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Car Rental in Dubai – Important Driving Tips for Beginner Drivers

Car rental in Dubai can be arranged at the airport as representatives of most companies will be found there. Here’s a  look at some things you can expect.

Driving license

You will need an international driver’s license to be eligible to drive in the UAE. Car rental in Dubai will ask you the same thing before discussing rent in more detail, so make sure you cover it before you come to Dubai.

No problem!

Locals in Dubai do not show very lightly offensive gestures or obscenities while driving. While this may be a norm adopted from you, from here it is a criminal offense. In fact, it could land you in jail if someone informs the authorities!

Lanes- Stick with them!

Whether you are on the expressway or highway in Dubai, stick to your lane and always try to avoid the lane on the left as it may give you unnecessary attention or give way to your rear companions who will bother you to change your lane regularly.

Never run away from the scene

Minor conflicts can occur with someone who accuses you of scratching your paint or leaving holes in their car. It’s okay to ignore these. However, if caught in an accident, the police will not leave the scene until you have taken your statement or you will be found guilty.

Toll and “Salik”

Remember to bear the change, as you have to pay the toll. Since toll booths do not replace the UAD 100, make sure you caress the right amount to avoid any unpleasantness.

When you pass through Sheikh Zayed Road, you will notice ‘Salik’ toll points, which provide automated services which means your deductions are made directly on your Salik card.

This card provides car rental for every car in Dubai, as they will charge a total discount on your final bill. So, be sure to ask for their card before taking to the streets.

Here are 9 things to know before renting a car in Dubai

Since there is a lot of demand for car rental, many companies are investing in car rental in Dubai. If you have never rented a car there, we suggest you follow some important tips. You should also be familiar with the driving rules and general principles regarding car rental in the UAE. Check out the tips you can consider before renting a car. Read on to know more.

renting a car in dubai with us license
renting a car in Dubai with us license
1. Do not drive outside the UAE

You cannot rent a car outside the UAE. In other words, the rules and regulations prohibit rented vehicles outside the borders of the UAE. However, if you get permission from the authorities and follow the legal procedure, you will be allowed to take it outside the UAE.

2. Know the insurance policy

If the rental car damage or loss, the insurance policy will not provide coverage for it. So, you may want to ask me about the car.

3. You must have a registered license

If you want to drive in Dubai, you must have a registered license. However, if you have an international driving license, you do not need to have a UAE driving license. If you are a tourist and want to rent a car in Dubai, you will need to get your valid international driving permit along with your original driving license.

4. Security deposit

In the UAE, most rental companies may ask you to submit a security deposit before giving you a car key. You feel free to use your credit card or hard cash for free. Check out the tips you can consider before renting a car. Read on to know more.

5. Minimum age limit

The age for a driver in Dubai is at least 25 years.

The. Read accident policies

If you have an accident while driving a rental car in Dubai, you need to notify the police now, especially if the vehicle is damaged. You may want to notify the company so that they can handle the matter or you will have to pay compensation for the damages.

7. Traffic Fine Rules

If you accidentally break traffic rules, you will pay the fine, not the rental company. 

8. Charge additional benefits

The car with many features will actually have a higher rental fee. So, one more expensive car rental comes with rent.

9. Read about company terms

Before renting a car in Dubai, make sure you read the terms of the rental company. This allows you to avoid common problems and enjoy hassle-free rights. Therefore, it is a great idea to spend a few minutes reading the policies.

Car Rental in Dubai – 3 Important Tips for First Time Drivers in Dubai

Whether on vacation or a temporary project-based stay, the option of renting a car in Dubai will be helpful for you in the long run. One thing to enjoy driving in a foreign city, where there are plenty of offers in terms of sights and sounds, getting stuck in legal hurdles due to ignorance can cost you a lot more here. So, here is some very necessary information.

Fines and payments

Driving or parking illegally is going to find you. Failure to produce the necessary licenses and legal documents can lead to imprisonment for more serious crimes such as jumping into a red light, not wearing a seat belt, or being requested by the police.

Fines need to pay on the spot through cash or card swipe. For other fines, you can pay online at the Dubai Police homepage.

Traffic accidents and vehicle repairs

In case you involve in any road accident, call 999 for an emergency. In the event of a serious collision, call the station served in that area. If you do not know the number, dial 268 5555 (Dubai Traffic Police Information Line) and get the number for the nearest police station.

Traffic laws prohibit garages and repair centers from carrying out any kind of repair and recovery work on vehicles without an accident report issued by Dubai’s traffic police. However, minor repairs such as scratches and dents do not require any such permission from the authorities.

In addition, each car rental in Dubai contracts with various repair centers in the country. Therefore, make sure you bring this list from them before hitting the road. So, here is some very necessary information.


In case of a car breakdown, you can call your car rental agency for help. If they do not respond, you can call or contact the Arabic Automobile Association for 49 4,900. They provide a 24-hour breakdown service anywhere in the country.

Transportation can consider an important factor in determining the success of a country’s tourism industry. 

In view of this, you are wondering how you can grab the cheapest price here and what to look for? Don’t discourage that you can follow a few tips for the best business in the cheap car rental market.

Long story short, if you follow the points mentioned in this article, you can rent the right vehicle in Dubai and enjoy a great ride. Hopefully, this will help you rent a car in Dubai without any problems. If you want a car in Dubai, we suggest you check out a car rental for more information.

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