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Birthday Party Ideas For People Of All Age Groups

Birthdays are special occasions, without a pinch of doubt. Most of us tend to think like that and believe in having a “happy birthday”. However, we are also surrounded by people who have little to no interest in acknowledging their birthday, let alone in celebrating it. This isn’t the right approach to have, though. Our birthday celebration  should be sacred to us because it is the day when we were introduced into this world and that is a reason big enough to be happy and to celebrate. This is why people party and have fun on their birthday.

It is only legit. Being surrounded by people that you care about and that care about you is truly a good feeling to have on your birthday. This is how parties are. It doesn’t have to be huge to be happening. You can have a party with just one person as well and with a hundred people if you want. It’s all dependent on you.

So, if you were running out of birthday party ideas in Delhi, Gurgaon or any other city then Avail FlowerAura’s online cake delivery in Gurgaon here are some that will suit people of different ages. 

Here’s Birthday Celebration Ideas –

A cartoon themed party for children under ten 

As it goes without saying that there is probably nothing else in this world that children under ten love as much as they love cartoons. So, it would only make sense if you threw your kid a cartoon-themed party. You will have to put in a lot of effort to ensure that all the guests follow the specific cartoon theme for the birthday. If it is done right, it might turn out to be the fondest memory of both you and your kid. 

An idol themed party for teens 

Teens are at that stage in their life whether they think that they are all grown up but the truth is that they are still at a very crucial point in their overall development. So, you have to put in a lot of thought to pull up a theme for the birthday of your teenager. It would make a lot of sense to figure out who the idol of your teenager is and then throw the party in the theme of this idol. However, you might wanna make sure that your kid is idolizing the right person. Having a good role model will help shape the personality of your teenager positively. Throwing an idol-themed birthday party is an inspiring and can be best birthday gift.

An interest themed party for adults 

By the time you cross your teens and become full-fledged adults, you are expected to know what you want to do. Basically, you should have found your interest in life amongst other things. So, if your interest is in makeup, you could throw a makeup-themed birthday party. It would bring you closer to your hobbies and interests which is a very healthy thing for your mind. 

A cozy party for the middle-aged 

Middle-aged people are often going through a lot. They might be feeling haunted by their mid-life crisis or other fears related to different aspects of their life. In times like these, it becomes hard to have fun on your birthday. However, it doesn’t mean that you should just stop having fun on your birthday. You should still celebrate and be happy on your birthday. One good way to do this is by having a cozy birthday party. This would strictly involve only those people who are really close to you. Being close to your inner circle will make you feel more loved and appreciated and probably that’s exactly how you want to feel at this point in your life. 

A fun-spirited party for the seniors

It is said and believed that people in their old age become like little children. They crave adventure, attention, and things like that. So, you must throw them a fun-spirited birthday party that involves all the favorite people of the birthday person. The party should be all about the things the senior person celebrating their birthday used to enjoy. The main motive of this fun-spirited birthday party should be to lift the spirits of the birthday person and make them feel young once again.   

Old-Fashioned Fruit Stack Cake for Birthday Celebration

If you have been to many church socials or family reunions, especially in the South, you have likely had the opportunity to enjoy an old-fashioned fruit stack. Get to know what that is, it is a cake made with applesauce and baked sugar cookie dough. If you like desserts made with apples, it’s “out-of-this-world” delicious. The taste is both straightforward and an intricate blend of tastes.

You can find many different varieties of the stack cake, such as dried apple, peach, or pumpkin, but the one most people are familiar with is the applesauce stack. The origin of these cakes is pretty clear; they are made from simple ingredients found in the country and on farms. Many modern cooks have attempted to recreate the applesauce stack cake either from written recipes or by word of mouth, but most end up disappointed with the results. Either the taste is not just right, or the cake is too thick and too dry.

All you need is a very simple recipe for sugar cookies and a jar of applesauce.

Secret # 1

The cookie dough layers must be rolled out extremely thin. Once you mix up the cookie dough, take a small ball and roll it out as thin as you can possibly get it and still pick it up with both hands. You will place it in a regular round cake pan that has greased and floured. It should fit on the bottom but not come up on the sides. If it is too big, cut some of it off and try again. If you have rolled it out thinly enough, it is normal for the dough to sometimes break. Then you must roll it back out and try again. Where most people make, their mistake is in rolling out the dough too thick.

Depending on how many cake pans you own and how many will fit into your oven, you can get a small assembly line going. For example, put two cakes into the pans. While they are baking, prepare two more pans with two more cakes. When the first two come out, gently dump the baked cakes onto a towel, wash, dry and prepare the two pans, and do it all again. A good stack cake will have 7-14 layers.

Two cautions:

  1. If you roll out the dough very thinly, it will bake quickly, sometimes in just 5-7 minutes. You have to watch it carefully and be ready to take it out as soon as the top begins to turn light golden brown. (The bottom will already be a bit browner.)
  2. Also, it will be of a cookie texture until the cake is all completed and aged for a while, so be very careful when you dump it out of the pan and later place it onto the plate for the stack because it will break and crumble easily.

Secret # 2

Use the right spices in the applesauce. Admittedly, people have different tastes when it comes to applesauce and desserts made with applesauce. Some like theirs with more spice, some with less. Some people make the mistake when making fruit stack cakes because they use applesauce bought straight from the store, which has little to no spices. Other people add too much spice, and the stack cake gets a “spicy-hot” flavour.

Once all your cake layers are baked and cooled, and once you have your applesauce the way you like it, you are ready to put the layers together. It’s as simple as it sounds. Place the first cake layer on a plate and spread it with applesauce—no need to spread it on the sides since some excess will trickle down. Spread the sauce as thick as you can without losing too much down the sides. Then repeat for every cake layer you have. Your stack cake can be eaten right away, but it is better if you refrigerate it at least overnight.

While a truly old-fashioned stack cake has simple ingredients, it can be a bit complicated to make, but hang in there because it will be well worth the effort you put into it! You will find the same flavours if you order through a cake delivery in Mumbai service too!

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