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Christmas Party Ideas for Elders – Simple and Fun

Christmas celebration is knocking at the door, and we can hear it knock. The wind is getting chilly day by day, and the festive season is finally arriving. The preparation for Christmas is in full swing across the world. And people are looking for Christmas Party Ideas to make most of it.

Despite the Covid-19 outbreak and economic crisis, people are rooting for the festival to get back to their normal lives. In a time of love and celebration, we can strive to make it even more eventful and memorable for the elders. Although they might be facing serious health issues, the Christmas season can be the enjoyable and exciting period for them.

Keeping these facts in consideration, I have come up with a list of elders’ best Christmas party ideas. These are fun-induced activities that will keep the Christmas spirits on the brim. And for gifts, I recently came across a list of 75th birthday gift ideas and I think it will work really well for a Christmas gift for the elders.

11 Christmas Party Ideas for Elders

1. Trivia Nights

Trivia nights are fun, exciting, and elders love to engage in these activities. The greatest advantage of this celebration is that they don’t have to go out to have fun. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, this is a safe yet fun celebration.  

Just like you spend movie nights with your friend, an exciting night of trivia and quizzes can be one of the most memorable Christmas activities for elders. These simple yet exciting trivia games can be quite beneficial for their mental happiness as well. 

Moreover, suppose there are no partners present physically. In that case, elders can join fun trivial games and quiz sessions online to compete against unknown internet friends and participate in a multiplayer game with their own friends. It will be a unique and wholesome way to bond with new friends and connect with the old ones.


2. Decorating Christmas Tree  

These are probably the most fun activities that can get the elders into the Christmas vibe. We all associate Christmas trees with the festive season. So do the elders. Seniors are interested in fun activities that keep them engaged in work while also letting them have some fun.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a simple task, but it always brings out the child from everybody. Also, it will allow them to showcase their creative talents. To make it more fun, a Christmas tree decoration competition can be held.  

This fun activity for elders will also give them a chance to spend some loving family time with their grandchildren. If they want, they can invite their friends over to the Christmas tree decoration program. 

3. Art and Craft

Sure, Christmas tree decoration is a fun and engaging activity for elders. But, it might get boring for some. To make their Christmas fun, you should encourage them to engage their free time on something creative. 

And what can be the best time to start something afresh other than Christmas time. They can enroll themselves or an arts and crafts course. Since they love spending their time on productive things, it will be a great opportunity for them. 

Nowadays, lots of online websites offer arts and craft courses for elderly people. You can gift them a package of classes for this year’s Christmas. If they want to, they can go for an offline course as well. 

It will help them socialize with other people and make friends. The benefit of engaging in arts and crafts is that they will totally forget about the health issues they are facing, and they will live like a child again.  

4. Cooking Delicious Christmas Recipes  

Elders, especially if they are your grandmothers, there’s a high chance that they have spent most of their time in the kitchen. Evidently, they love to cook delicious food and spend most of their time experimenting with different food and making absolutely delicious cuisines. 

For the Christmas celebration, what can be better than engaging themselves in cooking classic Christmas dishes. They can bake cakes, muffins, and pies and share them with their friends and family.

If they want, you can buy a cookbook for them or enroll them in a cooking class. To make it more funny and exciting, you can invite their friends over. An arrangement of small cooking competitions will bring joy to their faces. It will give them the opportunity to spend more time with their friends and family. 

5. Secret Santa

Probably this is the most obvious celebration you can arrange for the elder at your home for Christmas celebration. Secret Santa is one of the most popular events for elders on Christmas day. A Secret Santa game can easily spice up their uneventful life. 

In this game, each participant receives the name of another randomly chosen participant name. On a special day, each participant will leave a gift for the selected other anonymously, and the other one has to guess who the Secret Santa is.

It is an exciting and fun Christmas game for seniors that gives them the opportunity to spend quality time with their peers and family. This game strengthens personal bonds and rejuvenates their youthful energy. 

Plus, they get all the unexpected gifts that make their heart warm with unexpected love and gratitude. 

6. Karaoke Session

What do you need to make a boring day fun? The answer is simple, karaoke. Be it a birthday celebration or a Christmas party, a karaoke session always lightens up the mood and increases the fun. 

For the elders in your family, you can organize a karaoke session at Christmas. Gather up the 70’s and 80’s music collections and watch them having fun. It will encourage them to go back to their youth and sing their hearts out. 

It will bring back the fun memories related to the songs. It is a great opportunity for elders to have fun on Christmas and spend memorable time with their friends and family. 

7. Tambola /Christmas Bingo

There is no better way to celebrate the day of Christmas than playing a classic game of Tambola with your family and friends. Although elders might not be able to travel physically, they can play with others by attending a game of Online Tambola. 

This is an exciting and fun Christmas activity for elders as it offers some much-needed relaxation and also offers mental stimulation. Also, the Online Tambola games will help them meet new people, make new friends, and have some healthy social bonding.

You can also play card games and other board games with the elders in your house. It will make them feel validated and happy.  It is indeed one of the easiest and fun Christmas Party Ideas.

8. Movie Nights

Probably the best thing about the Christmas season is the wide range of special Christmas movies available to watch on various streaming sites. A warm and cozy movie night will surely brighten up the mood and let the senior in your house get involved in an exciting and fun family activity.

 It is one of the simplest Christmas activities for elders. A Christmas Movie night will also make them nostalgic about their youth as they will probably re-watch the age-old yet relevant Christmas movie. It will take them down memory lane to the sweet memories of their youth. 

9. Dance Therapy

Christmas is the time to spread love, show gratitude, and dance to your heart’s wish. Although it may seem hard for some, a dance therapy session is just the kind of thing that elders need to try this Christmas eve.

A dance therapy session will help the elders who find it difficult to move, and it will also help them improve their strength and stamina overall. Dance therapy helps to regain balance of the body. 

Nowadays, elders can easily engage themselves in an online dance therapy session, where they can sway and groove to the funky music from their respective homes. 

10. Play Online Games

Even though simple board games are a lot of fun, seniors can choose to embrace the digital forum and play some exciting games on a virtual platform. Events like Online singing competitions and Stand-up comedy sessions are ideal Christmas carnivals for elders.

While many games allow senior citizens to showcase their natural talents, online games also improve cognitive health among elders.

Though it might be difficult for elders to search for the websites that conduct such games, you should be compassionate about the elderly person in your family and search for them. 

11. Join a Club

Clubs are always fun. And when it consists of people from your age, the excitement rises. There are lots of clubs for elderly people. With a minimal charge, they offer you memberships. 

The elderly person in your family can go to the club to meet new people, make friends, play games, and participate in other social activities.


Elderly people spend most of their time alone. They don’t go out often, and their health doesn’t permit that as well. Even though you have some of the amazing Christmas party ideas for elders, remember:

Arranging parties and events on the eve of Christmas is fine, but you need to take care and accompany them throughout the year. Bring a smile to their faces.

Have a great Christmas!

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