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Black and White Wall Tapestries: Know the Magic behind it!

The usage of black and white wall tapestries has increased its target number day by day because of its appealing color combination, notable designs and most importantly its pure value.The color of black and white commonly noted for light and darkness, for daylight and dawn, etc has a long tradition of metaphorical usage of opposite colors. As we all know, “Opposite colors attract each other”, the perfect combination of black and white has attracted wide the globe, with no boundaries.

Both the colors of black and white comes under the family of cool colors and the color black shows the characterstic of individuality, deep thinking, power, authority, mystery and strength. Because of these qualities, too much of black carries the tool of directly communicating to people in the most powerful way. And coming to the color white, which ultimately focuses on peace, contemplation, faith, openness and goodness. Since both the shades are completely divergent to each other, this contrast makes a completion beyond comparison. Aggregating all these merit qualities, various purposeful illustrations are screen-printed on fine, breathable, cotton tapestries with appealing black and white combination for a multitude of targets. These wall tapestries gives you a  fulfilling, elegant, fashionable and a polished look when used in the process of home furnishings, outdoor usage, etc.There are multiple usage and ways for using the black and white tapestries and few successful ideas of them are listed below.


Hippie black and white wall tapestries on your living room will completely change the atmosphere of your space as it has the quality of reflecting the fashionable and polishing vibes of the energy of the cosmos. It helps in creating a remarkable theme to your arena with a personal touch. 

 One of the most beautiful ad the safest thing of using a wall tapestry is that, it protects your wall against abrasion and other unwanted polluting dusts. You can go with traditional to modern designs of black and white wall tapestries to give you a royal and a historic look. Generally, Twin-Sized Hippie Wall Tapestries which are 140 x 210cm in size are primarily preferred for living room decors. 


  Usually tapestries are not only meant to stick only on walls, but it also has the usage out-of-doors. These elegant black & white wall tapestries as an outdoor companion is an excellent way of carrying the vibe and energy around you all the time. It gives you a sheltered and a complete feeling and also a stylish look. You can use the tapestries according to the occasions you check-in. Your black & white tapestries can be your outdoor companion in various forms such as, 

  • Beach throw
  • A picnic blanket
  • A playmat
  • A throw mat
  • Warm insulators

Various kinds of b/w tapestries with appealing designs are available at Yogashq with numerous pleasant themes.  


Extra-large hippie black & white wall tapestries are widely preferred for home decors and wall hangings because of its elegance and luxurious look. The easiest and the most simplest wall home decor can be done using modern wall tapestries with affordable cost. Instead of painting your walls with boring odd colors and costly paints, you can prefer to affordable wall tapestries of vibrant themes available. 

Queen-sized wall tapestries or extra-large wall tapestries which are around 210 x 240cms are generally preferred for home wallpapers. A perfectly bowed and ironed black and white tapestry can give you the best stylish look of home decor with only few efforts.

Other Benefits of using Black & White Wall Tapestry

Our tapestries are usually easy to carry as they are less than 400 – 700 grams and the usage of this specific color combination has the power to change the entire ambiance in just 10 minutes. As they are all screen-printed, you can find a variety of designs on our site which are breathable, cost-efficient, and has the quality of multipurpose usage. As they are machine washable, you have no worries of treating them as a troublemaker. Few other advantages are,

  • Saves your precious time and money.
  • No more costly paint charges
  • Easy to clean and are machine washable
  • Gives a modern look with No efforts

We at Yogashq offer a mixture of classic to modern sorts of high-end Hippie and Bohemian tapestries like Mandala tapestries, Nature tapestries, Indian God tapestries, and Music tapestries especially black and white tapestires with other essential yoga accessories to all the yoga and meditation learners, practitioners, and masters. You can find over 10000+ range of artisan-made products with high-grade quality.

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