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Buying Skills of Wholesale Baby Clothes

Each baby’s growth process is unique, and each baby’s growth requires deep attention from parents. As the baby grows, in addition to eating and drinking, it is still only wearing. Since babies grow very fast in the first three months, you can say one thing every day, so it is very important to choose clothes suitable for babies. How much, what size, and what kind of wholesale baby clothes?

These are very important. If the baby wears clothes uncomfortably, the baby will feel unhappy. Based on our many years of experience in wholesale baby clothes, let us learn how to choose baby clothes together.

First of all, you need to understand the general principles of buying baby clothes: cotton, light color, loose, easy to put on and take off and wash. Cotton clothing, soft, moisture-absorbing, breathable, skin-friendly; light-colored clothing, relatively few dyes and finishing agents are added; loose clothing is conducive to the breathing and heat dissipation of the baby’s skin; it is convenient to put on and take off and wash, which is in line with the baby’s development Claim.

In order to minimize the hidden dangers of clothing damage to children’s safety and health, the following precautions for purchasing baby clothing are generally summarized:

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  1. First of all:

    try to avoid choosing clothes with too many complicated decorations, such as sequins, beads, etc. The zipper puller of clothes cannot be removed. Please check whether it is firm every time you wash clothes to avoid accidental ingestion.

  2. Second:

    The metal fittings have no burrs and sharpness. Buttons are used to replace the front zipper of the pants to avoid cuts.

  3. Third:

    It is best not to tie a cord on the collar. If there is a rope strap, the exposed length should not exceed 14 cm. The maximum collar of the pullover (stretched or loosened to the maximum width) should be greater than 52 cm to avoid accidental strangulation.

  4. Fourth:

    Try to avoid choosing special clothing (such as non-iron, soft clothing, etc.), try to use embroidery instead of printing, and to a certain extent avoid using certain chemical finishing agents and fixatives.

  5. Fifth:

    Underwear clothing must use soft absorbent cotton products, and try to choose loose light colors. The collar and washing mark (marked as “do not dry clean”) should be on the outer surface, or it must be cut off before being worn.

After understanding the buying skills of baby clothes, let’s take a look at the buying skills of baby clothes:

  1. One is to Observe the Appearance

    When choosing children’s clothing, first check the logo on the clothing, check the trademark on the product, Chinese factory name, factory address, clothing number type logo, ingredient logo, washing instructions, certificate of conformity, implementation standard number, product quality level and safety category Wait.

    Qualified children’s clothing should have a complete and standardized mark. In order for children to wear clothes safely, we hope that you can take a moment to carefully check the information on the label, etc.

  2. The Second is to Distinguish the Smell

    When you open the package, you can smell it for a pungent odor. Some clothes will have a pungent smell due to the additives added in the post-processing process, which will cause the formaldehyde content and pH value to exceed the standard, which will cause the clothes to have a pungent odor. Smell.

    So after you receive the new clothes, you must first wash the new clothes and then put them on your children.

  3. The third is to check the texture of the fabric

    First, feel the texture of the clothing fabric by touching it. Children’s clothing fabric should be moisture-absorbing, breathable and soft; secondly, check the fiber content mark of the clothing to determine the composition of the clothing fabric; then use the combustion method to identify the material of the clothing fabric.

    Normally, use fire. Ignite it, smell it, observe the state of the flame and the shape of the remaining residues. Hair, velvet, and silk have the smell of burnt hair. Cotton and linen will become white or gray ashes; most of the residues of synthetic fibers are hard lumps. For infants and young children, it is best to choose pure cotton clothing, and the color should be soft and light.

  4. The fourth is to identify the safety of clothes

    When buying children’s clothing, please carefully identify the safety of ropes, belts, buttons, etc., and whether there are sharp objects. When buying children’s clothes, it is recommended not to buy clothes with complicated decorations for babies, but to focus on simplicity.

    Don’t blindly pursue a sense of fashion, and don’t neglect the safety and comfort of babies. Then, when buying, please be sure to avoid buying clothes with sharp decorations, so as not to scratch the baby’s skin, because the baby’s skin is still relatively fragile.

The above are the four tips for buying baby clothes that we have summarized. We also put forward some suggestions for buying baby clothes:

  1. Size:

    When you buy clothes for small babies, it is recommended that you can size 1 to 2 larger clothes. Appropriately loose clothes are good for sports development. As the baby’s activities increase, the clothes should be loose and strong, suitable for exercise, and able to withstand tearing.

  2. Avoid wearing clothes with elastic bands:

    It is recommended that newborn babies do not choose clothes with elastic bands. Because infants and young children mainly rely on the abdomen to breathe, the elastic band on the waistband will affect the baby’s normal breathing, and even affect the sternal valgus deformity.

    The one-piece suit is very suitable for babies at this stage, so there is no need to worry about the abdomen. And not only can it be easily put on and taken off, it is also convenient to change the diaper. It is recommended to choose a jumpsuit when the baby is very young, so as to protect the baby and prevent it from being harmed during the developmental stage.

  3. You can choose clothes with shoulder buckles or front buckles:

    Considering that it is comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off, it is best to use shoulder buckles and front buckles, and choose a suitable size round neck. Because babies are still relatively fragile, a too small round neck may pull the child’s neck when putting on and taking off the child.

    Therefore, it is recommended to choose clothes with shoulder buckles or front openings, try to choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off, and avoid using zippers.

The above suggestions are for you to take some notes accordingly. These are still very helpful for you to buy baby clothes in ordinary times! It is very important to buy suitable clothes for your baby. If you don’t know where to buy baby clothes, you can take a look at our wholesale baby clothes. The baby clothes pictures shown above are all from our wholesale baby clothes.

In addition to the styles shown above, we have many other styles. You will be very welcome to visit our website. Sincerely wish you can buy suitable wholesale baby clothes. If you have any questions, you can expand your comment below.

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