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Broken Link Building: A Complete Guide to Find, Monitor and Fix Issues

Smooth searching results are considered a success of the website because the most feasible and user-friendly page means high conversions. But, sometimes a little mistake or negligence can you’re your conversion rate, for instance, Broken links. How? Because broken links are the most annoying thing for the visitor while searching for any information. It not only decreases the interest level of searching for visitors but also hurts the search engine’s activity. Moreover, it lessens the user experience on the website. Because according to the Google index criteria, the less time spends on your website means the low quality of your work. So Google index rate your site accordingly and in case of broken links, it gives you low ranks. These broken links decline the number of clicks by irritating visitors through its messages. Like, it shows the result as,” webpage no longer exists or triggering a 404 error page”. These messages from your website discourage potential customers of your brand through inactive links. But, do not worry every problem always keeps its solution too. So this is common today to have broken links on your website. Do you know that many big brands also have broken links on their website? Because big businesses have huge responsibilities so must have strict management and audit to reduce errors. So you can do it by yourself or can hire an broken link building service to fix this issue for you. Why? Because fixing these broken links are important to protect your future clicks or to avoid your potential customers. Moreover, according to experts broken links not only hurt your buy button but also hurt your bounce rate. Besides this, it also leads your website towards a low ranking with less time spent by visitors.


1) What are the broken links?

Broken links are specific messages that tell your visitor that this website is no longer available. These messages hurt your website’s progress rate because visitors quit instantly and Google index criteria decrease your rank. How? According to Google, the less time visitor spends on a website the lower rank that website gets. So if you want to increase the traffic at your website, try to fix these broken links to uplift your ranking on search results. Moreover, you can also check your current links to monitor their progress either they are working or not. So you can also find errors before an offending visitor or facing a decline in ranks.

2) How to check and Monitor broken links?

Monitoring is a core activity to keep the website healthy and functioning. For instance, if you have a large website, there is a huge chance to have broken links in that. So keep checking your website regarding bounce rate, conversion rate, or traffic. So you can keep yourself aware all the time and can fix issues on time without offending visitors. So wherever you notice any changes in your conversion rate or traffic, you must evaluate your website to find an error. Because low traffic or fewer clicks are indicating higher bounce rates or broken links. Yeah, you can check it by self but broken link building techniques are the best option to fix these issues professionally. Furthermore, you can get the benefit from SEOPressor Connect to check your websites’ performance. This tool evaluates your website’s performance automatically and informs you about broken links. It also informs you before any damage so you can fix issue without facing any inconvenience.


3) What issues broken links bring?

Customers’ happiness is the key factor to get a remarkable conversion rate at your e-store. But, broken links not only create hurdles in the way of potential clicks but also leave a negative impression on visitors about the brand’s competency. Because they consider broken link messages as inefficiency or negligence from a provider. So it hurt massively in terms of sales, bounce rate, and Google ranking.

  • One of the main setbacks is a shrink in the revenue due to broken links. Because when visitors do not get the desired result at your website, they definitely go to your competitors. So you are not only losing your customers but also increasing competitors’ clicks. So do not give chance to competitors through the 404 error page but fix that issue and satisfy your visitors’ needs.
  • Secondly, broken links increase your bounce rate frustrating visitors. According to Google, the high number of visitors do not spend appropriate time on your website and go that is called a bounce. This bounce brings a decline in your rank so your all SEO efforts are going in the drain due to broken links.
  • Search engine result pages (SERPs) helps to show your brand as a search result of the customer. Moreover, it manages the ranking system depends on clicks. But, if your website has broken links that means it has a huge bounce rate. So Google will allocate low ranking to that website due to multiple lefts of visitors.


4) How to fix broken links using link building techniques?

Yeah, it is time to find a solution. Broken links are highly liked by external links. So if you want to avoid broken links, avoid many external links to keep your website secure. Moreover, you can remove all broken links completely to give an updated version to your visitor. Also, the replacement of old links with new links is a great choice. Alternatively, if you want to fix it with profitable practices, you can get assistance from an SEO expert to fix it. So avail any opportunity to fix according to your website’s need.



Broken links are particular messages deliver by the search engine as result on your website. This message not only irritates the visitor but also loses him for long period. Moreover, broken links can ruin your website’s reputation by showing your negligence to visitors. So give a helping hand to your website by fixing its latest issues by keeping an eye on current issues. For that, you can not only get assistance from SEO experts but also can use the latest tools to fix it by yourself. Just explore the solution according to your need.


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