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Bitcoin Circuit

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

Bitcoin Circuit is a set of webpages, as you can see below:

Bitcoin Circuit Webpages

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There are many different pages all claiming to be the ‘Official & UPDATED Website (2022)’

As soon as you browse to a page, all they want to know is your name and phone number.

So why is this?

What Does Bitcoin Circuit Do?

Bitcoin circuit takes your contacts details, it is as simple as that. Once you have entered your contact details, it forwards you onto a website purporting to be an online trading system. This is where the fun begins…

Does Bitcoin Circuit Trade Bitcoins?

No, it doesn’t. It is not even an app as far as we can tell as we have registered for it many times and just get calls from Boiler Room scammers claiming that Bitcoin Circuit is one of their marketing campaigns and then try to get us to make a deposit. Here is a list of things that Bitcoin Circuit is not:

    • The Truth is that Bitcoin Circuit is not an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered crypto-trading system.
    • In reality Bitcoin Circuit is not an automated trading system that can be used by anyone to make money.
    • Bitcoin Circuit is not the leading automated trading software that allows traders of all classes and experienced levels to earn massive profits every day
    • In truth Bitcoin Circuit is not an auto trading platform that allows users to make money from the cryptocurrency market with only a few clicks
    • The read truth is that Bitcoin Circuit is not is a web application that allows users to trade bitcoin automatically
    • Truthfully Bitcoin Circuit is not a user-friendly, less time-taking, and high profit generating online trading robot.

In fact, Bitcoin Circuit is a scam you can read about here:

How Does Bitcoin Circuit Continue?

Most of the people who signed up for Bitcoin Circuit actually lose their money to a different company name but they are often the same group. The groups works with a lot of affiliates who do all of their lying for them and so no one is liable. The affiliates say they didn’t know, the affiliate networks say that they are just an affiliate network and no one ever finds out who the scammers are or where they come from.

Is Bitcoin Circuit legit?

No, it is a scam. It is highly advertised only because it is the biggest internet affiliates scam on the web! It really is astonishing that no one has taken any action. The affiliates get paid $700 USD when the correct link is clicked and so they fight manically over every click.

Important Questions:

1. Is the Bitcoin Circuit a scam?

Ans: Yes, Bitcoin Circuit is all a scam. It is 100 percent a scam platform. As per users’ reviews, It is not an automatic trading platform that is free of cost and charges a very low commission on profit generated. In fact, there are hundreds of Bitcoin Circuit scam reports that indicate that the software is not legit or trustworthy. Our Bitcoin Circuit review has performed very well in our testing and grilling. It stands true to its promise. With its good performance, it has earned the community trust. Its encrypted trading services offer great security to all its users against threats like online threats like phishing, money laundering, theft, blackmailing, hacking, and so on.

2. What is the minimum deposit?

Ans: There are no deposits in a scam, just how much you get ripped-off by.

3. How much profit can one make?

Ans: You can’t make anything on a scam. Typically you are persuaded to deposit $350 and then they use your card details to buy cryptocurrency which they then send around different crypto coins until you lose trace of the money. Then they sell the crypto overseas and distribute the money amongst the scammers.

4. Can the profit ever be withdrawn from the Website?

Ans: No, there is no such app as Bitcoin Circuit and so you cannot withdraw from it. If you are unlucky enough to have made a deposit in one of the boiler room scam trader sites, you will see the amount you deposited on a screen but if you try and withdraw they will waste days asking for documents and the website and phone numbers will cease to work before any withdrawal is ever made.

5. Do Richard Branson and Gordon Ramsay endorse Bitcoin Circuit?

Ans: Of course they don’t you idiot.

Bitcoin Circuit
Rating: SCAM !!!



Do Not Try Bitcoin Circuit


Profit From Automated Trading

 Strategy Over Emotions

For traders who are afraid to pull the trigger, Bitcoin Circuit is a great way help curb over-trading. The nonexistent AI algorithm rules take calculated decisions on your money so you won’t be able pause or question them-which means Bitcoin Circuit can take away your savings.

 Test Strategies Before Trading

It is here that you can see these pages on the Bitcoin Circuit scam make no sense – how can you test a strategy that just claimed it was an automated robot? The whole thing is just complete boll**ks.

 Algorithms Works 24-7

No algorithm can deal with something like a market. Even if it was successful it would create a market which was highly predictable and you would lose everything again anyway. Never trust anything that claims to be a trading algorithm or robot.

 Algorithm Don’t Get Distracted

Which is true, but then neither does an investment fund, which if you know nothing about trading is a far safer place to put you money than some offshore unregulated scumbag online trader. CFDs are illegal in the US and Canada for a reason, they are too unpredictable and are used to scam people as Bitcoin Circuit are trying to do.

 More Risk Control

Your account broker will help you configure your trading settings so that you lose everything. This will help you set trading parameters to prepare you for unnecessary losses. This includes setting a stop-loss limit and deciding when to open and close your trading settings. This way, once they have asked you a few questions, they can pretend everything was your fault and point you to the T&Cs which clearly state that there are no refunds or recoveries and that trading is really risky, especially with offshore tossers like the ones that just ripped you off.

Every single review you read online praising Bitcoin Circuit is an affiliate looking to get a slice of the massive affiliate fees that these scammers payout for a successful fraud. They target pensioners and other people who are trying to make money online and take all of their money. Companies run sites like and just to fill them with false reviews to take your money. Be very careful about any of these scams including:

  • Profit Edge
  • Bitcoin Code
  • Crowd Millionaire
  • Bitcoin Loophole
  • Bitcoin Circuit
  • 1K Daily Profits
  • Bitcoin Era
  • Cryptosoft
  • Bitcoin Lifesyles
  • Bitcoin Champion
  • Immediate Edge
  • Bitcoin Billionaire
  • Bitcoin Trader
  • BitQL
  • Bitcoin Evolution
  • Forex EA Trader
  • Bitcoin Revolution
  • Bitcoin System
  • Crypto Trader
  • Bitcoin Bank
  • Tesler App
  • Bitcoin Fortress
  • Bitcoin Digital
  • Quantum AI
  • Bitcoin Alliance
  • Bitcoin Banner
  • Brexit Millionaire

What Are These Sites?

Every single one of the above is the same scam. It is a boiler room scam operated by phone. Typically the product is pushed by a UK, Australian or US call centre that are referred to as the boiler room. These scammers are under immense pressure to get you to deposit because the rewards are so high. The basic plan is to get your details and use them to get your bank account money by card or by transfer etc. Once the money is transferred they will use a fake online trading company registered in the Caribbean as the endpoint for your money.

Where Does the Money Go?

In these offshore offices, they will have a forwarding address that will send the details to another address which will then pass it on to the scammers. They will then get you a login (which the scammer page makes up automatically) so that you can see fake trading that appears to make you money. This part of the scam is to get you to deposit any remaining money you have. once you have deposited then the fake trading screen will continue to magically grow your account. Once you have grown your balance enough you will then ask to withdraw. This part of the scam is to delay while they move your money around the world to hide it.

What Happens to my Money?

The scammers will ask you for your passport and other documents so that they can use the scans to defraud you later and try and get loans etc. Once you have been waiting three weeks for the endless backwards and forwards emails requesting details to stop, they will simply disappear and start a new name company called Bitcoin Sucker or something. The money is long gone by this point and you will likely never find who got it.


How do I really invest in Bitcoin?

Have you lost money to Bitcoin Circuit scammers?

contact and tell your story

We would love to hear if you have been defrauded so that we can warn others and report matters to the authorities.

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