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Budget Staircase Remodel_ From Wood Treads to Carpeting

A carpeted staircase isn’t just for hotels and theatres anymore; even the average home can enjoy the various benefits it brings. It can add a wonderful sense of style to your beautiful home and give off an air of elegance and luxury—just the last bit of flair your home might need.

But how much will it cost me?

Not much at all!

Carpeting is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other options such as wooden treads. It can easily enhance even the most basic staircases, even concrete varieties that feature purely utilitarian designs.

It’s a budget-friendly alternative that allows for quick and affordable installation. That, coupled with its relatively low maintenance needs, makes it a viable choice for anyone who wants to save on home improvements. Carpets are also less expensive to repair and replace, allowing you to enjoy long-term savings as well.

If you’d like to remodel your home without breaking the bank, carpeting is a fantastic choice that can provide many benefits. However, there are also a few cons that you’d have to consider. Take a look below for a clearer idea.

What are the benefits of using carpeting on stairs?

  1. It is comfortable underfoot

Compared to any other type of hard floorings, like tiles, wood, and concrete, carpeted floors and stairs offer a comfortable experience to those walking on it. It can make going downstairs and walking around your home easier on your feet.

  1. It reduces noise greatly

Noisy stairs could also benefit from carpeting. This is especially beneficial for any home or establishment where frequent travel between floors is a constant concern. Carpeting offers soundproofing, not just from the steps taken on them but also for the ambient noise, which is the reason they are used in most theatres and cinemas.

This is limited, however, when installing carpet on wooden stairs. While it can reduce the pounding of footsteps, it has a limited capacity when it comes to silencing the groans of creaky staircases.

  1. It is aesthetically pleasing

We’ve already mentioned this previously, but it is a fact that few things exude class and elegance as carpeted floors and stairs. With the right choices in colour and design, your home could have that little bit of extra it needs to be the talk of your dinner guests. After all, there’s a reason why it’s called “the red carpet.”

What are the cons of using carpets on stairs?

The main con in using carpets for your stairs is the increased probability of tripping, especially if you’re using the carpet to replace the treads in the steps. While carpeted staircases can reduce the injury from a fall because of the added softness, they still increase the likelihood of tripping in the following ways:

  1. It can sometimes be slippery

Carpeted staircases without treads can decrease the friction between your feet and the stairs. Slippery materials, such as polyester and olefin, are especially susceptible to slipping.

  1. It can skew your depth perception

Carpets can reduce depth perception, especially if it creates complex patterns. Your eyes’ ability to perceive the depth of the step might end up hampered depending on the patterns or the colour of the carpet.

  1. It alters the height of each riser

Carpets can alter the height of stair risers, depending on their thickness. Studies have shown that even just a half-inch inconsistency in a staircase’s steps can cause a higher chance of tripping. It just so happens that that half-inch is the likely thickness of a staircase carpet.


Whatever you decide for your home, it is good to be aware of the risks and benefits of the choices you might make. We hope this guide has provided you with new and helpful information when it comes to deciding whether carpeting is the best choice for your staircase.

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