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Types of Insurance Policies in Pakistan and Their Benefits

What is car insurance or auto insurance?

car insurance Pakistan or auto insurance is an agreement between the car owner and the insurance company who will cover any loss and cover all the financial loss in an unfortunate situation such as the accident and damage to your car as well as cover your medical expenses in case of any injuries and theft. In this way, you don’t have to pay any expenses from your pocket or you have to pay the reduced amount.

Car Insurance in Pakistan by the cometinsure:

The car insurance Pakistan policy makes you feel save while driving. Make your driving experience safer by getting auto insurance from the best insurance company cometinsure. They provide the best insurance policies that cover all the benefits that you can get while owning a car.

While you get the car insurance from the cometinsure there are just simple steps that are to be followed.

  • Just fill in the details of your vehicle
  • The next step is to compare and check out the quotes provided by the cometinsure
  • Buy the best insurance policy according to your need and make your car secure with just one click.

Types of car insurance policies in Pakistan:

  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Third-party liability car insurance
  • Collision car insurance
  1. Comprehensive car insurance:

This is the most reasonable cover for any driver as it likewise covers the harms to the primary driver, his car and the third party associated with an accident. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers everything like natural disasters, climate, or vandalism. What’s more, a comprehensive car insurance policy covers driver, traveller, guaranteed vehicle, and third party vehicle.

  1. Third-party liability car insurance policy:

A third-party liability car insurance Pakistan policy covers you in any accident where the mistake was yours. It will compensate the affected person for your negligence. The insurance company will be responsible to pay for the damaged to the cars or passenger of the third parties only. This sort of collision protection doesn’t cover any harm to your car or body.  car insurance Pakistan 

Car Insurance Pakistan
Car Insurance Pakistan


  1. Collision car insurance policy:

Collision car insurance is particularly for accidents where your car crashes with another item during driving or vehicle. After these unfortunate accidents and mishaps, collision car policy covers harm to the driver, traveller and the vehicle that is insured and secured. It ought to be remembered that climate conditions or any natural disasters in Pakistan are or any damage caused by them are not covered by the collision car insurance policy as they are part of the comprehensive car insurance only.

What are the Benefits of car or motor insurance?

Covers the damages against the accidents:

While you are driving the car on the road you are always at the risk of being at accident either by your mistake or any second-person mistake. These days the roads have become very busy and such crashes have become so common practices. If due to some unfortunate situation you meet an accident, any damage caused to your car.

Why we need car insurance in Pakistan?

Car insurance deducts the financial trouble off your shoulder in case of a car mishap, damage, or burglary. These days, it is easier for a car proprietor to acquire their vehicle insured as there are loads of auto insurance providers in the market. The vicious competition has set the way for aggressive insurance packages that provide the utmost advantage to the insured. In addition to that, Pakistan is a rising country and its infrastructure is still increasing in numerous big cities. Road situation and driving principles can be very demanding at times in Pakistan ensuing in upward traffic accidents. Even if you are a vigilant driver, you may enclose to pay for another person’s abandonment, thus having car insurance will surely assist you to tackle all such risks with equanimity.

Choose the corporation that offers you:

  • The quick procedure of applying for an insurance cover with the least paperwork.
  • 24/7 and dependable customer support
  • The lowest payment on a certain amount, state, and model of car
  • Swift progression in settling the claim (in case of a car accident or vehicle theft)

Compare car insurance Pakistan;

With the increase in car insurance Pakistan rates, the price of their insurance coverage is also on the get higher. So, here are several ways you can decide on a car insurance plan that is light on your pocket and works finest for you.

Liabilities to the third party:

The car insurance company not only covers for your accidents but may also cover the accidents that are caused by your mistake. The car insurance covers all the damages caused by the third party and pays for it while compensating for any damage. In case of any injuries caused to the third person or death, car insurance is also responsible to protect you against any legal liabilities.

Covers your medical expenses:

The car insurance company covers all the medical expenses if the drivers have to pass any surgeries.

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