I/O) for user accounts in cPanel servers, which helps to increase website availability.
  • In addition to the initial optimization, we monitor service performance regularly and perform ongoing tweaking to protect the server from memory hogging and resource abuse.

6. Zero downtime migration

Account migrations are a common occurrence in cPanel server Management. Server migrations are also occasionally necessary due to failing drives or resource upgrades.

Web hosts must migrate accounts when they purchase new servers to expand their business or receive new customers who wish to migrate from old hosting providers.

cPanel has a tool to migrate accounts via WHM, but we’ve seen it fail in the case of large accounts, network latency, or when multiple control panels are involved.

Our Server management specialists at SupportFly have extensive experience successfully migrating accounts and servers for web hosts without causing downtime or disrupting business operations.

7. Foolproof server security

Keeping your servers safe and secure is crucial to protecting your business and reputation. As a result, SupportFly server specialists place a premium on server security.

  • We harden the servers with firewalls and block access to the server from unauthorized users and networks to protect them from hacking.
  • We use a firm password policy to avoid hacks and attacks, audit the server for vulnerable software, and patch it proactively.
  • We configure custom mod security rules, CPHulk, and CSF/LFD firewalls in cPanel server management to protect the server from hack attempts and other attacks.
  • We protect the server from spammers by securing the Exim mail server. We prevent malware and viruses from entering the server by integrating scanners.
  • Other security measures we implement include PHP hardening, database security, etc.

Updating the operating system and control panel, patching the kernel for vulnerabilities, modernizing and securing the server software and applications to prevent exploits. and other services are also included in our cPanel server management services for web hosts.

8. Personalized server setup

Any online business’s USP is its uniqueness. There may be no two identical servers, and server owners may require custom software installations or service settings for each server.

We can design and implement server infrastructure for all types of web hosts due to our experience setting up servers for various hosting businesses ranging from VPSs to cloud instances.

We prioritize providing customized responses on time, which increases customer satisfaction. Our periodic status updates give customers peace of mind because they know what is happening on their servers.

We perform the initial server software installation, harden the server for security, and install other custom 3rd party applications for the websites as part of our essential cPanel server management services.

Software updates are critical for security and functionality. In addition to the initial server configuration, we keep the server software and applications current by testing the most recent stable versions.

We’d be happy to discuss how we can better serve you with our cPanel server management support engineers.


Managing a cPanel server in 2023 requires combining technical skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to best practices. It is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest server management and security trends to keep your server running efficiently and protect it from potential threats.

Some of the best practices for cPanel server management in 2023 include regular software updates, proper security protocols such as firewalls and SSL certificates, implementing backups and disaster recovery plans, and optimizing server performance through techniques like caching and load balancing.

Other best practices include monitoring server activity to identify and address potential issues before they become significant problems, using automation tools to streamline administrative tasks, and following industry-standard security practices such as strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

By implementing these best practices and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in server management, you can ensure that your cPanel server remains secure, reliable, and efficient, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your customers confidently.


Is it worth going for cPanel server management services?

Totally! cPanel server Management services are worth every penny. You get expert assistance, and your server gets optimized and monitored regularly.

Who is the best cPanel server management service provider?

There are many different cPanel server support service providers. It depends on your specific requirements which of the many various cPanel server management service providers will best suit you.

What is the cost of cPanel server management services?

The cost of cPanel server management services varies from vendor to vendor. And also upon the list of addons you opt for. You can compare various plans from different service providers and choose the best option.

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