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Bright and Promising Career in Data Science

The various jobs of data science are very demanding and termed as the best in the IT industry. In past years, there has been a storm of data science jobs which makes it difficult to understand which is best, what they are, and how they differ from each other. Various data scientists across the world earn a salary of about $130000. The demand for data scientists has been rising because data is the most important resource for any organization to have in this technological world.

If your dream is also to get the best data science job but not only for salary prospective, also about the career growth, opportunities, reputation and you want an interesting and attractive career. Here you will find the list of various data science jobs that makes you pursue your career in data science.

Various Types Of Jobs in Data Science Career


The field of data science demands a thorough knowledge of mathematics, statistics, computer science with extra knowledge about python, R, Tableau, SQL, etc. The data scientists professionals are very high in demand. That’s why there are a plethora of data science jobs in the world.  Become a master with Data Science Online Training. The list given below is of some data scientist jobs.

  •   Data analyst – This is one of the best data science jobs, an IT professional demands for. A data analyst personnel transform and do manipulation of large sets of data. Sometimes, they also help higher executives to glean insights from their analytics. But to be a successful data analyst, one should need to have a thorough knowledge of A/B testing and web tracking. To be a data analyst one should have completed graduation in mathematics or statistics and should have a high aptitude for mathematics and logic. Various companies prefer a person who is skilled at SQL, python, oracle, etc.
  •   Data scientist – Data scientists are responsible for performing data preparation tasks that allow companies to take strategic actions. They are perfect at handling huge data sets and uncover useful patterns and trends in data. The job of data scientists holds a much better technical position than data analysts. The person who has a master’s degree or has done a Ph.D. will be the first choice of hiring in various companies as a data scientist. But one should also need to have experience apart from having a strong background in IT, CS, maths, and other laurels.
  •   Machine learning engineer – The role of a machine learning engineer is to create a data funnel and deliver software solutions. The job of an ML engineer is also to involve running tests and experiments to note the functionality and performance of the system. The persons who have a strong and skilled knowledge of statistics and programming will be preferred. The software engineers who hold experience in ML are also preferable. To be a machine learning engineer, you can also avail various online certifications and programs to get this job.
  •   Machine learning scientist – A machine learning scientist will be given the task of researching new approaches, like algorithms, supervised and u supervised learning techniques. Companies, as scientists and research engineers, can hire various persons. The qualification to work as a machinery learning scientist is very simple. One needs to have engineering completed with a good and qualitative post-degree program and thorough knowledge of research experience.
  •   Application architect – The role of an application architect is to track applications, supervising the operating within the company and how users are indulging in the company. They need to build the architecture of applications, replete with components such as user interface or app infrastructure. It is a fast-paced and high-paying job across the world. To work as an application architect, one should have a computer science degree with the certification of programming and architectural designs.
  •   Data architect – It involves the creation of a new database system, perform and design analytics for improving interconnected data within the company. The main role of a data architect to design and make the information easily accessible to use. A person who wishes to be a data architect must have pursued his/her education in the computer science field with knowledge of mathematics, and statistical data.
  •   Enterprise architect – If you wish to be an enterprise architect, you should know how to align a company’s strategy with technological solutions. As an enterprise architect, you need to help the business to achieve various organizational objectives and designing system architecture for meeting the organizational requirements. It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree with a PG degree to be an enterprise architect. This is regarded as one of the highest salary jobs in the IT industry.
  •   Infrastructure architect – The role of an infrastructure architect is that the news to look for various business work and to support them for meeting their digital and technological needs. Many organizations tend to hire various cloud infrastructures too for guiding their cloud strategies. The personnel who have completed their computer engineering or software development with knowledge about database administration, information system development, system maintenance, etc.
  •   Statistician – Various companies hire personnel as statisticians to collect, analyze, and interpret data. They are mainly responsible for taking decisions for organizations. The daily responsibilities of them also have communicated finding for stakeholders and contribution for setting up organizational objectives. The persons who are desired to be statistician must have a bachelor’s degree and should hold a PG diploma in mathematics, computer science, economics, and qualitative facilities.

The above mentioned all jobs of data scientists are the best and are highly demanded all over the world. The personnel who are presently in the above job posts are getting a salary of lakhs per annum as the technology world is increasing at high speed which demands various IT industry experts to manage all the latest technologies and help them to achieve their various technological goals. The future aspect of these jobs is very high, stable, and secure in terms of salary, growth, and reputation.


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