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Chocolate Tea in Pakistan | Green tea

Chocolate Tea in Pakistan

Chocolate Flavored Tea – A Taste apart

Over 70% people of all ages like chocolates. Because it is considered to be a mood maker treat from bad to good. What if Anchor would give you a tastefully delicious cup of tea for a chocolaty reason? Our tea blending team of experienced professionals has combined the world’s best chocolate in our premium range of tea for your taste buds. That’s what we call Anchor Chocolate Tea. Anchor Chocolate Tea is very balanced mixture of black tea and chocolate flavor. We are manufacturing chocolate tea in Pakistan having powerful antioxidants for pleasant mouth feel. Tea is considered to reduce the mental and physical stress of human body and chocolate has its own benefits. So, we’ve merged both super ingredients to make a superb cup of chocolate tea for you. Anchor Chocolate Tea has its versatile taste and fragrance. As a leading player of tea business in Pakistan, Anchor Fine Foods International has gained good ranking in the list of tea companies in Pakistan

Chocolate Tea

Chocolate, the treat we all love, is enjoyed throughout the world. It can be found in the finest restaurants and the finest of hotels. You can see the sweet stuff at Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and weddings. Whether as a treat to yourself or for others, to serve at an eventful occasion, the beverage that gives it all is chocolate.


Green tea

Chocolate drinks are served in a number of different variations across Pakistan, especially in smaller cities. In small cafes, street-side kiosks sell a variety of chocolate beverages. Some of these offerings include milk and dark chocolate. Others include mint chocolate, hazelnut, spice chocolate, stores and various flavored chocolates fire alarm system

A chocolate drink can also include milk or non-fat milk. This has a double advantage. First of all, milk is a delicious drink on its own, and it allows the flavor of the chocolate to really shine through. But secondly, milk also contains natural milk proteins, which helps to thicken the chocolate hearing aid Pakistan


Kashmiri chai




meal or desert. Lemon is a favorite, as is strawberry. hearing aids in lahore


Some people in Pakistan like to drink flavored coffee with their chocolate drink. For example, mint juleps. As in the United States, here too, coffee can be mixed with chocolate, but the addition of sugar reduces the overall richness of the drink custom suits

The former is drier and richer than the latter. You can use either milk or dark chocolate. There are a number of recipes available on the internet that will make your chocolate bar into a bar of chocolate, but be sure you know which one you’re trying first! Also, be aware that if using milk chocolate, it will curdle milk, so keep this in mind when adding the other ingredients ad agency


If you prefer your chocolate to be on the more bitter side, try a recipe for bitter chocolate. It’s often found in a blend of cocoa and almonds. This bitter chocolate drink can be used as a tea, or added to hot or cold drinks calcium carbonate manufacturers


Vanilla extract is sometimes added to milk chocolate tea to give it a nice, smooth flavor. Other flavoring agents can be cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, or cloves. Chocolate is naturally a somewhat spicy food product, so be careful to keep the flavors in check by making sure the milk isn’t too hot or the chocolate is melting too much Architecture Designs in lahore


Many restaurants serve chocolate flavored beverages. One such drink is chocolate milk. You add milk, sugar, cream of tartar, and egg whites to a glass of water or orange juice and serve. You can also substitute vanilla extract for the milk, which gives a nice, mild vanilla flavor. You can also try different flavored syrups, such as hot chocolate syrup with orange flower water or chocolate syrup with lime water hearing clinic in lahore


If you want a more rounded chocolate experience, try chocolate ice cream. Ice cream in its liquid form is delicious, and the flavors are more varied. You can use both milk and dark chocolate, and you can also add nuts, chocolates, or sultanas to the mixture. This drink makes a nice summertime refreshment, and it can be enjoyed alone or with other foods, including fruit Termite Treatment in lahore

There are different names of Kashmir chai like  kashmiri tea, pink tea, noon chai and sheer chai. It was a lengthy process to make Kashmiri chai at homes by house wives and almost impossible to prepare at offices through its traditional process. Anchor Fine Foods Int’l has made it so easy for Kashmiri chai lovers by packing Anchor Kashmiri chai in tea bags. Anchor fine food provide the different types of flavor which is good for health anchor.

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