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Real Estate

Best Service of Real estate website design in Canada

Real estate website design Canada

Transforming the Real Estate Industry with integrated technology solutions. The real estate industry has been seriously disturbed thanks to technology. Like Virtual Reality tours, digital twin, IoT, and Digital marketing. We have work experience in the real estate industry. And we can create the best real estate website design in Canada. We know what solutions best suit your needs. Our industry experts can help you with your digital journey with a great customer experience. 

Digital Experts in Real Estate

Real estate is made up of land and improvements, which includes buildings, fittings, structures, roads and utility systems. The real estate industry incorporates many aspects of the property, such as development, marketing, appraisal, leasing, sale and management of industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential properties. 

The real estate sector comes from one of the most globally recognized sectors and has four sub-sectors. Hospitality, housing, retail and commerce. This sector has shown a growth rate of approximately 30% each year and complements growth in the corporate environment well. 

This industry sometimes varies depending on local and national economies, although it remains consistent as people always need homes and businesses also need office space. So if you are a realtor or you own a real estate agency then a website is a must for you. We provide the best real estate website design in Canada.

Our Real Estate Technology Services

Custom Real Estate Thresholds

Custom real estate portals today are attracting some venture capitalists and equity investors. These portals provide information like floor plans for each apartment, direction, adjacent features, and other details, etc. This gives users the feeling as if they have visited the sites. Users can easily select the exact apartment and get it at almost a glance. About 51% of buyers found their homes online with the help of Custom Real Estate Portals.

Ecommerce Solutions

We provide you with online ecommerce solutions to quickly innovate and grow your business. Our team have the expertise to promote your business to nurture its marketing efforts, including ecommerce solutions that enable you to market your products and services online. We makes it safe and easy for your customers to make purchases from your Web site. You will be able to drive your sales better than ever with definite results.

Booking Engines

Our online booking system provides customers with instant booking and payment options through the system. Everything is posted here online, starting from the time when a potential customer makes a choice of workspace, the user can select a workspace, view it, order furniture, and eventually pays for the reservation. This results in reduced staff workload to minimize human errors, and increased business efficiency. Such a system allows customers to book various options online. 

Customer Relationship Management System

We have a Customer Relationship Management System that helps automate various day to day activities to improve the productivity of the sales team and entice staff to sell more properties. This system ensures that you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers with automated communication. It is the right solution for your business as it manages various tasks like follow up, project plans, site visits, and marketing campaigns, etc. 

Inventory Management System

Our inventory management system allows you to manage inventory flows across multiple branches, warehouses and locations. From local real estate marketing to global online sales automation, our inventory management system provides the ability to track property sales with a database of essential information, including inquiries, website visits, views, and much more. This complete solution enables your real estate business to manage multiple projects, floors, buildings and units from anywhere in the world 

Property Management Solutions

We provide property management solutions that allow you to manage your real estate operations more efficiently. We aim to simplify your day-to-day operations so you can spend more time focusing on your customers. With the help of our property management solutions, you can automate manual processes, save time. And increase productivity for your organization. We provide the best in class solutions for property management needs. 

Project Management Solutions

Project management in the real estate industry includes planning, resource management, collaboration and stakeholder relationship management. Projects in the real estate industry include refurbishment projects that require detailed planning to a complex transaction involving skilled negotiation. Our Project Management Solutions help real estate project managers grow, team, using external or internal experts, and manage projects on time and on budget. 

Why Choose Us

Real estate website design Canada Solutions understands the needs of your business and provides excellent services at a very economical price.

We understand the industry, communities, current market conditions, and provide the most efficient way to meet your real estate needs. We will ensure with our clients that we get the best real estate opportunity available to them. Client service and satisfaction are our top priorities. 

We are in regular contact with our clients to inform them. Of the status of their home buying or selling experience and to ensure our consistent work and efforts.

  • Find the exact problem
  • Assurance Services
  • Strong relationships 
  • Excellent support staff 

Ideal Real Estate Website Development agency

Ideal for real estate agencies and realtors. The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to have a website for your real estate on the internet. We offer you a professional website that is completely intuitive and easy to administer, with state-of-the-art tools, modern design and excellent cost-benefit.

With the website for real estate you will be able to manage all the information about your properties, highlighting details and photos, so that your client can view the properties quickly and conveniently. The website for real estate is responsive, so your customers will be able to access the website via smartphone, mobile devices, without any problem.

The website for real estate has a complete property search system, segmentation by sales, rent and season categories, as well as information about your company, email registration for the newsletter, client’s property registration, and also a link to Caixa’s financing simulator.

We offer several options of predefined templates and layouts, and also an option to customize the colors whenever you want, this way, the site will have the visual identity of your real estate company.

We configure and install the site for you, with no bureaucracy, no loyalty contract, and no grace period. Our team of designers, programmers and attendants ready to answer all your questions.

What We Offer in additon


We create web pages, regardless of complexity, from creating personal and presentation sites to creating virtual stores, real estate agency sites and web portals. All sites are designed in partnership with the client. Together, we will design the web design of your site according to your professional needs and personal vision. 


A good logo can speak for itself, it can largely show who you are and what you do. The logo is the graphic representation of the business or activity. Using a logo (visual identity) creates an intuitive representation of what you are doing. The logo (logo) can be used on business cards or on the company’s headquarters to strengthen the brand and to offer your customers a unitary presentation.


Whether it is a presentation folder, a brochure, a flyer or leaflet, a roll-up or poster, a business card or a simple advertisement, advertising materials are a key element in promoting your business. That is why our advertising design team pays special attention to their realization. 

The domain is your online name. On the Internet, the domain and the logo are the most important elements of your image as an individual or as a company. Domain registration has a very important role in the site creation process. We offer free consulting and guide clients so that the choice of site name is correct. 



Along with the acquisition of the domain and the operation of building the site, it is necessary to buy a site hosting space (site hosting). in choosing the right hosting package. 


Website optimization or SEO includes specific techniques designed to push a site to the top of the list of results displayed by search engines. An efficient optimization will visibly increase the number of visitors. Careful! If, intentionally or unconsciously, the optimization operation is not done correctly or if tactics considered illegal are used, there may be serious consequences (penalties) on the site. 


We come to the aid of those who start a business with offers to create presentation sites or online stores for Start Up businesses. The quality of services and experience in web design recommend us as the optimal choice for creating your site.


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