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Broke an iPad Screen? Here’s How to Fix It

iPad is envisioned to be one of the best and highest-selling Apple products. With its large screen size, the users can perform the necessary tasks easily. Though, Apple claims to offer a durable screen in the iPad models. But, after an accidental drop, the iPad’s screen might break. You could see cracks and scratches on the LCD screen of this high-end product. As a result, iPad users need to avail an immediate iPad repair service


Most iPad owners tend to replace the cracked screen with D-I-Y videos. But, it might take ample time to complete the screen repair process. Instead, look for an authorised Apple service centre and install a new screen from there.


If you have the technical skill, then arrange the necessary tools. Get the right screen for the iPad and use those tools to fix this problem. Install a screen protector, and it will protect the iPad from further damage. 


And, here is how iPad users should deal with the cracked or broken screen:

  1. Take Help from AppleCare

When did you buy the iPad? Was that a year ago? Then, you should consider availing the AppleCare support. With this service, iPad owners can replace their broken screens without breaking their bank. Because, AppleCare services offer instant support for accidental damage of the iPadOS products. But, you will get this benefit if you have bought the device a few days or years ago. 


AppleCare covers two incidents of accidental damage for a 183 AED service fee. So, if you have the AppleCare or AppleCare+, then opt for the iPad screen repair Dubai immediately. But, if you haven’t purchased this plan, then go to the iPad settings. From there, move to the “General” section and tap on “About”. Choose any AppleCare plan that is currently available. Go through the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase process. 


How much will it Cost to Repair a Cracked iPad Screen without AppleCare Services?

Many iPad owners are unaware of the AppleCare services. If you are one of them, then let us make a few things clear. It will cost about the price of a new IPad to repair the broken screen. Apple charges somewhat between AED 500-AED 600 to fix an iPad screen. 


However, this price might vary based on the iPad model you own. But, if you repair the display from AppleCare, you can save more than 400 AED. So, save the iPad mini screen repair expenses by taking the right decision. 


  1. Take the iPad to Apple Store

If you aren’t running on a tight budget, then consider going to the Apple Store. But, make sure to find an authorised Apple Centre for the iPad repair Dubai. Because their experts provide OEM parts for the damaged iPad. It will take approximately 2-3 business days to fix a broken screen from an Apple Store. 


Mention the iPad model to get the right screen for the device. Search “iPad screen repair Dubai near me” and connect with the nearby Apple Store. Alternatively, the iPad owners can send a repair request directly on Apple’s website. 


Though, Apple offers a one-year limited warranty on their products. But, it doesn’t cover the accidental damages, including minor cracks on the screen. Many local stores can fix the screen if the product is on warranty, but don’t do that. Because most of these repair shops don’t provide authentic iPad parts. As a result, you will face frequent screen glitches in the long run. So, avoid the costly repairs by joining hands with a leading iPad repair Dubai company.


  1. Fix it from a Third-Party Company 

If the iPad is out of warranty, then replace the screen from a third-party Apple repair centre. Moreover, many non-Apple repair shops offer authentic iPad screens. Look for the right one and fix the screen as soon as possible. But, before that, check the reviews and ratings of the third-party company. It will help you to get a clear insight into the quality of their services. 


Ask these questions before handling the device to a non-Apple repair agency:


  • How long will it take to repair the shattered screen?
  • What will be the cost of the iPad Mini screen repair?
  • Does the iPad screen repair Dubai company offer a warranty on the repaired devices?
  • Where does the company get the replacement parts from? 


  1. Do it Yourself

Have you repaired a broken iPad screen before? Then, try to fix it with the right screen repair kits. To replace the defective screen, get a flat-headed screwdriver and a metal spudger. Additionally, you will need plastic prying tools, T4 Torx screwdrivers and electronic tape. You need to buy the iPad clips replacement set as well.


Don’t have these tools? Then, visit an e-commerce store and purchase these items immediately. And, before starting the iPad screen repair process, consider the following things:


  • Before buying a repair tool, make sure it’s designed for the iPad screen that you are repairing. Because, every size doesn’t fit in all devices, so you need to get new repair kits. 
  • Check where exactly the crack is on the iPad screen. If the top layer of the glass is broken, then you will need a different tool. Moreover, for the damaged touch mechanism or LCD, there are separate tools. 
  • Make sure to cover the eyes with safety gears before you indicate the repair work. 


What Should You Do Before Repairing the iPad Screen?

Regardless of where you go for the screen repair – be sure to take a data backup. It will help you to withstand data loss situations. Though, most of the iPad data is stored in the Cloud. But, restoring it to another device will always be a good idea. 


Moreover, you can opt for a factory reset of the device before handing it to a non-Apple repair shop. It will help you to save important data and protect the device’s privacy. Remove the files or images from the iPad that you no longer require. And, after fixing the screen, transfer the data safety in the iPad Mini or iPad Pro. 


When Should You Replace the iPad Screen?

Apple’s iPad has different types of displays in different models. In the older version of iPads and iPad Mini, there is a glass, digitizer and a separate LCD screen. But, in the latest iPad models, you will find fused glass, a digitiser and an OLED display. So, before proceeding to the replacement part, know which type of screen you need for the iPad. 


Moreover, certain signs indicate the iPad screen needs to be repaired. If you can see the pictures clearly, then the problem is most likely on the glass. It might even be caused by the broken digitiser assembly of the device. In certain instances, never consider replacing the iPad screen. But, if the screen is not turning on, after the accidental fall, then repair it immediately. 


Additionally, if you see lines or spots on the screen, reach out to an experienced expert. Compare the price of AppleCare services and third-party companies before taking the ultimate decision. Also, check the total price it will take to buy the repair tools. 


Determining the iPad mini screen repair price of the Apple store is also important. So, choose the right screen repair option only after acknowledging these factors.

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