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How to Choose Fashionable Baby Hats?

The baby’s physique is very weak, especially the head with many blood vessels and no protection, so the baby wearing a hat can keep the head at a constant temperature, prevent the baby from catching a cold when going out in cold weather, and also prevent the baby’s delicate skin from being burned by strong sunlight. Speaking of baby hats, are you still confused about choosing baby hats? Don’t worry, we will help you choose wholesale baby hats from the following aspects.

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    1. Buy Baby Hats according to Different Seasons

      The climate is cold in winter, so you should choose hats with good warmth and cold resistance, such as cotton hats, leather hats and wool hats. You should choose a hat that can protect your cheeks and ears in very cold seasons.

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      Knitted hats, wool knitted hats, large caps, etc. can be used in spring and autumn.
      In summer, everyone likes to choose a beautiful kid hat for the children, so as not to let the cold wind blow on their heads, which will also make the baby’s clothes look more fashionable.

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      • Shading is the key: A good of kid hats can block the intense sunlight, make the baby’s eyes and skin feel cool and comfortable, and can avoid heatstroke when going out. For the sunshade, choose a wide-brimmed hat, which can cover the sunshade well, and the brim should be wide enough. In the meantime, the peaked cap and the wide-brimmed hat are suitable for comparison.kiskissing wholesale baby kid star print bucket hat
      • Best to absorb sweat: If you wear a hat for a long time, your baby will sweat. The sweat left behind will hurt your baby’s eyes and make the baby very uncomfortable. The sweat left behind will simply hurt your eyes and make your baby very uncomfortable. It should be noted that some of the brim of the hat is the most sweaty. When choosing a hat, pay special attention to the raw material of the hat to protect the head circumference. It must be soft in texture, strong in sweat absorption, and not easy to fade. According to the editor’s experience, the head circumference is The towel texture is more absorbent!kiskissing wholesale bow knot pattern cotton cap solid color elastic head wear for baby girls boys
      • With heat dissipation: Some mothers ignore the need for heat dissipation when looking at the sunshade. The blood vessels in the baby’s head are relatively abundant, and the subcutaneous fat cannot be maintained, so the heat dissipation is large. If the child’s hat worn by the baby is an airtight baby summer hat, not only will it not emit heat, but the head will also be covered by prickly heat. Therefore, collocation of loose children’s clothing is also very important.kiskissing wholesale little kid fruit baseball cap

      In summer, the sun is strong and irritating to the eyes. Parents can choose large brim hats with light fabric, colder color and lighter color, such as sun hats, straw hats, and fabric travel hats. These kinds of hats can reflect the sun. Reduce the heat of the head, but also shading the eyes, ventilating and preventing heatstroke.

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    2. Color

      This child has a lot of activities and has a poor sense of security when playing. Wearing colorful hats is more eye-catching and can reduce accidents to a certain extent. On sunny days, sunlight can provide precious nutrition for children. Sunlight can convert dehydrogenase free radicals in the skin into vitamin D, which is very important to prevent the occurrence of dysfunction. In addition, sunlight has a strong sterilization effect. Children exposed to the sun can improve disease resistance and prevent infectious diseases.

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    3. Size

      When choosing the size of your baby’s hat, it is best to bring your baby and let him try it at any time. The size of the hat should fit the head circumference. Generally, it is appropriate to increase the head circumference by 1 cm (or increase the diameter of the head circumference by 0.3 cm); the purpose of appropriately loosening the size is to prevent the cap from being too tight, which is harmful to the child’s head development. It also prevents the cover ring from shrinking and affecting wear. The baby cap is 42-48 cm, and the child cap is 50-55 cm.

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    Choosing the right hat is the task of every parent. Parents should choose different colors and styles of hats according to the season. In summer, you can choose large brimmed hats with lightweight fabrics, cooler colors, and lighter shades, such as sun hats, straw hats, and travel hats. In winter, you can choose hats with good warmth and cold resistance, such as cotton hats, leather hats and wool hats. In spring and autumn, you can choose knitted hats, wool knitted hats, big hats and so on. The above are the hat styles we recommend that you buy in different seasons.

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    our wholesale of baby hats are all hats of different colors and styles designed according to different seasons. They are all high-quality products. Don’t worry about quality issues! In terms of price, the products we sell will be more favorable than retail. In order to provide babies with fashion and suitable hats in different seasons, what are you waiting for? Now click on our website to choose the right baby hat. We hope the above suggestions are helpful to you, and sincerely hope that you can buy a suitable baby hat!

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